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The Dilemma

Featuring: Jennifer Connelly, Channing Tatum & Winona Ryder

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Two funny guys playing alongside eachother, one known for his verbal witty comedy, the other known for being a fall about large man.
Unfortunately, the comedy is little in this movie with very few to non laughs from start to finish. It;s a dry movie with no visual comedy moments, there are a few witty lines and classic comebacks but for the majority its laughless.
It's mostly drama and even that isn't of a high standard. There should be tears and some misery but it never goes that far, it obviously tried to stay on course for a comedy but failed to reach there. It doesn't even feel like failed moments of comedy, just on the whole nothing which makes you even want to laugh.

Overall: Probably best to avoid this one, two funny guys who put on an anything but funny performance in this one. It's much more of a drama which doesn't deliver the heartwrenching points.

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| | See all mrsgabbym's reviews (29)

I thought I was lucky and getting this for the bargain price of 5 pounds from my favourite seller....but omg! One of the most boring films ever....the story is good but they could of made it more watchable and enjoyable I usually love vince vaughn...the wedding crashers, old school & dodgeball are some of my favourite films...but I was so bored after 30mins i turned it off...dont waste your money i paid 5....now i know i wouldnt pay 1!

  The Dilemma

| | See all Sean1000's reviews (7)

Good Solid movie, could have been a little funnier but kevin James and Vince Vaughen are brilliant as usual, has some very funny moments. GoodBuy!

  The Dilemma

| | See all MI55LH's reviews (86)

I found this movie very enjoyable - great cast, great script, and a great little story. There are a fair amount of laugh out loud moments, but as well as this there is a true reflection of relationships embedded within, from best friends to marriage. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play their characters excellently and have a believable friendship which translates on screen. Channing Tatum's small but vital part of the story is also played well and he is surprisingly funny. Admittedly this probably isn't the type of film you would watch over and over again, however it is definitely worth a watch.

  very disapointing

| | See all PixieBee's reviews (4)

waste of money. film not funny and is too long, kept willing film to end! two very funny male charecters doing a very bad job!! story line is boring, im so gutted!

  Dilemma Unsolved!!

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

*The Dilemma occurs when Ronny (Vaughn) sees his best friend Nicks (James) wife out with another man. Ronny is unsure of how to deal with the situation. Soon the pressure gets too much and doubts start to rise about Ronny!
*The Dilemma reminded me of the film Swingers to start with. It has quite a laid back approach and theres lots of conversation between the main characters. I was expecting this to be a comedy but its more of a drama. At times the Dilemma looks to spiral out of control similar to a Coen Brothers film.
*Unfortunately the dilemma seems to drift and the story is quite flat. When I expected the film to take a twist near the end the moment fizzled out. It is mildly funny throughout but theres no laugh out loud moments. Overall its quite a pleasant view but lacks the same kind of substance witnessed in Swingers. Not the best or worst film I have watched recently.

  Suitably Unimpressed

| | See all Britneydies's reviews (74)

I was so looking forward to this film, from the trailers.
I find Vince Vaughn can be a bit hit and miss, and the film wasnt all it was made out to be.

The trailer showed all the best bits, the rest just drags.

  Kinda felt more like a drama than a comedy.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

I did enjoy the movie and its got a great cast but i felt it lacked humour, there wasnt as many laughs as i thought there would be.
Its a desent movie to rent for a night in and queen latifah shines in this movies as shes the one that gives the most laughs.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Amongst all the oscar hyped movies coming out around this time this movie creeps out of nowhere and predictably the critics have hammered it but i found it good entertainment especially if you like Kevin James and Vince Vaughn. They are two best friends who work together in a garage and get an opportunity of a lifetime when they try to strike a deal with a top car manufacturer. The problem strikes when Ronny (Vaughn) sees Nicks (James) wife cheating with another guy and he has to decide whether to tell him or keep it bottled up inside. I found it very funny with a good story to keep you entertained. Enjoy