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Featuring: Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakefield & Alice Parkinson

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Sinks like the Titanic.....................

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

One of those genuine stinkers that come along once in a while and really make you appreciate just how BAD films can get.

A group of one dimensional 'characters' get trapped in a cave system when a freak storm moves in over their expedition. As they struggle to survive and find a way to escape to safety the dangers of the cave system emerge.

Although there are brief flashes of good cinematography and diving photography this is filled with wooden actors delivering hamfisted lines of dialogue like it was their first ever day on a film set. I quickly got to the point I was actively waiting for each of them to meet their fate, and that's never where you want to be watching a film.

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  Sanctum.... A Disastrous Movie

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

Sanctum almost looks like a Sci-Fi movie or a Monster Movie. It soon becomes clear this is actually a Disaster Movie. This film has some okay moments but its not great. There seems to be something missing. The acting isn't great and that sense of Panic isn't really there. There's some stunning visuals but i just felt these were wasted on this film. Not a terrible film but not really great in anyway!

  I didnt think it was that bad

| | See all 72espada's reviews (78)

Most of the reviews here are highly critical, but to be honest, i think they are a little harsh. No it isnt oscar material, but i felt it was tense, well shot, and got across to the viewer, the sheer claustrophobia and dangers involved in cave diving. The acting was ok, given the relatively unknown cast, not brilliant, but acceptable. I get the impression that all the negative reviews were from people who saw the name, james cameron on the cover, and automatically assumed it would be like an underwater avatar with regards to budget and scale, which clearly isnt the case. Definately worth a look at under a fiver, so long as you realise what it is about, and that it is essentially a low budget film.

  Boring !!

| | See all nikki789's reviews (25)

So disappointed with this film. The plot was so predictable. Beautifully filmed underwater hence the two stars, unfortunately the acting was terrible kept watching in hope it would become more interesting but was sadly disappointed such a shame could of been so much better.


| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

this film is very boring until the last 25 mins and then it dose'nt improve that much.
acting is ok.but like a lot of other reviews you kinda know whats coming.
not for my collection.

  Rubbish film, complete disapointment

| | See all Twistedwhispers's reviews (9)

I was really looking forward to watching this film, and to be honest it was a waste of time. It was cheesy and bad acting! cant believe this is from the same man that produced avatar! not worth watching.

  Only Visually great - the cave is the star

| | See all tbrookey09's reviews (74)

This Australian film is visually brilliant, but the acting and characters are woeful. It is tense and ambitious, and lovely on the eye, but it won't be to everyone's tastes.

A team of explorers run into difficulty when exploring a huge, challenging flooded cave system. Predictable but delivers some entertainment.

It excels in HD/3D (what it was shot for and in) with the location the star and reason to view this. It is very modern in look, feel and execution. The film is too long, a bit tedious and because you do not connect with the characters it is somewhat lost in the uncaring.

  Sanctum - great promise, rather a let down

| | See all radioflyingman's reviews (30)

Superb Sets, Superb filming, this was an opportunity to make the definitive diving movie.
A good cast of actors who were let down by such a poor script, they never had a chance, no emotion, very sterile, in no way could I immerse myself.
The storyline was so predictable, it was like a suspense movie from the 70's where you just know who is going to die next.
Ok Saturday afternoon TV film, way below the standard expected of modern 3D Hollywood.

  a let down

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

not sure how much james cameron got involved with making this because its shabby work by his usual standards. a massive letdown, this film should and could have been so much better, the cast are lacklustre at best and in truths you dont care what happens to them, only saving grace is location and looks the part down in caves. if cameron had directed and a few cast changes it would have been so much more.


| | See all MovieAddict's reviews (1336)

The dangers of Cave diving has never been brought so vividly to life in this James Cameron produced thriller, but although the cave system the team endever to conqueor may be deep, the characterisation and plot in the film is anything but. The characters are one dimentional caracture's from the rich obnoxious team leader all the way to the comic relief that might aswell have targets on their backs as you know who is goona get killed as soon as they walk on screen, this leads to some bouts of head scratching diologue " The cave is my church" ???? The acting on the whole is so wooded the cast could float to the surface.
But in the cinema version this movie kicks into gear whent James Cameron gets out his new 3D toy the movie exploded into top gear.
In the cinema version the 3D underwater sequences to the silver air pockets are amazing to view, the waterfall felt like they could spray your face and as bodies plummet in the caverns it was actually a very unnerving experience.
But at home in 2D it looses the impact and although the 2D is still impressive it makes this thriller feel even more ordinary.
You can see that Cameron did have a firm grip on the production as he does tick all the right boxes in the science fact department much the same way he did with 1989's The Abyss such as decompression sickness and hypothermia.
Sanctum is a good thriller in 3D that papered over the obvious cracks in writing, but once the movie lost the third dimention the faults are more obvious and you'll be left with just an exciting cave diving thriller.
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