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X-Files - Season 2 (M-Lock)

Featuring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson & Mitch Pileggi

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Forgotten Classic

| | See all mustang1969uk's reviews (3)

I only really got into the X-Files TV Series from near the end of Season 4 and so only had the horribly out of sequence (and overpriced) "File VHS Tapes" to piece together what occurred up until that time in the storyline which meant I missed out on a LOT of key mythology info and some great standalone stories.
Believe it or not I brought this box set back on release date in 2004 but for whatever reason I never really got around to watching it until a few weeks ago when I started digitising my DVD collection. I have been glued ever since. I found the first series a bit hit and miss but out of the 25 episodes in Season 2 at least 20 of those always left me wanting to go straight onto the next one. There is just the right mix of humour and romance between Mulder and Scully and the episodes looks like they had a bigger budget to play with so were a little more ambitious in the way that they story was told.
My Favourites: Colony, End Game, Humbug, One Breath, The Host, Blood.
Missable: Little Green Men, Firewalker, 3.

Overall 4/5

  rapid progression,dark images

| | See all frankpoole's reviews (433)

A step up in storytelling and writing.only a couple of dodgy episodes on here.some really clever writing and subtle visual effects combined with an increasing confidence by all concerned.top stuff.

  A much darker place......

| | See all blackbird363's reviews (12)

We find Mulder and Scully in a much darker place at the start of Season 2. Mulders quest to find the truth will cost him far more than he realises and will have far reaching consequences for Scully and for the future of the X-files.

This season ups the stakes while introducing new supporting characters and story lines. Also the writing and acting are stronger and show a series willing to take risks.

Episodes to skip: Firewalker

Scully sexy o'meter: warming up well

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| | See all NightHaunter's reviews (3)

This 'review' is more like a comment to Scorpions post. I agree with him, that season 2 isn't very good, but I didn't think season 1 was good either. However, once you get to season 3 and especially 4, the X-files series will more or less take over your life :) It's one of the best things made on TV and in my opinion in the same league as Twin Peaks. X-files score high on thrill and later on a lot on humor, and you simply can't help connect to Mulder and Scully, who are fantastic actors.
So, please, skip this series and go directly to 3 (as did I). You will miss a bit, but nothing you can't catch up later (on the internet for instance).
Oh yeah, and quickly before the new movie comes out :D

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  Boring Boring Boring

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

I purchased all the series of the x-files months and months ago and have watched series 1 a few times but I managed to finally get onto series 2.

Series 1 was exciting and based a lot on aliens and also a few circus freaks.

Series 2 is less about aliens and more about the circus freaks and although it's the same x-files but too me this is a weak series for me personally.

At the moment I am wishing series 2 is over so that I can move onto series 3.

The price is fantastic for such an excellent show, but this series has been so boring and just been background noise for me and not really grabbed me yet.

There might be at least one episode that I like but heres hopeing.

Still 17 hours of entertainment for £16.00 this is a total bargain and a must buy.

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| | See all Cookman's reviews (37)

The X Files season 2 carries off from where season 1 left off, Mulder and Scully have been reassigned yet they never give up their search for the truth.

Season 2 focuses on and develops the Mythology of the series much more. We are introduced to one of the series most memorable characters, Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) and also get to know the familiar faces much better such as AD Skinner and The Cigarette Smoking Man. Added to this we meet Mulder's new and mysterious informant, simply known as X (Steve Williams) a much darker and angrier character than his predecessor Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin) from season 1.

The Mythology begins straight away with the brilliant season opener "Little Green Men" and takes a chilling turn when Scully disappears in the two-parter "Duane Barry" and "Acension". Other myth-arc episodes include "One Breath", "Red Museum", the two parter "Colony" and "Endgame" and the suspenseful season finale "Anasazi", that leaves you on the edge of your seat and will definately make you want to buy season 3!

As the other episodes go theres is the brillaint "The Host" and some of my favourite ever X Files episodes "Blood", "Sleepless", "Excelsis Dei", "Dod Kalm", "F. Emasculata", "Soft Light" and "Our Town". Special mention must go out to one of the most memorable and entertaining episodes from the X Files 9 years, "Humbug". You have to see it to believe it!

Overall Season 2 is a giant leap for the X Files is terms of story, action, scares and character development. If you liked Season 1 you will adore Season 2.

Classic X Files, not to be missed!

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  Great viewing!

| | See all 1Nessa's reviews (1)

I have to say that although I'm a huge fan of all the X-files this really is the best box set to buy!! It is clear that they have a bigger budget than the first series, both Mulder & Scully are great and the relationship between them is really convincing. I can watch it over & over again and never get bored!

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