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The Fearless Vampire Killers

Featuring: Jack MacGowran, Roman Polanski & Alfie Bass

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  A must see classic

| | See all funkycowgirl's reviews (1)

I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, my introduction to the world of Polanski, and it has stayed in my mind ever since. I love it...and was apalled to see a bad review here.
It's beautiful, funny and memorable. If I had to choose any movie from my childhood that I remember best, it's this one.

  One of my time favourite movies of all time

| | See all dametrot's reviews (6)

Seeing a bad review of this that I've loved since the early 1980s irritated me so much I had to post
I discovered this film in the early 1980s while it was rental in the name of DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES the uk release title and fell in love with its haunting music and visual style.
to me it always is and always will be a genius movie

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  Cult Classic

| | See all elbluenose's reviews (1)

I don't normally leave reviews, but when i went to order this DVD i thought i would read the customer reviews out of curiosity and was gob smacked that someone had actually slated this film! So much so i felt compelled to leave a review of my own, so here goes.

I first saw this film when i was about 10 years old and fell in love at first sight with it. I remember when i got to high school and i took GCSE Drama and Media studies that my teacher used this film to teach the students as he described it as a master class in film making. He was pleased to have me to share his enthusiasm for it.

This is quite possibly the most genius film i have ever watched. Right from the beginning where the MGM lion turns into a little green vampire you are transported to the cold snowy mountains of Transylvania. The atmosphere is the best of any film i have ever seen. Every little detail is perfect. You feel how cold the characters are, by the big red noses they have and the way the steam comes off them when they step in Chagals inn for the first time. From the clothing they wear, the manic hair and mustache of Professor Abronsius, all the sets, even the way each gate and door creak when they are opened they way you would expect them to in a creepy old castle, it is simply perfect. It is exactly as you would expect a vampire film to be. As you can tell, i am a huge fan and cannot say enough good things about it.

Perhaps it is an acquired taste. I have to say, that it isn't hilarious so i can understand if you are expecting a comedy that you might be disappointed. But it should be watched just for sheer attention to detail, superb performances from all the cast , and the whole atmosphere in general.

So much is made of Polanskis other big films,like Rosemarys Baby, that i think this slips under the radar a bit, but this is his best film for me by far. So if you are a fan of vampire films, old films, or anything a little obscure, then you will simply love it..

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  I was lied to!

| | See all iWatch's reviews (64)

I read the former reviews of this film and was expecting a Hammer style horror film with some comedy thrown in. I was mistaken. I actually fell asleep for the last ten minutes (the climax was that gripping).

The film boasts a slow, awkward and stilted storyline. The attempts at humour are plain to see and fall painfully by the wayside. I think I chuckled twice more out of pity than any real amusement.

The only virtue of this film is the stunning Sharon Tate (the late Sharon Tate who was brutally murdered in 1969 whilst pregnant by followers of Charles Manson), her appearance in any scene always brings it to life, but alas she was in too few scenes and was under-utilised. I believe she married the director of this film shortly after release.

I don't normally write reviews for films I don't like, but in this case I wanted to save you from the drudgery and dreariness that is this abortion of a 'comedy'. My first ever 1 star rating I do believe!

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  Before young frankenstein there was this.....

| | See all ReverentRicardo's reviews (6)

Do you remember/enjoy those old hammer vampire movies? Several yrs before Mel Brooks made is homage to the early monster movies Roman Polanski did a comedy take on those plentiful vampire flicks of the 60's.
This is a class act with great sets, actors with their comedy timing bang on, a very clever/funny script and most importantly bags of atmosphere. Alphie Bass is the jewish vampire (a crucifix dosen't work) and RP can't seem to shake off the gay vampires affections. The Van Helsing character is eccentric and a bit potty which suits this movie down to the ground.
Great to see this title on DVD.

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  "Oy, have you go the wrong vampire"

| | See all Chewbaxter's reviews (14)

Anyone who's seen the film will recognise that line immediately - everyone else should now be so curious that they've ordered it simply to find out what the heck I'm on about!

The Fearless Vampire Killers or "Pardon Me : But Your Teeth Are In My Neck" also known as "Dance Of The Vampires (1967) - one of my all time favourites... funny and at times pretty ruddy frikkening too!

Roman Polanski's finest fillum which he stars in along with Jack McGowran, Sharon Tate, Alfie Bass, Ferdie Mayne etc. etc.

My favourite bit...

Professor: "Is there a castle here?"

Shagal: "On the word of Yoni.. there's no more a castle here than... a windmill! Does anyone know of a windmill in the district?"


Village idiot: "Yes there's a castle... ummph!"

[other villagers supress him]

Brilliant film - and the '101' extra on the DVD is a cracker too - featuring the late great Max Wall.

If you're a vampire fan and haven't seen this then get it a.s.a.p - you'll be glad you did.



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