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Cowboys & Aliens

Featuring: Olivia Wilde, Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Very enjoyable

| | See all jasperson's reviews (3)

Thought this was going to be stupid but it was unexpectedly very enjoyable. Special effects were very good, and were not over the top. Would definitely recommend this as an excellent escapist event.

  Western hybrid that doesn't fully work out.

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

While I didn't find this to be entirely as bad as the word of mouth and bad box office performance had suggested, I can't say it's really all that great a film either.

When Daniel Craig wakes up in the desert with no memory he finds a strange object attached to his wrist. An object that appears to become active and powerful when, of all things, alien spaceships start attacking the small town he ends up in. Determined to find out what's happening, he and a band of townsfolk set out to follow the aliens.

The Western elements of the film work a lot better than the sci-fi alien part and on the whole the film looks very good, Blu-ray picture quality shows up the beautiful wide landscape vista's and the visual effects are as one would expect these days. But the mish-mash of two very different genres doesn't quite pay off in the way I think the makers hoped and for me it ended up mostly a one watch film.

  Clever rewrite of the settler gold rush

| | See all ShawnGrinter's reviews (4)

Here the Gold Rush of White Settlers and the damage done to Native Americans is cleverly re-written so that the Humans (both White and Natives) become the Indians and the Aliens become the intruders.

Daniel Craig gives a solid performance as the "Hero" and Harrison Ford does a good job of being the Mr Nasty that's in fact not too Nasty when you get to know him.

The Aliens are suitable vicious without being too over the top with fair CGI to boot.

Overall a good bit of fun if not overly deep.

Worth the money.


| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

Absolutely brilliant western movie turned into sci-fi. After watching the movie I felt the nearly 2 hours running time had just flew by. From such a simple title this is mixing up the space theme and the western theme to create something new. Which has paid off. The acting was spot on and from such a simple storyline came such enjoyment and pleasure from this movie. Also top acting from Craig and Wilde, two brilliant actors, both suited and devoted to their roles, which resulted in such a top perforance, if you are a fan of sci-fi and western, watch this and prepare to see both brought up to the next level.

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  Cowboys and Aliens - Totally disappointing

| | See all filmcritic1952's reviews (36)

I was really looking forward to watching this film because of the exciting looking trailers and impressive cast, unfortunately I should have stuck with them and not bothered with the film. Basically it is an old hat cliched western, so much so I am surprised Audie Murphey did not spring up, with a few aliens thrown in. Even the aliens were corny with a sunken spaceship and body parts that pop out of their chests. Not impressed at all, despite the expensive cast and special effects.

  Good film

| | See all myhouse41's reviews (63)

ive seen this in the cinema with mates of mine and it was a fun sci-fi westen action movie. the sfx are amazing the action sences are superb and it may be a bit too scary for young children. good film. its worth a watch

  Was good for a rated 12

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

Good performances all round in what is a good well balanced mix of Cowboys & Aliens but other than some quite good effects the movie is quite drawn out into becoming boring at times for me

  Popcorn munching, violent cheesy fun

| | See all miniwelsh's reviews (38)

With a title like Cowboys vs Aliens you get what you expect. I enjoyed this much more than I expected to and was surprised by how violent this is, which makes the film all the better. Ford does the grumpy cowboy role justice and Craig is fine in his badboy with memory loss character. If you're after an easy to watch, leave your brain at home film then this is defintely worth a watch. I'll be adding this to my collection


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Although it wasnt one of the best films of the year cowboys and aliens still has a high entertainment value, the cast is pretty good Harrison ford looked a bit more comfortable playing a character thats suited for his age, Craig looked good as the lead and Olivia provided the eye candy if little else, this movie should have been much better but its still great fun, take your brain out for this one you wont need it, a well polished sci-fi western with an original premise and funny crab looking aliens.

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