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Featuring: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger & January Jones

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Liam Neeson is just amazing

| | See all rawr0xx's reviews (2)

I do disagree with the statement saying the storyline was predictable. Well, I did say "I bet he's a bad guy" in one situation. But the actual story line and ending did in fact surprise me. This was a very interesting film and packed with action. Definitely want to buy it on DVD.


| | See all blaides's reviews (24)

A slow start for about the first half hour or so, but then it picks up! It's a damned good film to watch if nothing else on the goggle-box!

  Poor and fulll of flaws

| | See all RichClio's reviews (21)

Really did not enjoy this film, was waiting for it to end and even then i couldnt be bothered to watch it all the way through. The car chase is one of the worst i have seen tbh and the story is pretty predictable from the start. The fact i dont appreciate Liam Neeson as an actor may mean i have been a bit harsh with the rating but i just did not like the film.

Stick to the bourne series :D

  Awful - What is Liam Neeson doing??

| | See all StephSmith's reviews (5)

An awful film - worse than Taken.
bad one liners, bad accents, bad action sequences. Bad bad bad.
Avoid at all costs. Liam Neeson has gone the same way as Nic Cage

  Love it

| | See all Tara108n's reviews (16)

I love this film. I do not think it's a Bourne replica as stated in a previous review. It's got a great story, well acted by Liam and just one of those films that keep you guessing right up until the very end. If you like action packed thrillers then this film is a must. You won't be disappointed...!

  Typical wooden acting and predictive story

| | See all jockharper's reviews (1)

I'm sorry but am i the only person who thinks Liam Neeson is so one dimensional in his acting...WOODEN. The man seems to only have one emotion when talking and thats seems to be being bored . Perhaps its me but the best thing i've seen him in is The A-Team which is saying something.

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  Liam Neeson, just can't get better!

| | See all billynufc2510's reviews (23)

What an amazing film! Amazing plot, hard to understand it half way through but it is so good. Left me thinking wow! Same kind of genre as Taken. It's outstanding! A must buy!

  Could have been much better

| | See all EukalyptusNow's reviews (4)

This movie suffers from a weak script and a bit of shoddy direction. The plot premise is ok for a thriller, but the way it unfolds is just illogical and cliched too many times (the characters are doing something because "the script says so" or "the director wants do do a certain scene now", not because it seems locical or fitting with what they want). The quality of the action scenes shifts between OK and "meh" (some nice car scenes, ok fight scenes, bad CGI in a couple of scenes). Overall this is ok to watch, but it's no "96 hours", "Bourne" or "The International".

  very good.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

this has been compared to 'taken'. why? because it has the same lead actor? sorry, nothing like taken, but very good on its own merits. it has been compared to the 'bourne' films. i disagree. i have not liked any of the bourne films, as im not a fan of the overestimated matt 'yawn' damon. 'unknown' is a very good film in its own right,a slow burner, but a brilliant story, well acted by all concerned. great to see bruno ganz (hitler in 'downfall'), and Sebastian Koch ('the lives of others' and 'black book), certainly the cream of the german film industry. all in all a very good film.

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  No where as good as taken

| | See all monkeymax's reviews (1)

Loved Taken and had really high hopes of this living up to it.But instead it falls flat on its face Barely any action and story line a bit boring