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Ocean's Thirteen (13)

Featuring: George Clooney, Brad Pitt & Matt Damon

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  got it on blu-ray, but only review normal dvd's

| | See all Violnio's reviews (64)

As many reviews said below, Ocean's Thirteen is better than Ocean's Twelve but not as good as Eleven. I thought this time the plot was very good compared to Twelve which confused me. Again the acting by the fantastic cast was excellent again, George Clooney is an awesome actor, everything about this one was good really, a good way to end a fantastic series of films in my opinion. I hope Clooney, Pitt, and Damon do another film together, not another Ocean's film just another film with them in as the main cast. One of the best film series ever made.

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  Drop in the Ocean

| | See all dest23's reviews (79)

Ocean's 11 was brilliant, Ocean's 12 was horrible and now 13 seems to just drop somewhere in between leaning more towards 12 than 11.

Clooney, Pitt and Damon all look a bit wooden with Pacino and Garcia waltzing through what small screen time they had and with no real interesting female lead in the film it is very short of eye candy for the boys.

Had potential but is very predicatble and lacks that bit of wit usually assosciated with the Ocean films. Worth a look though.

  another great oceans film

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

This film is slightly better than the second,and not quite as good as the first.That doesn't take anything away from this film.It has great performances all round.A very worthy edition to the oceans films.


| | See all rmackie's reviews (1)

*yawns* O.k where to begin... I only paid £3 to go to the cinema and watch this but I felt I paid £3 too much. first off, nothing happens for a good 2/3 of the film, its like the first one when it takes a while for something to happen. by this point half of the picture house had already walked out (and I'm not joking) the story line is quite good but they just don't do anything exciting with it. my suggestion is wait till someone else buys it then ask them for a shot if you really want to see it.

  Nearly as good as the first!

| | See all PEPSITHORNE's reviews (3)

They haven't been the most imaginitive when coming up with the storyline, nevertheless the acting crew have got the chemistry down to a tee once again. The understated humour and brilliant acting adds to this great movie, the storyline will keep you interested. A must see.

  Copy of 1st

| | See all JGROVEY's reviews (110)

This film just copied oceans 11 it was boring and missing julia roberts AND catherine zeta-jones, just a skinny old prawn to take their place! george clooney and matt damon, as ever, are fantastic, but brad pitt and al pacino are useless! although, it is better than the 2nd...

  Second Best

| | See all Jammydude44's reviews (11)

If you liked Eleven but felt Twelve was lacking, Thirteen should get you back chomping at the bit for a Fourteenth.

Sexy and stylish, how the Ocean's series started, holds the film together well and the whole thing, like Elven, feels, just, cool.

Each actor has their moment, the humour and interaction between them is great, the writers now seem to really know their characters and this really develops the film.

Great Watch.


| | See all steve68's reviews (9)

What a waste of 2 hours, the 2nd worst film i saw last year (after Borat) and one of my top 5 worst films ive watched (now 40, so you get the idea)....what a waste of a decent cast....i think my 7 year old son could have donw a better job....i studied film making about college and this film is a disgrace....wasted 2 hours of my life....so predictable and the plot was so wafer thin they had to pan it out as much as poss....i rented it and watched it for free - it wasnt worth it....i can always understand in general how other people may disagree whether a film is good or bad but this film is the exception, anyone who thinks this is good should seek help

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