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There Will Be Blood (2 Discs)

Featuring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano & Ciarán Hinds

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (73 reviews)"

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  Nearly great

| | See all BigBongo's reviews (46)

I agree with most other reviewers about the acting and the cinematography, which is really fantastic. Amazing performance, as usual, by Day Lewis. However, the ending just seemed very rushed to me, especially after such an engrossing experience. I was thinking all the way through, wow what a movie, but was left just a little disappointed. Still a must see for movie buffs.


| | See all Lovatt92's reviews (1)

One of the greatest films I've ever seen. Some people complain about the lack of care for the characters, and that they don't link with the viewer. Attention people: they're not meant to! The depth of the character reflects the depth of their desire. Plainview just wants money, and it's cost him so much. Eli just wants people in his church - but for what purpose? It is the lack of depth in these characters' minds which is reflected, and the film on the whole is beautiful. It is a tale of everything and nothing. Wealth, ambition, greed, desire; getting money despite what it may cost.

I'm well aware the film doesn't make good viewing to everyone, but it is undeniably a work of art. And as with art, not everyone sees the same in it. What I see in it, as the director, the cast and many critics have seen in it, is gripping and thought-provoking, and if you look beyond the marmite exterior of it, I'm sure you'll find exactly what I'm talking about.

  I'm left wondering why I (and Anderson) bothered.

| | See all 12thMonkey's reviews (11)

I like 'deeper' films, and was expecting to really enjoy this. On the positive side, the acting and cinematography are worthy of praise and there are several scenes with genuine drama. On the negative, it's hard to give even the tiniest about any of the characters, and my over-riding feeling is that I have no idea why anyone would consider this a story worth telling. Warning: profundity implied is smaller than actual size.

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  Waste of my life

| | See all Gazinator's reviews (1)

Was completely rubbish, hated every minute of it. You can't make a film with just one actor.

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  I would award no stars if I could!!!

| | See all angeleyes13's reviews (4)

When I saw this film I was left wondering why I had allowed myself to be manipulated into wasting well over two hours of my life just to watch Daniel Day Lewis shout a lot. If I wanted to see that all over again I could watch re-runs of Gangs of New York. The film offers nothing by way of pace, it does not allow you to develope any sympathy, empathy or care for any of the characters paths and quite simply flounders, leaving you empty and cheated of your time and money. When are people going to realise that Hollywood is laughing at their gullibility. It's so trendy to like films like this isn't it? Well I don't pay my money to be seen as clever and arty, I pay it to be entertained. This is not an entertaining film.

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  Grit and Oil

| | See all Machete's reviews (53)

Apparently Daniel Day Lewis looked to John Huston's early works for inspiration as his role as Daniel Plainview, as well as the mannerisms of the man himself, and this definitely shows. Plainview's gruff and relentless persona are archetypal of the man's man, with his deep brogue and cock-eyed stare contributing to the menace of his character throughout the film. The plotline of the film itself would not carry the prestige and acclaim it has generated if it were not for this central character, much like Bogart in the similar 'Treasure of Sierra Madre'. On the opposition is Paul Dano's Eli Sunday, the preacher (or orator) who clashes with Plainview as each man sets out to reach their own goals. Whether those goals are for leadership, wealth, or simply the selfish interests of personal gain is up to personal opinion, but the actors themselves truly reflect the confilct and turbulence of industry vs religion in the late 19th Century.
This film is a masterpiece, and although long and slightly uneasy at times, it pays off when that climactic final scene is left ringing in your mind. "Finished!"

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  Best film of the year by a mile!!!!!!

| | See all johnnyjesus's reviews (10)

An exceptional movie on every level with a stunning performance from Day-Lewis- they just dont make movies like this any more!! This gem will leave you slowly digesting what you've seen for days! Paul Thomas Anderson is a genius! Do not miss this dark classic!!

  very very slow

| | See all kingisme's reviews (5)

This is film is very slow, very hard to sit and watch seen as i got bored very qucikly. The reason i gave it 3 stars is simply because daniel day lewis is an amazing actor, he gives a very powerful performance in this film which in a way made the film better than it was. But i wouldnt be able to watch this film again, it's too long, the storyline wasnt amazing. But if you want a powerful acting performance i would buy this film.

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  Best Made Movie Since Godfather Part II

| | See all matthewforan's reviews (2)

This is without a doubt one of the best movies ever made, Day-Lewis is a fantastic actor and this possible his best performance. Ignore people talking about it being slow and boring it is nothing but excellent. One of the most exciting movies of the past 5 years, really great stuff buy it now.


| | See all sloaner13's reviews (4)

I am unsure as to why this film has been critically acclaimed there is no intriguing plot to draw in the veiwer ,and the story is not the most interseting of topics, focusing on one mans greed whilst seeking to manipulate simple country people in his quest for power. It is a tough watch, especially at a steep run time passing onwards of two and a half hours.. Do you not have something better to do with your life in this time??

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