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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (DVD)

Featuring: Colin Firth, Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Sherriegooner's reviews (1)

With such a fab casting line up my husband and i, more so me, were bitterly disappointed with this film. He valiantly watched until the end but i gave up 3/4 of the way through. It was hard to follow, drab and very dull in places. All about nothing. Very disappointed.

  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Good but lacking

| | See all filmcritic1952's reviews (36)

Having been an absolute fan of TTSS since reading the book/s and watching the BBC production I found this film disappointing and lacking. It is a good film in its own right but does not satisfy the true George Smiley (John LeCarre) devotee. The original story is very much about the complexity and interaction of the characters and that is what is sadly lacking in this production, the characters have no depth, there is no proper interpretation of the key players, the film is just a gloss over of the original story and I have to say for me a total disappointment. Having said that, get the film, watch it, it is a good movie if you like slow, intricate thrillers.

  Tinker tailer

| | See all jackgarratt's reviews (6)

it was slow and lumbering, confusing, badly edited and I think they tried to be too clever. How they can say it is 'the film of the year I want to add for what...Bad movies of the year!!! A Masterpiece and superb thriller it is not! Shame to could have been.

  Under Impressed

| | See all Pineview's reviews (38)

To be blatantly honest, I found this adaptation of the Le Carre novel very over rated. Compared to the original version starring Alec Guinness, this remake is a great let-down, and lacks the original sinister atmosphere that made the orginal "Tinker, Tailor ... " such an overwhelming success.

  Mood, paranoia, visual claustrophobia

| | See all Jead64's reviews (20)

The plot requires careful attention and several viewings and might in fact be beside the point. What happens is less important than how it happens and the air of isolation and paranoia that surrounds it.

Imagine Kubrick had directed one of the Bourne series and you'd end up not far away from the atmosphereof this film. Grown up, mood-driven, superb. Gary Oldman deserves every plaudit as do the rest of the cast.

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  Not great

| | See all Dannyboyy's reviews (59)

This film is so over rated its completely boring the film never really goes anywhere, i literally fell asleep watching it, in the end i gave up watching it. A film should be made for entertaining people but this is just talking all the way through with no action. The kings speech worked with that cause that was the whole point and it was a classic. But in this it doesn't because it just simply should have some action parts and its far from a classic. I didn't even get the story and i usually pick up story plots everytime but this just skipped around so much and didn't seem to finish one part of the story explaining it clearly before it moved on to the next part. The only reason it hasn't had one star is because Tom Hardy and Colin Firths acting was solid as for the other actors i don't even know half of them and don't wish to because they aren't all that.

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  Fabulous, non cliche

| | See all BritBasherxx's reviews (14)

Its a really good, gripping film with stunning performances from Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, John Hurt and Colin Firth, they all play there roles sublimely.
It's a little difficult to understand the first time (like Inception), but once you get it, its a truely great film.

  Slow and Serious

| | See all Tara108n's reviews (16)

This is no doubt a good film with an excellent cast. I personally found it very difficult to follow but my husband really enjoyed it. Very serious, well acted, great story but this is a film where you need to concentrate to really follow the twists and turns!

  slow burner

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

cracking film adaptation of the book, stellar cast of who,s who in brit film industry, this film will be for those that like a slower burner that takes time to unravel, too many films these days have the spy and agents running around at a hundred miles an hour with gadgets for everything, not here, this is slow and meticulous but never dull,a film with a plot that isnt full of holes, worth a watch .