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Doctor Who: Earth Story (Dr Who) (2 Discs)

Featuring: William Hartnell, Peter Davison & Peter Purves

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Brilliance. But why a box-set?

| | See all Davies1294's reviews (21)

But why pair these two together in a box set they have nothing in common only that they are set on earth in the past. However The Gunfights is a good 4 part story, i don't know why some people hate it i quite enjoyed a wild west adventure with the doctor. there are some good comedy scenes in there and some good drama and action with a beautiful sung song 'The O.K Coral' at the beginning of each episode. 7.5/10
The Awakening is a nice 2 part Peter Davison serial during the end of his tenure. Again there is some good drama and action in this story. In my opinion Peter Davison is on fine form as is Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson who are also joined by Polly James who could have been a future who companion. 8/10
Overall these two stories are good in their own way but they can also lack something throughout the adventure.

  strange paring

| | See all dickiep's reviews (137)

Considering Frontous was released last month raises the question is why was the Awakening not paired with that story? Putting that to one side, we have a reasonable two parter Peter Davidson story paired with what many consider the worst Dr who story ever made The Gunfighters (according to Dr Who Magazine and other polls). The awakening is a two parter from the Davidson era a good story surrounding Tegan wanting to visit home, and discover time is getting mixed up thanks to the Malice. The Gunfighters, is the Dr,Steven and Dodo visiting the wild west and the gunfight at the Ok Carol it just does not work that well, and at the time was hated by cast and public alike,this is defiantly not the best who story but has historic value. The Awakening which is an ok story maybe just a four star story, just a real shame with the pairing. Oh I know people hate any criticism about Dr who but please remember there were some very bad stories and the Gunfighters is one. However on with what one expects from the extras, both DVD contain some good documentaries, starting with the Gunfighters, there is an interesting review on the troublesome season three, with the quick change of producers, and some of the strangest stories, and with rating falling and Hartnel becoming very unwell and the decision to replace him, at first by just making him invisable in the Celestial Toyroom and just replacing him when he re appears, now that would have been strange. The Awekning also has a good documentary on the making of the story, shame the only actor is Janet Feilding, and the only story not to have a Peter Davidon commentary who is missed a lot. All in all although not the best stories by either Hartnel or Davidson, I am sure when the prices drops it should be considered. However I can only allow three stars for this one neither are the greatest stories in the Who cannon.

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  Pah! This is great stuff!

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Ignore the naysayers, The Gunfighters is terrific, funny and with great direction and sets (It's never been voted worst story either!). A classic example of a story greater than its unfair reputation.

The Awakening is good fun too; a short adventure for the Doctor in rural England.

  More Rubbish From The Archives

| | See all chakram's reviews (15)

Its A Pity that The Gunfighters was not lost from the archives,along with the complete Peter Davison Era,Two Rubbish stories Paired together.

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  Down to Earth - Doctor Who

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

Earth has always been a place the Doctor loves to vist and in this Box Set called Earth Story we get two stories set on Earth with The 1st Doctor and The 5th Doctor.

In the first story. The Doctor and his friends land the Tardis in the Wild West and get in to the events leading up to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

The Second story see the Tardis Crew trying to land in 1984 to see Tegan's grandfather but the Tardis get forced into an old charch that is about to fall down. They find that they might be a bit more back in time than 1984 as they see a man in medieval dress though the Tardis scanner.

Two Stories, Two Doctor's and hours of Doctor Who enjoyment. Just Great.

  doctor who earth story

| | See all tigger70's reviews (3)

william hartnells,the gunfighters has been out on vhs before remastered in the first doctor box set,along with the sensorites and the time meddler?

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  A Couple of Classics

| | See all Hawkman2k's reviews (19)

Dr Who Earth Story - Simply put, both the stories happen on Earth, and have some links to famous time periods within history, i.e the wild west and the civil war.

As far as I'm aware the Gunslingers has never been released before, not even on the old VHS. So for me, a fan of the show who isn't old enough to remember the original airing of the story, this is quite exciting. The TARDIS and crew land in Tombstone, one bad sweet later the Doctor needs to visit a Dentist and meets Doc Holliday, from there the adventure ensures.

The Awakening, is in fact the last of the Peter Davison Stories to be released, a 2 part adventure which is based around an evil force manipulating the local civil war reenactment. Although not as good as some of the other stories in his final session (Androzani, Ressurection), The Awakening is a nice little romp in the country, and it will complete the Davison era.

The usual commentaries are available.

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