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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Featuring: Jack Nicholson, Loise Fletcher & William Redfield

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

This film certainly goes down in the legendary category, it has just about everything. Jack Nicolson plays a brilliant character, a loveable rogue placed in a mental ward for "evaluation". His experiences with the other patients are both amusing and very moving and his run-ins with the now legendary Nurse Ratchet are also a legendary part of movie history. This hasn't aged over time and still ranks among the greatest films of all time.

  First half slow, second half awesome

| | See all Hammers27's reviews (101)

This is another film that surprised me. I didn't know what to expect when getting ready to watch this a few weeks ago but after a slow beginning I really got into it.

The first half isn't great, and does lack a lot of pace. But the second half makes up for it and it turns out to be a great movie.

The main characters (about 8 of them) all did their part too in making it great acting wise. Don't hesitate in picking up a copy, I was putting off watching it for a few years then finally watched and loved it.


| | See all Amjac17's reviews (55)

When i heard this was from 1975 i thought nah.... Going to a poor quality poorly acted film. But no, it was truly amazing.

Great cast, dialogue, acting, funny, sad. What more can you ask for?

I heard that this was nominated for 5 oscars, and it definately deserved them.

A must watch film.

  Excellent Film BAD VERSION

| | See all ShawnDuHast's reviews (8)

This is one of the best films ever and if you're reading this you know that already!
But this single disc version is unrestored (unlike the 2 disc special edition which has been resrored and looks wonderfull) and boy does it show! Lots of scratches and marks, the contrast looks dark and it generally needs a good clean up - which is exactly what happened for the 2 disc release which is well worth the extra £3!!

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  Sensational. A classic story of good vs. evil!

| | See all Edzorr's reviews (40)

You can see why this one sweeped the floor for all 5major oscars. One flew over the cuckoo's nest is an amazing film for so many different things. Jack Nicholson is absolutely fantastic as McMurphy, a man facing prison for statutory rape, but claims insanity to avoid going.

This is a classic tale of one man daring to break to inhumane hold of the mental institution as a whole, and dares to stand up to those who oppose him (Nurse Ratched is particularly cold).
It is a sad and chilling tale but full with hope.

10 / 10

A classic.

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  rossi boy

| | See all rossiboy's reviews (5)

Funny, Sad, fantastic film, fantastic cast, Has stood the test of time, Jack nicholsons finest performance to date.


| | See all jaymez's reviews (1)

i watched this film when i was in nappies a fantastic film one of the best in my days and will always will be a number one hit


| | See all crackpot's reviews (23)

A film that's is a pure work of art,it's power never fades even after 32 years. Also read the novel-just so stark & powerful & very well written.

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  Maybe The Best Movie Ever?

| | See all TheBeast666's reviews (2)

I just watched this in my AS Level psychology class, and its made me believe its got to be one of the greatest movies ever...pure genius!!

  Jack Nicholson at his dramatic best

| | See all gangst's reviews (1)

This is an old film but has certainly lasted the test of time and should be a must see for any new generation, i had the pleasure of watching this film at school as subject material. Jack Nicholson is a sane man brought into a mental institution for irratic behaviour, as his passes on he makes friends with many of the strange and colourful characters in the asylam, things start to take a turn for the worse as he is subjected to many of the shocks and tortures which are custom to many asylums of that time. An absolute masterpiece, with heart wrenching drama and lots of laughs.

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