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Smallville: Season 1 - 10 Box Set (60 Discs)

Featuring: Tom Welling, Allison Mack & Kristin Kreuk

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Nothing to say.....but 5 words......

| | See all Jiminyknowsbest101's reviews (6)

.........I WISH I WAS SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!..........Im gutted that i can't give it a thousand stars ;-)

  Fantastic Box Set - No Blu Ray Available

| | See all DavidWellens's reviews (8)

This is a fantastic box set to be sure, although the new extras leave some to be desired. It's not a retrospective, with new insights, as much as it is just members of the cast, looking back on previous plot points.

Still deserves merit for the new Superboy and Aquaman pilot.

For those expecting blu ray... There's a reason Seasons 1 to 5 never made it to blu ray. The were never filmed in HD.
You can't make a decent transfer if you don't have decent negatives to work with. No HD = No blu ray. End of.

  The Best Ever Superhero show, The Best Show Ever!

| | See all khfan1212's reviews (1)

Smallville is just amazing, a truly fantastic show that has lasted for ten long successful years. The Story of how Clark Kent becomes the legendary Man of Steel: Superman is done so brilliantly, with so much emotion, passion it creates a truly magnificent show. The Characters are fantastic, You really feel what they feel especially with Clark and Lana, Clark and Chloe, Clark and Lex and Clark and Lois, you see the lives before Superman, what they did and how they became friends, enemies and a legendary love. The acting is superb, the writing is superb mixing in action, fantasy, comic book sic-fi, humour, romance everything that makes a fantastic show, the music is fantastic, the effects are fantastic the editing is fantastic, Oh and the acting is fantastic, Did i mention that Twice? I did because it is doubly true. I have never ever felt so satisfied at the end of TV show more than Smallville, This show made me a bigger Superman fan, It is literally the Perfect show, buy this box set and have the greatest TV show experience ever!!!! Up Up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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| | See all Lastbullet18's reviews (1)

One of the best series availiable, and if your a superman fan i would strongly recommend this boxset, if i could i would give more stars.

  Blu Ray Smallville 1-10

| | See all Robby67's reviews (2)

Would be very nice to know if it is foreseen the 1-10 box set in Blu-Ray too. This is a great show to bring it to the best view and sound system.

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  The Best

| | See all PatrickAdams's reviews (6)

This is without doubt the best Comic book interpretation of a Superhero ever put to screen.
Anyone know if a complete series boxset will be released on Blu-Ray

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  A Great Series

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

Looking forward to this box set coming out. Smallville has some great episodes that follows the life of Clark Kent before he became The Man of Steel - Superman, his frendship with a young Lex Luther and his fights against Zod, Doomsday and Darkseid. The best season that I like had to be number 4 and I have not got to see season 10 as yet. All in all Smallvillle has been a great series and it will be hard to find another series as good as this has been.

  Simply Super

| | See all KryptonSteve's reviews (1)

This is a must buy for anny Smallville fan. I have just watched the final episode of the show and was left with an empty feeling because there will be no more. Im not going to give anything away so you have to wait and see for yourselves. Smallville was always about the journey of Clark Kent, NOT Superman. It done this perfectly. As the show went on, it gained alot of heart and soul. The show really captured the essence of the charater and the idea. The cast are all great choices and the writting is superb. This is by far the best Superman related TV show ever. Lois and Clark was good for its time but lacked the heart Smallville has. Go on click the "Buy" button and feel the magic that Smallville gave to us

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  Great show, worth the money

| | See all Stevens's reviews (4)

I remember when I first got into this when it started in 2001 when I was 14. I liked how you didn't exactly need to know a lot about superman and all characters involved to like the show. Like many long running series, you as the viewer end up caring what happens to the characters, and that's why I think it's lasted this long. For those of you who don't know, season 10 is 100% the last season. I have seen up to ep19 of the tenth season and it is quite frankly the best. Everything begins to tie in, without giving spoilers. It ends in America on Friday May 13th and starts (yes starts?!) on E4 over here in the UK around May 31st. The only season I didn't like as much as the rest was season 8. Nothing much happened in that season to do with the involvement of progressing Clark towards Superman. At this price, it is pratically 11.50 pounds a season which is not too bad (probably likely to go down to 100 - 105 quid by the time October comes) So overall if you've seen any parts of this show and want the whole thing or even heard good things but never seen it, I would say it's definitely worth your time. Would kill those boring evenings for a few months at least anyway ;)