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The Amazing Spider-Man (with UltraViolet)

Featuring: Andrew Garfield, Denis Leary & Irrfan Khan

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Stick to the originals and dont waste your money

| | See all weasel666's reviews (1)

I have watched the first three Spiderman films with the original cast and it was true to the comic book hero, so I dont understand why start again. The actor playing spiderman does'nt have the geeky look or is convinsing in anyway, it looses the plot and the story is weak, theres no mystery or real chemistry between the two leading actors, theres nothing to leave you wanting more, in fact halfway through I had seen enough. But I watched it until the end and did'nt know which I regretted more the10 pounds I spent or the 2 hours of my life that I will never get back!

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| | See all jffpwll's reviews (4)

Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film,Great film.

  Hugely disappointing

| | See all dirrtydawg's reviews (1)

An unnecessary reboot following the highly successful Raimi trilogy this movie sold itself as The Untold Story. Well after sitting through the 2 and a quarter hours of this movie, the untold story remains untold. A few teasers here and there for Peters parents - why would anyone care about them anyway? - but basically a big set up for the sequel.

The movie was rebooted because Sam Raimi didn't like the script for Spider-Man 4 written by James Vanderbilt. Columbia Pictures own the rights to Spider-Man and have to produce a movie within a certain timeframe to continue with those rights or they would revert back to Marvel. Rather than wait a bit longer for Sam to be happy they decided to shut it down and reboot with a new cast initially claiming the budget would be very small in comparison to the previous trilogy. What we have here though is a movie shot purely for 3D - which was diappointing at the time and shows the poor story now in 2D format - on a HUGE budget that appears to have been swallowed up by the 3D element. The Lizard is horribly done. The film score is painful and incredibly off-putting. And the script??? Vanderbilt wasn't good enough for Raimi but he apparently was for Marc Webb. AWFUL.

After the amazing set up to the Avengers movie - Iron Man Hulk Captain America Thor are all great - as well as the blockbuster movie itself and the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy The Amazing Spider-Man is a major letdown. Peter Parker the slam-dunking hoodie-wearing skateboarder??? *shudder* As for Andrew Garfield's accent.....

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  Good but not great!

| | See all Skrtelboy's reviews (38)

Quite simply lets face it, the Amazing Spider-man is a different spiderman film in itself, set in a different marvel universe therefore it cannot be compared to the first three Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.

So firstly opinions based on its own independency it is an OK film, no it's not fantastic but it's still entertaining enough to watch, it has created the steps and now the next film will have to dive deeper into it's characters and story to really make a GREAT movie!

The story is quite cliche really however due to the action you really don't notice as much, the characters are surprisingly 50/50, you'll either love them or you'll hate them, however I enjoyed them. Peter Parker (played by Andy garfield) was well portrayed and he did his homework, however I found this Spider-man to be very childish rather and not having a connection with adults too although this may change in later sequels. Gwen Stacy (Played by Emma Stone) was portrayed also very well, proved to be a likeable and at times humourous character. Dr.connors (The Lizard-Played by Rhys Ivans) was portrayed amazingly well, possibly the best actor in the film, he always manages to play a decent villain, whilst portraying innocence as well as anger is pretty awesome.

There were too many plot points taken from the original spiderman so therefore it will not feel like an original in itself, but it was still entertaining enough to hold its own.

comparisons between the two different Spider-Man films:
My opinion is that the first two Spider-Man films were far better than the Amazing Spider-Man, through cast and story as well as action sequences. But that's just my opinion, i still opt you all to watch the latest edition of the marvel universe but don't expect great things from this movie because the originals were far better!

Overall Verdict:
The Amazing-Spiderman may not be a great movie but it stands up on it's own two feet and makes sure it is heard, a great cast and some good action sequences makes sure you don't get too in touch with the story as thats where the movie lacks depth. Although it has many ideas for possible sequels lurking in wait.
Rating: 7.5/10

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Spider-Man: 9/10
Spider-Man 2: 10/10
Spider-Man 3: 7.5/10

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  Not So Amazing!!!!

| | See all FlackTron's reviews (1)

Keep it short. No where near as good as Spiderman and Spiderman 2 with Tobey Maguire, 100% made for 3D so pointless watching in 2D and not a patch on the current super hero films like Batman, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers etc.... Don't waste your money buying this DVD just borrow it off a mate if you really wanna watch it

  spiderman definitely is amazing

| | See all filmjunky85's reviews (1)

Wasnt sure what to make of this when I first heard there was going to be another spiderman film, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway....and I'm so glad I did. The story pretty much flows the same as the first one but dare I say it might actually be better. More action, more twists and turns!! Definitely one to watch, you wont be disappointed :)

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  Didn't see the point of this...

| | See all playfan1986's reviews (2)

Why they brought out another version of Spiderman based loosley on the original which is barely ten years old I don't know. The special effects in parts looked so unrealistic and forced. The main actor who played Peter Parker / Spiderman just wasn't convincing and far from exciting to watch. Also the film was dragged out over two hours which wasn't needed in my oppinion.

  A decent effort but fairly pointless

| | See all rigpig's reviews (6)

Was hugely disappointed when i left the cinema. A re-hashed version of the original is all it really is. I give it 3 stars because its still good entertainment for the new generation who maybe haven't seen Spider man before and even if you have, its still good entertainment in a mediocre run of the mill sort of way. Not groundbreaking stuff, easily forgettable and this year especially, easily slammed into the sidelines by the likes of Avengers, Batman and Dredd 3D.

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  Spider-man as it should be

| | See all characters's reviews (1)

I liked the previous three but this was a much better spider-man film nuff said really

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