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Torchwood: Miracle Day (4 Discs)

Featuring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles & Kai Owen

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Torchwood Plus

| | See all AndysBooksAndStuff's reviews (7)

I loved this series. I was a late-comer to Torchwood, but after this I bought all the box sets. As for people complaining that it was too "OTT", the first series had Abaddon, the Egyptian God of the dead!! Yes, it was "Americanised" (not a word, the term is "Localised") but that was to widen the appeal. If Russell T. Davies wanted to write a series specifically for the British fans, he never would have tried to export it overseas. Besides, it's got Bill Pullman!! What more do you people want?!?!

I did have a *few* niggles with the series: firstly, people seemed to get over Oswald Danes being an inhuman monster pretty quickly, which didn't seem that realistic a reaction to me. Yes, it was a plot point but it should have taken more than 1 episode of him grovelling. Secondly, in previous series the gay undertones was downplayed, especially in the subtle and developing relationship between Ianto and Jack, but in this one it's just right there in your face. I have no problem with that, but it was better when it was subtle.

Other than that, Miracle Day was a damn fine series, and if it is to be the last, a fantastic way to end the show.

  Shocking - bring back real TW

| | See all supremecommander's reviews (82)

Like many fans I really looked forward to the new TW series but was a little wary of what might happen when it was transferred across to America. Sadly my fears were well grounded. MD is by far the worst TW series - buy it ONLY if you can't sleep at night.

So sorry.

  torchwood miracle day

| | See all smiler60's reviews (31)

very drawn out story, as it goes into the series it becomes complicated . moving it to america didn't help.


| | See all madfog's reviews (1)

Torchwood equals ultimate ponage one ov my fav tv shows
Keep up the good work Russel.T.Davies


| | See all halloweenjack's reviews (5)

Ok, so I stuck with the series for all 10 episodes. It started well, sagged in the middle with too many filler epsiodes that did not move the plot along at all. The end was really, really weak. When you tell a story over 10 hours of TV you need to keep it moving along, and provide a really strong finale (see "Dexter" which delivers this every season). Torchwood truly peaked with "Children of Earth" which was fantastic. Miracle Day was a massive let down. I put it down to lazy writing in so much that it was definetely aimed at bringing the show to American audiences. On the plus side the first episode was brilliant and Eve Myles was as fabulous as ever as Gwen. The unsung hero of Torchwood is Kai Owen who plays Rhys - He is spot on as Gwen's husband and plays the everyman in the middle of extraordinary events perfectly. The DVD/BR has some cool extras, including commentaries from RTD and Julie Gardner on eps 1 and 10. Introductions to episodes and lots of behind the scenes stuff. Overall probably worth the money but not nearly as good as it could have been

  Still enjoyable

| | See all dickiep's reviews (137)

Many people condemned the series and wrote a review after the first episode, It felt like many wanted the series to fail now that it is a joint venture with America. I like the story with Earth facing a phenomenon known as "Miracle Day", where for over 24 hours nobody dies, and the world will become unsustainable to the soaring population within four months. Every United States Government agency receives a tip on Torchwood, only to later find every trace of the word deleted by the newly returned Jack Harkness, who discovers that he is now mortal. Separately, he and CIA agent Rex Matheson - who has suffered a 'fatal' accident but cannot die - travel to South Wales to find Gwen Cooper, who is living in exile with husband Rhys and infant daughter Anwen. Jack, Rhys and Gwen find themselves under attack by unknown mercenaries in a helicopter. After Jack saves them, Rex arrives and has Jack and Gwen extradited back to the United States. This was called a re-boot by Russell T Davis, the idea is a interesting one, however I do feel this is not a enjoyable as children of the earth which posed a far more interesting question.I except as many others have said that this could have been better and faster moving, however I do hope the mixed reception of the series will not mean a cancellation, and the production team learn and move on to a better story for a hopeful series five. One of the problems I personally found was again this disaster has been caused by something Jack did in his past, which is a little predictable. The idea of one story over 10 episodes is not a problem with me but perhaps going like "24hrs", have a couple of stories interwoven with the twists and turns would help. However I found the last three episodes gripping TV.

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  Torchwood but different, is that a good thing ?

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

Don't get me wrong I like Torchwood but the 4th series has been a hit and a miss, Capt Jack returns after being shown in a Alien bar in the Doctor Who episode The End of Time Part 2. Now he is back trying to find out way the whole human race is not dieing. Gwen Cooper along with her husband Rhys and newborn child is back being the only last member of the oringal team left after the death's of Ianto, Owen and Tosh. Now she is being a target for death by someone who wants to finsh Torchwood for good.

The plot spred over 10 episode's but this time there are no aliens, who are doing this but human's who want to control human's all over the world and Jack is the Key to this. This is all hits but the miss come equal as it's 10 episode's work aganst the story with not enough plot to keep it working. I can't help thinking about when Doctor Who The Movie was made in the U.S. but something was wrong and it's the same thing here. I hate to say americanised like people have said about it but ths time I agree. It is a different series almost like a reboot and if Jack and Gwen were not prestent it could be something completely different, No Hub, No Aliens and No SUV. My last thought is if Torchwood is going to return is has to come back to were it begain, in the U.K, In Wails, In The Hub with Aliens. Will I get Miracle Day - Yes but is it the series I wanted - in one word NO


| | See all Obamababe's reviews (1)

Like many other people, i wasnt initially convinced about the "Americanisation" of Torchwood. However, i was quickly converted by the intense story and brilliant acting by all concerned. A special mention must go to Bill Pullman, who has been described in articles as "America's sweetheart" who plays a murdering paedophile. Not a character who should engender sympathy, certainly, but he manages to flip between quite scary and unlikeable to being someone who you find yourself liking, despite yourself! What a fantastic performance! The ending did not disappoint, and the entire show was funny, sad and surprising. I found myself in tears at several points, while laughing out loud in others. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

  big let down

| | See all dangermouseuk78's reviews (1)

I enjoyed torchwood up until this series the move to America has not worked in my view. Story dragged on Soooo long to reach what was a very low key ending and a very unsurprising one at that.

I personally enjoyed Torchwood for the main reason is that it wasnt American centric , was refreshing to see a scifi show that didnt revolve around the US to the point you'd think there wasnt any other countries in the world.

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