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A Time To Kill

Featuring: Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson & Matthew McConaughey

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

From the begining of this film the drama and sheer shock value never lets up.Set in the racisit south of Missisippi a young black girl is rapped and left for dead by two white men somehow against all odds the girl survives and the men are arrested.After hearing how white men have got away with raping black girls before and that even if found guility 10 years is all they would face behind bars.One father realises what he must do take the law into his own hands.
What follows is the story of white lawyer Jake and his struggle to get justice for Carl Lee who did what any father would have wanted to do get justice for his daughter.The film deals with the racial divides that still exsist now in the deep south of America,and the underground movements of the evil Ku Klux Klan who still exsist to this day in Mississippi.
Fantastic performances from the lead roles of Matthew McConaughey,Sandra Bullock,Kevin Spacey and Samuel.L.Jackson very well adapted from the John Grisham novel this is a hard hitting drama that pulls at your heartstrings and is difficult to watch for anyone who is a father as you ask yourself the question what would you do if this was your daughter?

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  Should have been better

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

This film sounded and started out very promising, but melodrama and bad acting let it down. Matthew Mcounaghy,Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey are all fine, it's Sandra Bullock that's the problem. When this film was made, she was at her height of fame and thats why she's in it, however her character is pointless. Okay that's down to the book but in the film she also has top billing, which is unfair to both Jackson and Mcounaghy.
The film has its moments, however daft action scenes and soapiness let it down.

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| | See all johta84's reviews (1)

It's the most beautiful film i've ever seen, the fisrt i ever watched it i was 13 and i never knew about racial discrimination before as well i only see people as people but this really open my eyes that there's people in this world who doesn't except people on who they are and i cried for that film, for that story i recommend that not anyone but everyone.


| | See all fayet16's reviews (4)

I saw this film last night and it broke me to tears! Such a powerful film and very well acted out. Well worth watching

  He did what any father would do in the same situation!

| | See all DawgRider's reviews (78)

This film is about a young white lawyer fighting to save a black father who is on trial for murdering the white man responsible for raping his daughter. This film is almost as good as the book by John Grisham. Totally brilliant!

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  the most brilliant film i have seen in months

| | See all kitkatchunkylegs's reviews (1)

There should be more films like this made. Yes it brought bk bad memories of wen i was raped but it really puts into perspective of how we treat people differently just coz of the colour of their skin and that they r not treated as to the way we r and I think its just sick we need to be more equal and treat each other the same there is nothing different about us all but our skin

  A time to watch, listen and pay attention to the human race

| | See all TheQSpark1's reviews (1)

If ever there was a film to encapsulate racial tension this is it!! But this is not a film about black people and white pepole and how the react to a sick and humiliating act, no this is a HUMAN interest film , a lesson to us all, to every human being. this is a film about family and friends but above all it's about love and how it conquers everything even the law!

  5 stars most defanatly

| | See all captin's reviews (70)

i have to agree with vultures wright up this film, it is in my top ten all time greats specialy when the lawyer sums up at the end of the trial and for the record i am white and i would have done the same as the father in this film,i cant watch it because the absolute ignorance of the 2 mens (well not men but you no what i mean) familys and the people around them and how thay try to defend them, makes me scream with rage and to think that there are people out there who still think this way. having said that i do think we are going to far the other way now days but thats antoher story watch this film it will leave you in tears and scraming obsenaties at all the injustice.


| | See all VULTURE's reviews (28)

The plot is about racial prejudice and the trial of a negro who murders the two rednecks who raped his daughter. The plot and the performances from everyone are sublime. Not to be missed.

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