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Featuring: Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson & Brooklyn Decker

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  One of the best films I've screen this year

| | See all carol6956's reviews (1)

I was not expecting much from this film when I put it on but oh my god, it is one of the best films I've screen in ages and I watch and buy a lots of films, and this film don't even have any really famous stars in it.
It's easy watching but it does keep you on the edge of your seat too. You need to watch this one for your self and not listen to the bad reviews you never know you may enjoy watching it too just like I did.

  Unbelievably laugh out loud bad!

| | See all TRADWIN's reviews (12)

Unbelievably this film actually makes "Battle Los Angeles" look like an intellectual movie. It takes "Thud and blunder" to new depths.

"The Abyss" meets "Transformers", perhaps ? Except "The Abyss" is a good movie; this is from the same mould as "Transformers". It is awful. It is a special sort of awful.

Aside from expensive effects, this has nothing to offer at all. Script beyond risible; acting is not the right word.

Marine UFO's meet US Navy. A completely incompetent Navy, led by a total jackass, whups alien ass. The only intelligence coming from a Japanese officer. Honestly, the Navy are so awful, you really want the aliens to win.
Almost, almost, when the wrinklies take over, it almost raises a smile. However, you are in such pain by then that it can't even be a guilty pleasure like "Under Siege", because by then you're jaded by over an hour and a half of sheer torture. The aliens were at least better realised than Battle LA

You won't get back any time you waste on this so, if you must, jump in at about 90 minutes jump out at about 115. The dialogue is so laughable that at 2* speed you lose nothing.

One can only assume that the brilliant Liam Neeson makes the same case as Michale Caine- that they pay him for the clunkers, too.


  One big bore.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

The film is just a bunch of actors shooting at alien ships in the water for 2 hours. Pretty rubbish and not worth watching. Rihanna was awful as well, she can't act , her acting is as bad as her singing!

  Sinks like a stone.

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Films like Battleship tend to prove something I've suspected for a long time now. And that is, for as much bile as the likes of Micheal Bay and Roland Emmerich recieve for their visual effects popcorn blockbusters..............if it was really that easy to make one to order then Battleship on paper should have been a slam dunk instead of a flop.

But it isn't. It's a wreck instead. Which I guess makes those guys waaaaay more talented than Peter Berg and the folks involved in it as we follow the story of Aliens landing in the Pacific Ocean and rise up, leaving only one ship and her woefully unprepared crew to save the planet from invading hordes and destruction. With a terrible cast making no effort, a ridiculous script and no sense of humour at all it all just makes me want to watch Transformers or Independence Day instead because both are much better made than this. And sure, it might be odd to like those films and be left critical of Battleship......but enjoying a good mindless popcorn destructathon doesn't automatically mean liking them all and this is a badly done one.

However, to give it it's due it has extremely glossy visual effects and you can have fun watching what other films Berg almost directly stole some of his shots from along the way while you watch. It's worth a watch on the visual effects score but little else.

  Terrible film

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

Wow.. what a mess of a film. Great visuals aside, the film was a total embarrassment.

Terrible plotline, worse-than-wooden acting, shoddy direction, weird editing, Liam Neeson looking suitably embarrassed to be there, RIhanna also looking embarrassed despite oddly being invited to the film for no real reason.. overall it was a complete and utter shambles.

What's really frustrating is that they can make a film that looks so good (very good CGI) yet totally neglect the script or direction. What were the studio executive producers doing.. surely they oversee the project?

Oh yes, Taylor Kitsch must be the worst male lead since Jake Gyllenhaal. He messed up John Carter and he messed up here as well. He plays a jobless loser who's brother tells him to join him in the navy and next minute he's an officer commanding the fleet (or so it seems!). The plot was odd from start to finish. I could come up with better whilst half asleep.

Overall, great visuals.. but the film is let down by a terrible plot and shocking acting. Worth a watch for the visuals I suppose.


| | See all squids1984's reviews (1)

I am very surprised with the reviews on this film. I consider myself a film buff. I love watching (good) films,; I enjoy the whole experience. i love to analize the plot, and applaud the director, and general direction of well thought out plots. I particularly enjoy the spectacular of modern science fiction stories with good dialogue. Well here is the BUT! This film was awlful. It was spoilt because of the first 30 minutes. Thank goodness I didn't pay to see this on the cinema. I have never walked out on a film in my life, because some classics start slow and then WHAM.... This film had the worst story line beginning I think I have ever sat through. One of those films that is very enoying; you know where you throw things at the screen....Granted once the naval action started it was vey enjoyable. The actors (I think that is the correct terminology) were truely cringing (I guess that was all down to the early storyline). I very nearly switched it off; and was eventually glad I didn't. But this is one I will not be adding to my library of films. Thank goodness I borrowed it. Clearly looking at the other reviews others enjoyed it???


| | See all johngarrett's reviews (65)

this film i found very good thats why i have given it 5 stars to me the film shown how life could be 5 stars all the way

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  good film typical usa flick

| | See all smashes's reviews (1)

as other review if u like transformers u r going to love this enjoyed it from start to finish

  staying afloat just

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

this film has had a lot of bad press and while its understandable its not as bad as many say, visual effects are outstanding and yep great looking aliens, but the film lets down on script, over cheesey at times . casting is questionable, liam neeson wasted in a small cameo role and rihanna stick to singing please, skarsgard and kitsch go about their business of saving the earth well enough and i quite liked the touch of bringing navy veterans and world war 2 ship into it, typical patriotic flag waver for the americans but enjoyable enough.

  Great effects and for the most part enjoyable

| | See all Biddy87's reviews (40)

I was told by a friend this was a film well worth watching and for the most part I would agree. How ever there were gaps where progression of events were slow and I found my mind drifting. I found once you got past the first hour it really got going. The effects were mind blowing. I did find a couple of scenarios had predictable ending but that could be said about many films.