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Kill List

Featuring: Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring & Harry Simpson

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  The Kill List.

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I actually found this a deeply, deeply uninteresting and highly flawed film that really truly appears to not have a clue what it wants to be.

Ken Loach meets Robin Hardy might start to give some semblance of a hint but really this film could not come close to the most famous works of each of those men and is completely unconvincing in it's execution of the story of two ex-Soldiers who now act as hitmen for hire. When they are hired by a particular client they begin to kill the targets they have been assigned. But before very much longer the men realise that all is not what it seems.

The performances are reasonably good, but the rest of the film is a divided mess with a conclusion that attempts to profoundly shock but seems to instead come across as sort of oddly inevitable. Not that I predicted it............but neither did it end up taking me by surprise.

This could simply be one of those 'loved it/didn't love it' propositions and I can't see me ever bothering with this one again.

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  Kill List - The Best British Film of the Year

| | See all GGfletch's reviews (10)

Documenting the nightmarish journey of two hitmen, Kill List confidently straddles the visceral end of genre filmmaking and the gritty strata of social realism, showcasing the mercurial skills of up-and-coming British film director Ben Wheatley. Buoyed by the critical acclaim for his feature length debut, Down Terrace, Wheatley's second film is a slow-building, ominous creep-out that will stay with you long after the final reel.

Teaming social realism with strains of the seventies conspiracy thriller and British horror, Kill List isn't just confirmation of Ben Wheatley's talent; it's an affirmation of the merits of genre filmmaking. Terrifying and traumatic, it's the best British film of the year and yet another reminder of why the UK Film Council shouldn't have been disbanded.

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  Confused Film

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

It starts off as a drama, the story of a family falling apart due to financial problems which lead to martial problems. After about 20minutes it finally gets into the hitman hired gun story which quickly gets down and dirty. The story continues for a short time like that, a real brutal and gorey hitman tale. It takes a break midway through and wastes a little time before returning to, what might be one of the worst endings in cinema.
The story has a lot of questions, it brings up many unique things but doesn't resolve them, no answers and no conclusion. What started out as a strange story becomes too bizarre to be swallowed.

Overall: It's watchable and interesting enough but it leads you down far too many corridors. It's a strange one alright, at times enjoyable but it'll leave you with a sour taste.

  the wicker hitman??

| | See all goodstuffuk's reviews (11)

well what a complete and utter headrush of a film.. left m,e totally numb. cant write too much as your best watching it without too much detail. great cast deliver strong performances all round, not your typical horror/gangsta thriller but thats a good thing!
think along the lines of wicker man meets serbian film meets football factory and your kinda close.
just some questions ...what did happen in kiev?? what was on THOSE tapes?? and was the hunchback laughing or crying? watch and see???

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is actually a pretty decent movie, a good British thriller with a clever and deeply twisted story as you will soon discover once you reach the end, the ending is very debatable and leaves the film very open minded, some people maybe a little confused as it does need some serious thought as to what the makers were trying to put across. Otherwise this is a very well crafted film with great performances from the cast and some extremely violent scenes! Only watch it if this is your type of movie. There are a few good extras too.

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  Ok, nothing special. I felt deceived by the cover reviews :(

| | See all jbuchan's reviews (25)

This is a strange one, it has a mad plot, good acting etc. However I personally found it to be a mind numbing long drawn out film to eventually get to the point. It relied way to much on the shock factor of it's "twist" in the last scene, which to be honest wasn't too much of a shock. One of those movies where in the end you are thinking "what? Is that it?"

Don't get me wrong now and again the was a few thrilling scenes with a few scares and alot of violent carnage which you might expect from a horror film. But overall I didn't feel this was worth the price I paid for it (about ten pounds). It left me feeling disappointed in the end and I love my horrors. It does say it's the best British horror film of the year, but there is not alot to compare it to in terms of British horror films.


| | See all IvanKafka's reviews (3)

I had looked forward to watching the KIll List based on several reviews I'd come across but was left thoroughly disappointed. The film is rather a convoluted mess as it doesn't know what it wants to be. Some may say it was trying to merge different genres together, but if that was the case, and it may well be, it wasn't able to do it effectively.

It's a domestic/social drama half of the time although the two male characters don't feel believable and come over more as caricatures. Intermittantly it goes into violent thriller territory and despite the graphic nature of it's violence, again it doesn't feel authentic and feels contrived. Moreover, it's not very well plotted, it leaves you more confused than intrigued. Then finally it moves into horror, which it manages to do best of all but it's at the very end and far too late to make any difference. I can't help but think that perhaps it should have played that hand from the start. Okay, it may not have been anything quite as original as it was trying to be, but at least it would have been a better film.

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  Kill List

| | See all alibanny's reviews (2)

A much over hyped film! Where shall I start? This film takes storylines from Pulp Fiction, In Bruges, The Wicker Man and mashes them up into something incomprehensible. What starts out looking like a kitchen drama mutates into a hit man film and then mutates again. Did it ever know where it was going? Can Neil Maskell say anything other than the f word and "Myte" (mate!!). The one star is for Michael Smiley who was the best thing about this film.

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