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The Bourne Legacy (With Ultraviolet)

Featuring: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton & Rachel Weisz

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Action is good but everything else lacks

| | See all underworld's reviews (47)

This movie is nowhere near as good as the first three bourne movies. The action in this movie is good but there is no suspense whatsoever. The storyline and the climax is poor. Hope the next bourne movie is an improvement on this. I am disappointed with this movie but I am not complaining much because I got the movie at a bargain price.

  SUPERB! Give it a chance

| | See all smelliemellie's reviews (12)

Please stick with this film! I admit it may be a bit difficult to get into but once you do WOW! Is it worth it! Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz work brilliant together and if she wasnt married to Daniel Craig........

  The Bourne Legacy - dissappointing

| | See all filmcritic1952's reviews (36)

Being an avid fan of the original trilogy I just had to see this film and although as a stand alone film it would probably have been an okay film as a sequel it was totally disappointing. It seems that they have taken ingredients from the other three films and put them in a blender. So much of the film is there for the sake of being there, for instance, if you know you are being stalked by a drone would you really try and capture a wolf, please? The first half of the film is so intertwined with what has gone before it is too complicated to be entertaining, the producers have just tried to be too clever and it has not worked. Sorry I did not value this film as a sequel to a classic trilogy, back to th drawing board boys.

  give it a chance

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

ok the bourne trilogy with matt damon were first class ,brill etc etc. do not be put off this film because its a pretty good addition to the series, jeremy renner puts in a good shift and the plot is weaved into the bourne trilogy nicely. yes it follows a familiar path to first three films but we enjoyed them so give this chance .

  One of my new favourite films!

| | See all pixie5979's reviews (20)

Jeremy Renner is the perfect front man for this action packed parrallel branch off Bourne story and Rachel Weiss is the perfect companion.
Interlinked storyline and great acting by the cast, i loved this film and look forward to watching the next installment.

  Looks good!

| | See all Efron1988's reviews (40)

Not watched it as its a christmas present but it looks good to watch. Came it good time too.

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  'There was never just one'..............

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

The Bourne Legacy serves as a decent continuation and in fact expansion of the universe first shown in the Matt Damon trilogy but with a sense of familiarity in both plotting and action and minus Damon himself it ends up more a decent thriller than a superb one.

With some overlapping of events from The Bourne Ultimatum allowing a few familiar faces other than Damon to tie us into the story the main action soon moves from Alaska round the world as operative Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner - solid but less charismatic than Matt) finds himself hunted by his own Government as part of an attempt to minimise the damage from Jason Bourne's exposure of Operation Treadstone. Linking up with Rachel Weisz's scientist who can help him unlock some of the secrets of his training, Cross begins his own journey.

The underlying familiarity here is that this is very much like 2002's The Bourne Identity made again a decade later with some tweaks to characters and locations. It doesn't really feel new and it doesn't really engage as immediately. The performances and action sequences are above par for the genre and in keeping with the established feel of the prior trilogy but I just didn't warm up to this film the way I did the others. Add in a relatively abrupt ending and I'm still a bit on the fence.

I'm being a bit kinder with 4 stars than maybe I should, and it is a perfectly well made film. It just didn't really excel in any special way for me when I watched it.

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  Definitely worth a watch

| | See all Fatbeagle's reviews (9)

For starters I had set myself up to think that this film would not be good as any of the previous Bourne films. However, please don't let that deter you - it is most definitely worth a watch - Jeremy Renner is a worthwhile replacement for Matt Damon. It is relatively fast paced movie with a few twists and turns. The only thing that surprised me is that it was rated just a 12 although maybe that's just me getting too moral in my old age...

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