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The Thing (1982)

Featuring: Kurt Russell, Bill Lancaster & Albert Whitlock

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Great film. Non-anamorphic DVD

| | See all BacktotheFutureMay's reviews (6)

The Thing is a really good horror film. However, I'll like to comment on the transfer. While it's not bad, be warned that it's actually a non-anamorphic transfer, so the 2.35:1 film image in enclosed in a 4:3 frame instead of a 16:9 frame like you would expect in anamorphic dvds. Granted in the description tab only says "Widescreen 2.35:1" so technically it doesn't say it's anamorphic. However I would expected an anamorphic dvd since this edition was released in 2011!

  FLYING onion71

| | See all BALDYMAN1's reviews (60)

this is 1 of the best horror and suspensful
sci fi film its superb remember to watch it
with some one

  The Classic Horror - Sci-Fi Thing!!

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

*A group of group of American Scientist in the Antarctic have a bizarre encounter with a Group of Norwegian Scientist, situated nearby. It appears that something has torn through the Norwegian's camp. As the Americans examine what has happened they discover the problems stared when the Norwegians had unearthed some kind of 'Thing' from the Ice.
*This is a great mixture of Horror and Sci-Fi. There's great acting and the film has a great feel. Despite the fact the effects are dated (Pre CGI) they still have a real impact. A really good film. For me its not quite an out right Classic but I can see why people feel it is. Well worth a watch.


| | See all TheMeistro's reviews (19)

scary,tense and cool.John C delivers a fast past horror with a young Kurt Russell and keith david with amazing special effects make up effect s,its a classic but I would like to see the 1951 original.a gem enough said

  All time classic....

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

This is one of my all time favourites,the special effects are amazing but i think the plot is fantastic too,J Carpenter really knows how to make 'em,a must for your collection and it just doesn't look dated even today ?
Superb stuff....

  One of my all time favourites

| | See all scarzy's reviews (2)

As far as films you can give 5 stars to go , this one is thoroughly deserved .A classic that you can watch time & time again .Brilliant & up there with the best

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  the thing

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

fantastic.again john carpenter brings horror to another level with the thing.this is about a space ship that lands on earth thousands of years ago and gets dug up by a norweigein research team.after wiping out the team.the remains are found by an american research team who take it back to there base.it all goes down hill from there.step up macready played by kurt russell who gives a fantastic performance as usual.its obvious john carpenter gets the best out of kurt and kurt gets the best out of john considering they worked on escape from new york and.escape from l.a as well as big trouble in lttle china.this film is truly a classic also helped by brilliant special effects by rob bottin and considering this film is nearly 30 yrs old it still holds its own.the new remake of the thing will be out before the end of the year.lets hope its just as good as the original.

  The Thing

| | See all David199's reviews (1)

Do not agree with ageratum's coment this is one of the all time greatest horrors suspense, story, gore and on the edge of your seet brilliance from the one and only John Carpenter at 2.99 Buy Buy Buy. Please holywood dont do a remake

  Dated, but always a classic

| | See all Richard2410's reviews (1)

John Carpenters The Thing is a classic body horror tale about a group of Americans researching in Antartica. When I first watched this I wasn't too taken by it, but I watched it again and again I ended up liking it that much. While the special effects are dated the storyline is immense and first time viewers will be drawn in to the detective like tale, ever guessing who The Thing is. The Thing is a classic film that everyone can enjoy and should at least have on their shelf. If you dont like it then you should see the original :P