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Troll Hunter (With Exclusive Troll Trump Cards) (With Lenticular Sleeve)

Featuring: Otto Jespersen, Glenn Erland Tosterud & Johanna Mørck

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all 72espada's reviews (78)

Stuff hollywood, this is where its at!. Great fun, the story clips along at a good pace, the characters are all believable, the special effects are excellent. There is a particularly funny scene, when our group are trapped in a cave when some trolls come in, they sit down and start breaking wind, and i mean BREAKING WIND!, blazing saddles doesnt get a look in!. It even has an english dubbed option for those with a phobia of subtitles!. I am a big fan of foreign films, and this just upholds my belief that hollywood has lost the plot, with regards to originality and new ideas.

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  Worth Your time

| | See all juicejonesz's reviews (61)

Pretty cool film I watched it with the English audio rather than the sub titles. It's a little slow moving, but having said that it is filmed very well, The real Norwegian Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg inadvertently admits to the existence of trolls with real footage at the end of this film!!
(yeah) A publicity stunt to cover up the fact that he keeps building large pylons in the mountainous countryside, these are really just large electric fences to keep v.large trolls from entering civilized areas.

All in all well shot, acted and original, cant wait for the US version coming 2014


| | See all snatch's reviews (1)

This is one of the worst films i have ever watched! The title and trailer portrays a film worth watching how disappointed i was it should be a bargain basement dvd 1.99 . Its worse than blair witch and no where near as good as any jurassic park.

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  A DVD Worth Hunting...

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

*Must admit i was a little skeptical before i watched this DVD but within minutes i was engrossed! The Troll Hunter is similar to Blair Witch, .Rec & Cloverfield but this time time the Student film crew follows a Poacher!
*There's a few Dubious moments, sometimes its almost comical but overall its a great film. Its not the scariest movie but it is quite tense. The effects are quite subtle and at times look a little old fashioned but it looks good. The Trolls also evoke memories of fairy tales from childhood. Overall a nice surprise. A generous 5 stars.

  Norway Spawns A Monster...

| | See all DVDisgo's reviews (38)

Scandinavia is becoming a hotbed of fantasy film making at the moment. Perhaps it's because Hollywood is running out of ideas and for most English speaking audiences the myths of other countries haven't been played out yet. With the Northern European countries producing their own skewed versions of the classic slasher movie, groundbreaking vampire movies and twisted Christmas tales, Troll Hunter is in great company.

If you like the found footage horror of Blair Witch or Cloverfield or you're seeking suspense and action without the cliches of a big studio picture or if you want a horror film that isn't built on well trodden plot ideas, the mixture of thrills, terror and whimsy in this Norwegian effort will delight you. The combination of documentary style hand held footage and CGI monsters fits hand in glove, with the shaky camerawork adding to the veracity of the computer generated creatures.

Troll Hunter offers a unique viewing experience, one where you can't predict the outcome based on previous viewing habits. Recommended!

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