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The Hunger Games (2 Discs) (With Exclusive Art Cards)

Featuring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Amazing film!

| | See all LisaB28's reviews (20)

I read this book in a day so obviously I couldnt wait for the film to come out in the cinema. The book is fantastic and I strongly suggest that everyone reads it.
I will give you my only negative point first. All thought the film was fabulous I did feel that some of the books vital information was left out. I do however think that this was down to the age limit of the film and possibly the budget. Maybe the age limit should have been increased slightly to allow for more detail???
Apart from that this film is brilliant and even though the concept is very dark the film makers handle this very well and ensure that the main emphasis is on the on-going action and not the death of the people in the film. The pace of the film is really well timed and doesnt leave you sitting there wishing it would hurry up and get to the point and the acting chemistry between the young actors was brilliant each one was exactly how you imagine them to be after reading the book.
I would highly recommend this film and cant wait for the next one to come out as the second book is just as good!

  Just for Play

| | See all marie0465's reviews (1)

Receiving this was very slow. The point in pre-ordering it is that it comes on time. However, it come in mint condition.

The cards are double sided so you only get four, which was another huge let down. I payed 10 pounds so I won't complain too much, but I wouldn't advice another buyer to buy this now expensive item for the cards.

The second disk didn't have many special features which for me being a huge film fanatic (studying the ins and outs) found to be a let down.

The film itself is a masterpiece though. I've been a fan before the film and I was surprised to see the amount of detail out of the book in the film. Fantastic.

Film: 5/5
Play: 2/5

  terrible and boring!

| | See all bellydancer's reviews (20)

first off, I've not read the books so my review is based on the movie only! This is an awful film with bad acting and a plot so full of holes you just want to laugh out loud! the first hour drags and drags I almost turned it off but stuck with it! the actual battle was pathetic, the action was predictable and average at best! the story was predictable ... I did not care one bit about the characters as the predictable end was finaly in sight.... in three words..... typical hollywood rubbish!


| | See all pspgamqn's reviews (37)

This was a very enjoyable film and i think children and young adults alike will love it. The world is very well created and i think the clothing and hairstyles of the people in the Capitol was very close to the description in the book. I only gave it a three because after reading the books i did not feel the film reached my expectations. It felt rushed at parts and i felt that we didn't really get to know the characters as well as we did in the book. Still though i did enjoy it and i think others will too.


| | See all GoNickie's reviews (1)

I went to see The Hunger Games as my sister was a fan of the books so I tagged along as she couldn't go by herself. After the movie I was like wow and as soon as I got home I downloaded the 3 Hunger Games books onto my Kindle. I read one book in one day so after 3 days I had finished the books just in time to see it again in the cinema with my sister. When I met up with my friends a week later in a group of 4 we went to see it. This is a must see movie. They have missed out some parts of the book such as; bread from District 11, Katniss confessing their love as fake, sawing the branch of in the anthem. The movie had a mistake which was when she was showing herself to the games makers there are 4 bows on a stand she picks one up shoots turns buck to pick up another one and there are 4 again instead of 3. She picks up another and shoots and on the stand there are 2. Look for this in the movie. But anyway, this movie is AMAZING and nothing can beat it. BUY NOW!


| | See all Panicmoon's reviews (4)

Fantastic film if you have read all three books and understand the concept. The camera angles simulate the first person present tense of the book perfectly and it has been cast wonderfully. Amazing film. I recommend you read the books first though.

  Terrible, whats all the fuss about ???

| | See all danreb's reviews (1)

Having not read the books I was eager to watch this film.Like all movies the trailer always gets you intrigued .However sadly it did not live up to the hipe ! I think the story essentially is good although the idea is generally RUNNING MAN but for kids.And that for me is where it falls flat .The "Hunger Games " world is sadistic and barbaric yet this is never portrayed in the movie.The build up is far too long and by the time you reach the conclusion and the actual Hunger Games you need care or can be bothered to watch it to the end .I did , but it's just so wishy washy and tame for such a violent world .In a word "boring" and just for kids. Get Running Man instead ,same idea and much more fun to watch.


| | See all Filmboy67's reviews (4)

Slowest film of 2012...Taking a decade to get going, but the second half is slightly better. Very dull predictable film, seen it all before. Liked the leads though.

  Not Such A Royal Battle!

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

Set in a Dystopian Future the Government installs fear into the people by hosting the Hunger Games! Exactly the same concept as Battle Royale only the Hunger Games is inappropriately aimed at teens!!

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  Almost faultless

| | See all miniwelsh's reviews (38)

I've not been so impressed by a film since the Dark Knight. As per a previous review I was concerned that it was too much the same kind of crowd as watching Twilight movies of which I am not a fan at all. No need to worry as this is completely different and in a league of it's own. Good story and decent acting where you actually care about the characters. Particularly like Woody Harrelson, he's been back on form last few films. Definitely the best film of the year so far!!!

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