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The Innkeepers

Featuring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy & Alison Bartlett

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Great Cure for Insomnia.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

I made the mistake of selecting this dvd to rent from the shelves of the local video store, based on its clever cover design and misleading critics' quotes. This belied what lay beneath the cover. The certificate rating on the rear even described "Strong horror". Well the real horror was how slow, badly written and stodgy the whole slumberfest was, with no real scares, shocks or horror to be found.
My brother fell asleep before even half way through...
Aren't horror films supposed to be a bit like taking a ride on a ghost train? You kind of know what's coming but it's still a thrill to be scared by the outcome. Sadly, this was one dark ride that stalled on its tracks before it even got going. If you want menacing interiors and real atmosphere you may be better off with movies like the original Amityville Horror, The Changeling, The Shining and The Woman In Black.


| | See all redwhiteblue5087's reviews (11)

Normally i'll give a badly reviewed film a chance, but this was a lot of boring chat leading up to almost nothing. It's 'plot' would barely sustain a half hour episode of a tv show, but stretched to feature length my mind kept wandering. Scenes just seemed to drag on, and you expected something major to happen and then...nothing.
By the end, you'll be asking, is that it?

  You may not stay for long.

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I did flirt with giving this three stars but once I thought about it a bit I decided that despite good intentions the final result here isn't quite good enough to recommend beyond genre fans.

As a small town Inn approaches it's final days of operation only a couple of staff and a few guests remain. But something else may be residing in the hotel and as the ghosts of the past begin to surface lots of ghostly things start to happen. Kind of. Because due to a very limited budget that doesn't allow the film to realise all it's ambitions most of the film's scares are based around long slow tracking shots of nothing to create menace (a bit like The Shining) and the odd jump scare. Though the finale does manage one or two effective moments it's not likely to be the approach that scares everybody all that much.

There are a few extras and while I admire the attempt to make an old fashioned haunted location horror The Innkeepers doesn't really have enough to be more than a one time watch.

  Don't believe everything you read on the cover

| | See all youngie33's reviews (41)

If we all believed what we read on the cover of a DVD or magazine review we'd be in for a treat. This is a case of not living up to my expectations. It is a painfully slow film, with a couple of main characters, that I didnt really care about. The FEW scares were very scarce and the ending was pants. Had high hopes for this especially reading a review about it in a monthly magazine. They gave it four stars, I think that maybe THEY were not watching the same film I was.

  best ghost story in years

| | See all kel2029's reviews (14)

i thalt i would leave a review as the average user review on this movie is bad. let me just say this is a really good ghost movie which builds up the suspence i think most people just like cheap shocks nowadays. i love this movie its far better than all the other ghost movies out nowadays, insidious good film stupid ending paranormal activity 2, 3 same old tricks as the first and there are plenty of others. if you like old fashioned ghost movies check this out.

  Oh Dear!

| | See all oggyfroggy's reviews (11)

Well, what a load of trash! if your a fan of ghost movies and things that go bump in the night, then look elsewhere, Save your money. Gave it 1 star cause the cover looks cool!

  Dont Waste Your Money

| | See all moore91's reviews (1)

This film i bought a week ago and i wish id never bothered, awful acting and awful storyline altogether. The funniest thing is that they said it was the scariest film of the year, what year the 1800's. A hour and a half of my life that il never get back..


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is a great film as people have said purely because of Sara Paxtons brilliant performance! I think the movie was very over hyped, it is a great story but has few simple scares that have been done better in other films, it takes allot of building up and there is not a big pay off as you might expect, The character building was better than the mild scares, still worth a watch, House of the devil is still Ti Wests best movie to date. Sara Paxton gets five stars the overall film gets three.

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| | See all FarringtonMedia's reviews (3)

Awful movie. Bad acting. 'Been there done that' scares. Boring. The best part of the movie was the credits, and only because that meant the film was over.

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  the innkeepers avoid

| | See all hardwicke2003's reviews (1)

i watched this film last night on sky store and i was so bored throughout the main people are so bland and annoying , you have to wait for at least an hour for anything to happen and when it does it is so very disappointing, the acting is so bad and the horror is not scary at all , don t waste your money watch women in black instead that is what a horror film should be

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