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Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End - Special Edition (2 Discs)

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (367 reviews)"

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  I have had enough of this madness!!!

| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

when I saw this at the picture's I was not sold fully although the large picture was fantastic I had missed something.Once I bought this on DVD I got the story much better I put it down to the sound in the picture house I had not heard every thing clearly.Now on DVD I have to say as good as the first although a lot going on a fantastic story & so well shot.It has now made me look foward to the fourth, but I do belive some of these great film's are so much better on your large screen at home loud & clear & no noise from others.But is'nt that the reson for DVD'S home alone, or with family just thebest.

  Very long and mediocre...

| | See all EvilRobot's reviews (15)

When I watched this back in 2007 it was entertaining but I remember constantly looking at my watch to see how long it had left, very long. I got it on DVD and watched it a couple times, very disappointing, too long, wait till you can find this much cheaper. The first Pirates is the best one. Hopefully the 4th one (Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides, released summer 2011) Will be better and shorter unless they can make it less draggy

  A real big decline from the first

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

The first one was a real great film. A hilarious Tongue in cheek ride of brilliance. However then we have this. The jokes and hilarity of the first are gone and a few boring and unfunny jokes. The bits with the different jack sparrows is not funny and never will be. This is not worthy of the series

  Must see

| | See all clarkey89's reviews (119)

This is a must see film whether you've seen Pirates of the Caribbean before or not. This action packed film has some amazing actors and the action/effects are so life like. This film will be over within a blink of an eye because you get so drawn into the story line.

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| | See all delboy75's reviews (37)

Sorry to say this doesn't live up to the last two installmenst of this series don't get me wrong good film worth while watch with great fighting scenes with good conclusion to the trilogy but no wow factor

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  A absolutly sublime film

| | See all brillbru's reviews (112)

In my eyes this is definatly the best of all the Pirates of the Carrabian Films. It is so amazingly put together to make sure that you get the optical enjoyment from it - its just utterly amazing. The acting standard during the film is immensly high. Every actor deserves oscars for there performance especially Jhonny Depp's portrayal of Captian Jack Sparrow which is brilliant and he was just the right actor for the role. The special and visual effects during the film are sublime. When I watch it I see the special effects and just think they are utterly pure genius. Another thing that makes this film special is its amazing plot - whoever came up with it is just pure genius. The story goes off in lods of side stories but everything links together in expected and unexpected ways which just makes this film a pleasure to watch. I also think the music produced for this film is off an extremly high standard and really brings something special to the film. This is an excellent film and everyone involved in macking it should be really proud - they have done a fantastic job.

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This for me is the best of all 3 movies and confirmed me as an addict of this fantastic franchise. The CGI and action is simply brilliant although the many Jack Sparrows wore down on my nerves. The plot wasnt its strongest point but then again it wasnt in the previous films. If you want all the componants of a great fun sea based fantasy action film then this is one to watch. Enjoy

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  Another great sequel to some awesome films

| | See all Violnio's reviews (64)

At Worlds End is another good film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. It basiclly continues from where the 2nd left off, the acting in this seems to be a little bit worse than the first 2 but it's something you can get over. If the 4th comes out I hope it starts off where this left off. This is just the second part to the Davy Jones story and ends the story, I for one think this is such a great series that is just good throughout all 3 films, I hope the 4th can continue it. This is also the funniest one of all 3. If your a fan of 1 or 2, or both you'll like this, or anyone who likes film, should like this series lol. Watch it.

  Great Film

| | See all BlueberryBadger's reviews (6)

This is a very good film indeed! One thing I will say however, is that I did have to watch this 2 times before totally grasping the whole plot. The directors have piled this movie with new things and sometimes was too much to take in at once! When you did get the grasp of everything, it's brilliant. Great action, great laughs, great movie - rather emotional too! Marvellous