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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2 Discs)

Featuring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (244 reviews)"

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  A disappointing adaption of this classic book series!

| | See all joydivision's reviews (5)

I adore the Harry Potter books, a must read companion on holiday, bedtime, or on a train. So can the films live up to the books, well yes & no, I can say that the adaptions of books 1, 2 & 3 were excellently done films, even No'4 was cool, but slighty disappointing due to the maze scenes being cut down completely towards the end of the movie.

However I was so annoyed & let down by the 5th movie, before I begin, let me say I know that all the book is way too much to be all included in this film, but why on earth did we wait so long and build up to the final climax battle scenes with the death eaters, to be given a mismatch of fight scenes with no flair or intensity of that in the book. The film was denied a major amount of air time & get a cut down version of the confrontation was at least a major disappointment, especially as the film took so long to get there. It amounted to nothing much more.

Other problems too with the adaption, why was Luna's importance never explained to us, she was just there and no reason to where's she's come from, there's also relationship with Kreacher (Sirius's house elf) whom hates Harry, but why isn't stated & Sirius not given enough time to feel the bond in his and Harry's relationship, especially to the importance of the film ending and the whole potter past cleared up in book number 7......& most importantly the characters death scene & Dumbledore's office scene with Harry in the aftermath of his death were so cut so short, it felt badly handled and even went back to the book to relive the hurt and grief felt by Harry.

Not much was adapted or explained in this adaption, the film is poorly handled in some ways and doesn't have the magical feel of the previous 4 films, there wasn't even an indepth look into Snape's hatred of the Potter's,which was cut way too short again, with just a quick glimpse.

What this film lack's is, it could've been improved upon if the film was given at least another 20/30 minutes added onto it, some things explained better & battles scenes given more climatic build up and the aftermath of the death of an important characters death.

My only praise for this movie is the regulars are getting better at playing their parts & the movie's 2 new character's Luna Lovegood & Professor Umbridge are protrayed brilliantly by the actors portraying them and are the only saving grace in this film.

In the meantime 3/5 for this, for my beloved Harry Potter is bad, but in the future I advise that they do not to cut too much out for the final 2 movies on character background, otherwise I'll be sticking to the books & leaving the films on the shelf!.

  Not my personal favourite HP film.

| | See all HarryPotterGuru's reviews (8)

As said in the title, it's not my favourite in the series but still didn't disappoint. This one didn't seem as 'magical' as the previous four and seemed a bit more dark, it lacked a lot of wizardry as seen previously. Also the acting went to downhill (especially from the main trio) but still wasn't awful... they just all seem a little out-of-character compared to usual and don't seem 'to have the spark'.

However, I think this is a crucial part of the whole story - plot wise. A lot happens in this one. It can be a bit boring if you watch it over and over, whereas I never get bored of any of the other films.

Also the bonus DVD has lost it's touch, I always looked forward to the interactive games you get on the bonus disc but this was a bit disappointing and definitely the worst so far. It doesn't have much on it. I remember the first and second films bonus discs had loads to do on them. So in you're into the bonus discs, this isn't up to the usual standard. Still not awful. HP still serves some of the better bonus discs in my opinion. Most other DVDs I have, havent got much more than deleted scenes and outtakes.

I'm sad to say that I've had to knock off a star overall for this Potter film. It's probably the only one so far that I've rated that misses out top marks.

STILL I will never say any HP film is a complete disaster, but loving the series as much as I do I have to say that this is my personal least favourite.

Not to say that I havent bought it on DVD because I have, and I still watch it a lot!! :)

  Kiddie film

| | See all Giggity12's reviews (33)

Not for the faint hearted, well, in terms of acting. The adult actors are fantastic, as are most of the special effects, however the main trio are as good as an elephant trying to fit into a car boot. Sirius Black and Lupin play good cameo roles, as do Snape and Lucius Malfoy, however the film fails to impress fans of the books and it seems to drag as well. Had the potential to be so much better...

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  Year 5

| | See all SciFiFantasy's reviews (141)

The fifth installment in this great series really starts to get the ball rolling with the underlying storyline of the whole series and shows all the main characters in a much more mature light.

Probably the best installment to date and much darker than it's predecessors. 9.5/10

  excellent TV

| | See all aceperson's reviews (14)

This is an excellent movie. The special effects are super and you would want to see this film lots of times. The extras are very good as they go into how the film was made, cast interviews etc. I would recommend you to buy this film and I am sure that you would enjoy the next film just as much.


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

This film is wicked if you like magic, mystery and of course if you are a Harry Potter fan. It's not that long even though it may look long. Great for the family.

  Still great!

| | See all slickloose's reviews (55)

This film is great but i feel it's not quite as good as the previous two flims but better than the first one and as good as the second! You cant go wrong really...everything is great.....just not as brilliant as the previous two.

  Good Film

| | See all DoctorWhooo's reviews (11)

Better than some of the previous series, the film sets a good tone for the later films that have yet to come. I found that some elements of the film were very unclear and some of the plotholes were only filled in after read the book.

The picture and sound quality are adverage of what to expect to see on a DVD and the use of 5.1 surround is only noticable in some of the more action packed scenes.

The extras were nothing special, but for younger viewers they would no doubt be very entertaining.

  They just keep getting better and better

| | See all Jaywass08's reviews (132)

Possibly the best HP film so far lots of action throughout and plenty of twists and turns throughout also bring on half blood prince!!

  over rated

| | See all Dlubbe's reviews (23)

The books are so much better. The films leave out so much and makes alot of unnessacary changes. I liked the first three films but the following two have been kinda disapointing.

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