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The Simpsons Movie

Featuring: Julie Kavner, Albert Brooks & Dan Castellaneta

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (460 reviews)"

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

It has to be said that although the quality of the television series has declined somewhat since series ten and what followed, this big screen adaption of the series is actually pretty decent given the output the series has been giving over the last few years. Centred around Homer (The strongest and funniest character on the show) the Simpsons are forced into hiding after Homer causes an environmental catastrophe in Springfield.

While not as laugh out loud funny as the original series (especially 4-10), the movie provides plenty of funny moments for all members of the family, as well as long term viewers of the show and newcomers. We also get some cracking animation which has rarely been matched on the TV screen and all the memorable Simpsons characters are present (with the odd exception) voiced by the terrific cast. The film however does have some downsides. Firstly I have to agree, it came ten or so years too late. Had it been released before then it probably would have had a better success as the series was still quite popular. In addition during the film we do have to put up with yet another story that leads to the possible end of Marge and Homers relationship and this has been done countless times before. As well as this theres the Spider-pig gag that everyone knows and goes on about. Yes this is funny the first time you see it, but when it comes to re-watches of the movie the gag wears a little thin, plus in my opinion there are funny moments.

Overall it is quite a surprising film, even if it does feel like an extended episode, we still get a decent storyline that is centred on the best character Homer, with other memorable characters also getting a look-in as well. We get some of the strongest humour the writing team have dished out in years, all the voice talent is on top form and the animation is just brilliant. Worth a look at, even for fans of the classic series!

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  Another hit for simpsons

| | See all brillbru's reviews (112)

This film was excellent. I love it so much that I have watched it over and over again. The film is hilarious the whole way through especially when Homer and Bart are playing dares! The whole plot of the film is brilliant and it has endless laughs the whole way through. Well done David Silverman for directing an amazing film - its so funny( especially the spiderpig bit!)

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| | See all Gamezrule's reviews (45)

This film is absolutely bonkers, but it is really funny. Definitely the funniest bit was when Bart skate-boarded to Krusty Burger & Back naked. The way the film was laid out was really clever & it all works well. The picture was amazing as well compared to what we are used to watching on Channel 4! I hope there would be another Simpson's movie coming out soon because it is great fun to watch.

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  The Simpsons movie .. you just gotta buy it.

| | See all andyblipt's reviews (3)

iv been watching the simpsons for 14 years im not the biggest fan but im a fan. the movie does drag on abit an you do expect a bit more from it but it never gets old its the simpsons movie ... you just gotta buy it ..

  The Simpsons Movie

| | See all Haris5's reviews (2)

I am not the biggest fan, but now I am after seing the Simpsons Movie. It is very awsome!!! 5 Stars!

  good, but came to late

| | See all sugarsteve's reviews (31)

this film is good, at times very funny, a good story line, and the focus is on homer, who we all know is the best charracter,

the problem is this film came about 10 to 15 years to late, i know it takes ages just to write a single episode, but simpson even though is still popular its not as huge as it was, with the likes of southpark and family guy giving it a run for its money

the film proberly still made money, but imange it if this film happened 10 15 years ago how big it would have been

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  Good storyline!

| | See all MJandNewMoonFan's reviews (17)

I liked this alot. I thought it had a great storyline and the main charater in the movie is Homer. I wouldn't say it was the best animated movie but I like it when animated TV programmes are turned into movies, you get a longer 'Episode' than just the 30 mins you usually get.

I love the Simpsons and there are so many great episodes including the special 'Horror' ones.

Great first Simpsons movie.

  Not up to scratch :S

| | See all Amjac17's reviews (55)

Funny at times but it wasn't laugh out loud comedy, the episodes of the Simpson's have just gone really lame since they started to make new ones a couple of year's ago. The biggest gag was the spider-pig moment which went too far on the outside world which eventually became it's downfall. We were all expecting a lot better after the success the Simpson's have had over the last 10-15 year's. For a fan it is worth watching but to buy the DVD of it you then it will be stuck in your collection of DVD's you don't watch much. Such a shame! :( 3/5

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  Good extended episode

| | See all xSycox's reviews (4)

A good, funny film for all (well... most) of the family. True sometimes-gritty humor of the tv shows... and some brief full-frontal nudity for the first time! Personally I think this film is more of an extended episode of the normal show rather than a movie as such. So overall, I'd say a very good extended episode! Sequal?!

  Could have been better

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

I want to start by saying that I love the simpsons and my review will only reflect this film. I was looking forward to it for ages but when I came to watch it I was very disappointed. It was not all bad but it did not meet the class of some of the twenty minutes episodes we all love. I felt the story was all over the place and lost interest very quickly. For the price it is worth a buy to add to your simpsons collection but don't expect much.

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