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Eragon (1 Disc)

Featuring: Edward Speleers, Sienna Guillory & Garrett Hedlund

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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| | See all LeMans07's reviews (1)

If you read books, don't EVER watch a film based on them. You will be disappointed. I haven't read the books so I enjoyed the film as it was meant to be, a throwaway pice of entertainment. The reviewers here seem to be desperately offended that the film didn't match the book. Here's a hint..... books are not the same medium as film and are designed to attract a different audience!

  I really don't have a clue even to this day

| | See all Amjac17's reviews (55)

I was young and into all this sort of adventure films at the time and this was dubbed to be a good film.... So i watched it and wow.... I really didn't have a clue what i was watching, the storyline was truly cliche and bizzare.

To sum things up quickly i will just say it wasn't good at all, that is as accurate as i can be with my judgement really.

  Boring and annoying!

| | See all Gamesndstuff02's reviews (13)

After I herd that the books were good I decided to go and see the film. Waist of time, the film itself is only around 90 minutes long which is not a good time to tell what is supposed to be a long story.

After I saw it I read the book and saw how completely different the two stories are. In fact the only thing that links the two is the title and the names of the characters!!!

The lead role was given to someone who didn't care for the story, in fact he is a model and has no acting experience at all. His portrayal of Eragon was rubbish and boring.

The other actors however seemed to be better. Sienna Guillory was brilliant as Arya but the character wasn't in the film for long. Jeremy Irons was good as Brom but again his character was stripped down and barley featured in the film.

In total a boring film that makes you turn off as soon as the story begins. Its a shame because this film had so much potential but the film makers didnt care about the story and decided to do their own thing with it.


| | See all JustMuur's reviews (1)

I was a little bit sceptical when I read all the reviews here. It couldn't be THAT bad could it?! Well it was. I agree it's an ok watch if you have not read the book and can buy the dvd cheap. But having read the book I was already annoyed after 3 minutes! So yes it IS that bad.

  Enjoyable, but read the book afterwards, not before!

| | See all BlueGlassBottle26's reviews (26)

I saw this on the spur of the moment & i quite enjoyed it. The next day i bought the books. I'm glad i saw the film first, as i think i'd otherwise have shared the frustrations of many reviewers. As it is, i enjoyed the book as it fills in a huge amount of detail which the film slides over (or misses out altogether). The ending of the film is nothing like the book, & i did wonder how they'd deal with this in making a sequel, but it seems this is now not happening anyway.

The film does feel rather rushed at times, but i do like the saphira of the film, & this is a film i would watch again, even if i'd then go back to the book!

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  Truly terrible

| | See all Jacimo's reviews (9)

If You loved the book ... pleeeeeeeease dont watch this film! it had the potential to be brilliant instead its totaly pathetic. im actualy anoyed becasue the books are so fantastic and i feel this film is an insult to them.

  What a Shame...

| | See all Rosemaryje's reviews (5)

This film COULD have been brilliant.
If only they had just spent more money on it and got better actors.

After reading the book, I was interested to see the film, the book is fantastic, but this film, well... I was very dissapointed.
If they had followed the book more it would have been much better, I got the impresion that they missed out the good bits because they couldn't be bothered to add them in. You don't feel atached to the characters as you do in the book and by the end of the film you don't really care what happens to them. The bit that really annoys me is when Saphira flys off, then comes back all grown up and just tells Eragon her name... WHAT?
This film does have some nice bits in it, and a few well done special effects.
Buy this if it's cheap, and if you haven't read the book.

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  A fantastic movie

| | See all Elfprincess's reviews (1)

This movie is brilliant and worth watching. The story is exciting and gripping and almost as good as the lord Of The Ring's trilogy


| | See all EddieJuly's reviews (2)

I love the books and i was really excited to see that a film had made for Eragon.......what an anti climax!! Sorry I can't write anymore because it's making me ANGRY!!


| | See all FTWFTW's reviews (8)

I first read the book Eragon and thought Christopher Paolini wrote it brilliantly. Then, after reading the book I decided to see the movie... and it was a huge let down. I often found myself about to get up and throw the dvd out the window. This movie was so bad I questioned did the director actually read the book? Or did they just read the backflap? If you havent read the books this movie might work.. otherwise save your money and go buy something else..