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I Am Legend: Special Edition (2 Discs) (3D Lenticular Packaging)

Featuring: Will Smith, Alice Braga & Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (120 reviews)"

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  Legend on DVD!!

| | See all MANIB81's reviews (147)

I heard mixed reviews of this movie but I put all of the comment to one side and I thought I'd judge it myself.
I thought that this movie is brilliant and a incredible performance from Will Smith. It's not easy to act on your own and I have to say that Smith pulled it off.

I didn't buy this edition but I did buy the Limited Edition from America which cost me 70.00GBP. It's a great Collector's piece and is beautifully put together and I have to say that it's worth the money. If it's still available then get that, if not then get this edition as it's just fantastic. The DVD Edition is not bad along with the sound.
The extras are really good too and are worth a watch along with the alternative ending.

  Should not be classed as a representation of the book

| | See all SarahDearsley's reviews (3)

To name this film directly from the book is negligible. The film was nothing like the book, I could not even say it was loosely based on the book. The end of the book was completely altered to suit hollywood. The whole idea of the book was that he became a legend among the infected as the man who was a danger to them (who they then executed). The fact they introduced the dog at the beginning of the book also destroyed any sense of loneliness and despair that he felt from having no company. I could list everything that was completely different but it would take all day. The only consistency was that he stayed in a house and called himself by the same name. I suggest to anyone, do not read the book before watching the movie. Take it as a movie on its own. By no means do you expect the film to be identical to the book, but at least keep the underlying theme, but unfortunately being hollywood, they decided to change all the best bits to make it not so effective!

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  I Am Legend.

| | See all MikeyHenshall's reviews (33)

What would you do if you were the last human on Earth? If you're lonely military scientist Robert Neville, you spend your days hunting deer with your canine companion and prepping experiments for a cure to the virus that has turned the rest of the world into vampiric zombies.
Against an empty, vine-entwined New York backdrop, Will Smith gives one of his best performances as the frayed Neville in director Francis Lawrence's cutting-edge adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel. Filmed twice before - most recently with Charlton Heston in 1971's The Omega Man - Smith and Lawrence have come closest to the book's human horror by relocating from Los Angeles to New York, eerily stripping one of the planet's most populous cities of it's famed teeming masses. Lawrence's use of beautiful, CGI-enhanced shots of the Big Apple ground the action, which is especially important when we meet the marauding undead hordes.
Rendered entirely by computer, the infected never menace, feeling as unreal as the CGI deer that gambol through cornfields in Times Square. But Neville's real enemies are solitude and the virus itself.
The ending may trade gripping suspense for schmatlz and clumsy religious symbolism, but that doesn't diminish the moody first half, which remains one of the best slices of bleak-but-gripping sci-fi of the last few years.

What this if - Dark, chilling science fiction with a dash of Fresh Prince gets you jiggy.

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  Surprisingly Entertaining

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Didn't want to watch this, just seemed like another will smith sci-fi movie (which it is?) so anyway ended up getting for my mrs and watched it and was really surprised by how much i enjoyed it, maybe cause i wasn't expecting much.
The spectacle of an isolated new york was fascinating, and then following smith around on his daily travels, trying to survive and find human contact.
The zombie element was ok, not a fan of that sort of stuff, wll smith was fantastic, and his dog sam was very good aswell.
Ending was a bit quick, overall a good will smith sci-fi movie.

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  Smith is legend

| | See all Kurve7's reviews (1)

This film is without doubt totally held together by Will Smiths performance. You can tell from very early on that Dr Robert Neville is only just holding on to his sanity and Smith does this so well. His talent is becoming clearer with every film he makes and for someone who was never very sure about him, I take it all back.

The film itself is exactly what i expected from a hollywood blockbuster and I would like to be able to match it up against the Richard Matheson Novel, but i'm ashamed to say I still haven't read it. It will however be the next book I pick up.

My only real problem with the film was the use of CG for the creatures instead of real actors, but thats the age we live in I suppose. This is definitely a film worth having in any collection especially the 2 disc special edition.

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  Will Smith and the dog carry this very well

| | See all 3911258's reviews (43)

Looking through this I wanted to see this simply for another apocolyptic Will Smith movie and it does exactly what it says on the tin. In itself it isn't exactly original in it's storyline and feels somewhat of an American take on 28 Days Later (and of the two I prefer 28 Days Later).

On its own though the film is enjoyable, primarily the interaction between one man and his dog! It creates the depth you wouldn't expect from this sort of character ineraction. The main let down is the CGI used for the creatures which seem a let down for the grand scale of the film. You can't beat an actor and make-up for authenticity but they chose the CGI route which is the main let-down.

As far as the story goes it holds the audience and isn't filled with dialogue, it relies primarily on the acting and emotional depth of the character that Will Smith conveys onto screen. This would have to be one of his better "blockbuster" "action" film performances.

Certainly one for the collection but ensure you get the 2 disc version as the ending of the theatrical version doesn't stand up to the film and the second version....well I'd advise having the freedom to choose from the 2 disc version.

Sit back and enjoy.

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  will smith does it again

| | See all RaikkonenFan's reviews (14)

the best actor to fill this role is will smith and he changes what could be an ordinary film into something brilliant. the film gives out a sense of lonliness and fear. its different and i like that as it isn't a love story or a war fim, it isn't a sport comedy or gory horror. but the thing i like about it the mst is that it sends out a clear message, it is that don't mess with nature and its process as the consequences can be terminal and devastating. the story is about some scientists alter a measels virus to creats a cure for cancer, this in turn creats a virus called a KV virus that causes a pandemic that turns humans and animals into killing creatures that are very powerful and unstoppable called 'darkseekers'. but only 1% of humans are immune meaning 1% of the human race is unaffected but can still be killed by the creatuers. i wont reveal the ending but what i will say is that there is a scene where his dog called Sam gets attacked by infected dogs while she is saving robert (smith). shes gets infected and robert has no choice but to kill her. if you are an animal lover like i am then skip the scene but apart from that it is the joint best film to come out so far this year (joint with cloverfield) the added extras with this dvd is incredibly good with a boring bit about viruses but tells you the threat they carry that is waiting to be triggered. it also has an alternate ending which is just as good as the actual chosen ending. so i would definately recommend buying the 2 disc set before they are stopped being made and sold. well worth the money

  This is a great Movie, but the DVD extra's are not Legendary

| | See all DaBaxter's reviews (7)

This movie has seemed to split movie goers like Marmite.
They either love it or hate it. I love it. I think it's well made, and Will Smith plays the character so strongly! 5***** for the movie.

The limited edition DVD cover definitely strengthens a DVD collection, but as many reviewers have already pointed out, the need to use a PC to access the Disc 2 extra's really lets it down, so much to the point that I give the DVD release a 3*** despite being a great movie and a fantastic cover.

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  Will Smith makes it work!

| | See all screenone's reviews (6)

When reading the original reviews in the film magazines I was given the impression that this was not a great movie on which to put my money on as the CGI was dissapointing.
So much so that this rendered the film "NOT VERY GOOD!".

Thankfully they were wrong and what you have here is a very moving film in parts played with full gusto by a very impressive Will Smith.

The way that he shows us through the camera how 3 years of isolation, 3 years of hiding and hunting and 3 years of trying to find the ever illusive cure for mankind's desease ... is as realistic as you could expect it to be if you were ever thrown into the same circumstances.

The crushing isolation is all the more apparant when you realise that it was he that set up the mannaquins in the shops to make it feel that there was still some remenance of life.

The CGI of the vampirish city folk is not the best but is far FAR from being the worst either. You soon forget about the short comings and really get into the characters (or should that be character & dog?) .

Impressive, is the New York landscape.
Grass growing up through the roads, cars rusted where they stopped.
Shops stacked with never again to move items and four legged CGI wildlife roaming where once people trod.

The city scenes are breathtaking so much so that you can sense the isolaton.

Well worth the price and definately worth watching twice .. just incase you were wrong the first time!.