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The Bourne Ultimatum

Featuring: Matt Damon, Paddy Considine & Edgar Ramirez

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (214 reviews)"

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  Who is Bourne ?

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

Man i love this Bourne trilogy,great fight sequences,espionage,these films rocketed M Damon to superstardom and so they should,they are superbly made and keep you watching all the way through,they never let up,you find yourself trying to catch your breath sometimes,top notch and excellent quality,well worth the money.....Having said that,i think this is the weakest of the three,its too similar in ways to Bourne Supremacy but it was a good way to end it the way they did in this one,buy all 3 and watch one after the other,its what i do every year,awesome stuff !!!!


| | See all snncob1's reviews (20)

This is up there with the best of bond films. With one or two exceptions, parts 2 & 3 in any film series are not as good as part 1, but I think this was the best in the trilogy (awaiting part 4 in 2012 ) non stop action from the word go, Great direction by Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon is superb, If by any chance you have been on the moon and did not see any of the trilogy....dont wait, just buy all three films, give your brain a holiday and enjoy some of the best acted action films in years.


| | See all EvilRobot's reviews (15)

I love this series, I'm not sure if this is my favroute out of the three but definitely not the worst, I think I prefer this to the bond series, this film is explosive, racy, action packed and still manages to deliver a great storyline! Never dragging and great acting, and at 2.99 where can you go wrong?

  they saved the best for last

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

the bourne ultimatum is the best out of the 3.what so good about this one is that you get all 3 films in to one.and what i mean about that is it shows you how he became a agent and what he went through and what happened to him with the constant flashbacks.again there are some well choreograhed fight scenes and a fantastic car chase and stunt and all the credit must go to damon and paul greengrass direction.the hand camera technique pays off again and makes the film more realistic in my view.overall they saved the best to last.

  Bourne Again

| | See all delboy75's reviews (37)

A great conclusion to the trilogy, amazing action, great acting with good support acting, with a concluding story BUT you must watch the frist two films to make sense of this one thankfully all the films within this trilogy are just as good.

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  Must see

| | See all clarkey89's reviews (119)

This is a must see film whether you've seen the others before or not. This action packed film has some amazing actors and the action/effects are so life like. This film will be over within a blink of an eye because you get so drawn into the story line.

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  best of the trilogy

| | See all rejitheveji's reviews (15)

i love the bourne trilogy and this winds it up nicely,the action flows really well and keeps you interested.The events in my opinion are believable and in keeping with the film and it has that element of caring for the outcome of matt damon's character in the film

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  Third Time

| | See all shadowplayer's reviews (5)

Just as you thought the Bourne series couldnt get any better, Ultimatum comes along with it's spectacular action scenes and breathtaking car chases. Jason Bourne is probably the hardest man to kill in film history and you dont actually find yourself sitting there shouting 'one of those bullets have got to hit him', Jason Bourne is just too hardcore to die. This film is incredible, even my sister who hates any sort of action film loves it.

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I am an avid fan of the first two films and this one in my opinion eclipses them both. No the plot isnt as strong as the previous ones but as a pure action movie alone its top notch. Jason Bourne finds out how he became who he is and the fights and chases he goes through to find it out are some of the best i have seen. If you liked the first two then this will be a treat. Enjoy

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  an open ending of the trilogy

| | See all albertIIjr's reviews (460)

the big question is: will there be a part four, just as with the books? the open end of this third movie is simply a cliffhanger.... so let's hope.
maybe the story is not as good and original as in the former two movies, but the action IS: the rollercoaster is in place and ready to be 'launched'.
and to be honest: if you liked part one and two, you will also like this part. great entertainment.
a fact is a fact is a fact.

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