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The Pursuit Of Happyness (Happiness)

Featuring: Will Smith, Thandie Newton & Dan Castellaneta

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (136 reviews)"

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  One of the most heart felt stories.

| | See all GeordieBeth's reviews (4)

I found this film to be excellent, no hollywood glitz and glam, just a true story. i think what makes this film so special is the relationship between will smith and his son - it makes the story totally believable. there are times where you will laugh and cry within this movie and i think it has something for everyone- unless you are wanting an action packed typical hollywood blockbuster- this is a true story and the film has remained true to this.


| | See all sparky24mark's reviews (24)

Amazing film love it one of my fav films ever probely will smith best great story times init when you feel like crying i dont understand anyone who dont like this film.


| | See all pbk2008's reviews (1)

A fantastic feel good film, i have watched it many times and just can't get over the story of such a remarkable man that against all odds came out smelling of roses, Chris Gardner is an inspiration to everyman alive......a must see.


| | See all CaelinR's reviews (7)

I cannot understand how anyone can rate this movie low. Will Smith played a superb role and, in my opinion, this is his best film to date. Even my mom, who happens to dislike Will Smith as an actor, enjoyed this film. It is a truly inspirational story that will make you cry, laugh and actually feel for the character. Could not recommend this movie enough, it is a must-see!


| | See all sithlord2202's reviews (21)

I consider myself to be quite a solid guy but this film brought tears streaming down my cheeks, i had never heard of chris gardner or his book which the film is titled, the book is inspired by his story of dreaming the dream then living the dream, sticking together through thick and thin no matter how hard things were getting but still focusing on that chance of a better life, i first watched this film when it was on at the cinema and i thought it was an inspiring motion picture and one of the greatest i have ever watched...

The story is set in 1970's San Francisco in the middle of the recession, Chris Gardner (Smith) is a salesman who is trying to make his living selling bone scanners but is down on his luck as to not selling any for a long time much to the frustration of his wife who in the movie is working double shifts to make the rent and keep the family home. After a chance meeting in the street Chris applies for an internship at a stock broker with no salary or guarantee of a job at the end but see's this as a chance for a better life for him and his son (played by will smith's son) after his wife left him. Seeing his luck go from bad to worse he seeks refuge with his son in homeless shelters and subway toilets whilst on the 6 month internship....

Overall absolutely fantastic and the film is an inspiration that when you really put your mind to something you can go all the way and a lot LOT further than you ever imagine, a rollercoaster ride right from the off and with a great soundtrack to accompany the movie...

  It will leave you in awe...

| | See all JaneDoe808's reviews (19)

This film is amazing and a truly inspirational story to anybody going through rough times ,also great performances by Will Smith and his son Jayden. This movie is definatley a must see!!!

  An inspiring film

| | See all Zomgles's reviews (10)

The fact this film is based on a true story makes it all the more watchable. Will and Thandie are great in this film. Protrays real hardship and sacrifice that are faced. Its sad, funny and inspiring. I reccomend this to anyone to watch

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  Great all rounder

| | See all JackArmitage's reviews (13)

This movie is just fantastic :D It really makes you think that if you put your mind to it you can do anything! Great acting as well!

  It brought me Happyness

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Will Smith is at his best in this movie putting on an Oscar worthy performance.
Based on a true story this movie is an inspiration for all. From rags to richest and all because he gave everything he had and never gave up, not even for one second.
It's a movie which'll have you crying, laughing and feeling extremely happy by the time the end credits start rolling.
A wonderfully entertaining movie, with a very touching and inspirational story.
A future class. I recommend everyone to see this movie!


| | See all YeshBob's reviews (2)

It was such a great movie. When you put yourself in his position you really feel what he feels. His determination really inspires you. If your thinking to get it and havn't yet seen it, your really missing a great movie! It also arrives in 3 days!