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Jekyll: Series 1

Featuring: James Nesbitt, Michelle Ryan & Gina Bellman

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (55 reviews)"

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  Im speachless

| | See all Cryrain's reviews (14)

Orcered it, watched it, loved it. Only thing to say is ABSOLOUTLY FANTASTIC. James Nesbitt was born to play this part.

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  Its bril..but..

| | See all adamknox's reviews (25)

ITS TOO ENGLISH!!! The show it self is like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story.. Half of it is really good..half of it is REALLY bad.

Dr Jekyll:
The story is good, James Nesbitt does a great job of playing both sides of the character... the best he can with the terrible lines he's been given.
Some plot twists and turns are excellent which keeps you on your seat and screaming at the TV "KILL EM HYDE!".. ok just me there..

The writing is TERRIBLE! there's way to many cringey lines. one of them goes like "Well honey... *flicks hair* wait till my husband gets here".. its cringey to watch

English doing American:
There are two main American chars in this..both are doing pretty pore jobs doing accents. The male American (bad with names sorry) changes from new York to Texan, to Chicago etc through the 6 episodes. The females accent is SO bad you'll be screaming for her to get off the screen! she really ruins it.

Some plot twists are so predictable and unsuprising. Also the episodes would be better in this order 4,1,2,3,5,6 As the first 3 episodes leave you a bit..empty... you dont really care that much about the characters/what happens to them.
Also while were talking about writing the very very VERY last scene is either porly directed or poorly written its more like a scene from "Goose Bumps" an old childrens show.

Over all its a GOOD show but big chucks of it are VERY bad and may put people off who are fans of American shows like LOST, Buffy,Smallville etc.. as these shows are put together professionally with good scores,writing,directing and acting. I feel the makers were trying for an American feel but with an English personality which DOESNT work...ever! anyway a 3 Star! But lets hope series 2 is written by some one who can write a script with out so many cringey lines!
P.s sorry for my grammer and spelling :( x

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  brill :)

| | See all marley01's reviews (4)

i loved this series, i hope there will be a next series. the story line was gripping. james nesbit was born to play jekyll and hyde. brilliant. watched the hole dvd in one day. loved it.

  A very pleasant surprise

| | See all Thuddd's reviews (1)

My expectations were not high when I started watching; just another TV drama, but in no time at all I was gripped by the excellent performances, the sharp script and the clever use of separate time frames which can often grate in a movie but was done here only to further the plot and fill in details and was always relevant.
Even the really dire ending (which cost it a star) couldn't ruin this intelligently made action/thriller/drama.


| | See all moliii's reviews (5)

I just finished watching it on TV (in Italy) and I found it amazing! James Nesbitt really can play the role of troubled Dr. Jackman and crazy Mr. Hyde as he is two different people sharing the same body! And the grin he puts on when he is Hyde is wonderful!
Back to the story, the plot is great and with interesting twists and turns. I am really waiting for a season 2 hoping they can keep up the same great job they did with this one!
If you are looking for a different and fascinating series, buy this one without thinking twice!

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  Jekyll ... AMAZING!

| | See all sebbo95's reviews (2)

this programme is excellent. james nesbit plays the two personalities - dr jackman and mr hyde - so brilliantly. he makes mr hyde so funny! its awesome!

  absolutely brilliant

| | See all cherryinkbomb's reviews (6)

What more can I say but absolutely brilliant. Nesbit is absolutely awesome and plays the part soooo well. His wife is maybe a bit whiney but overall absolutely brilliant thoroughly enjoyed it. As did everyone else that caught bits of it during my jekyll session!!


| | See all jokthecroc360's reviews (4)

Yippee!! finally a decent series to watch,for those people who likes episode after episode that keeps you glued to the telly then this is for you.brilliant acting by mr. nesbitt who shows he can play a serious role as well,he has come a long way since cold feet.a must have and cant wait to series 2.

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| | See all terry1981's reviews (1)

What a series about time we had a decent series on a saturday night. What a superb twist at the end neither me or my partner expected that...well done to the directors for a real piece of genius and as for james nesbitt...one word and that is LEGEND.roll on series 2

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  Fantastic TV!

| | See all Geema89's reviews (12)

This show had me hooked from the very beginning, I hated having to wait 7 days for the next one! James Nesbitt played his part extremely well and the storyline was one of the best ever written! The twist at the end was amazing and I loved it! Bring on another series!

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