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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 1 (Slimline Packaging) (6 Discs)

Featuring: Colm Meaney, Cirroc Lofton & Nana Visitor

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Deep Space Nine: The Beginning

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If you have been used to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation or even the Original Series or Voyager then Deep Space Nine will at first seem quite different. Like other first seasons of shows it starts off trying to find its feet and where as TNG had to contend with being in the shadow of the Original Series so Deep Space Nine has to contend with its illustrious forbear TNG.

As Deep Space Nine is set on a space station stories and events have to originate there or come to the station unlike the Enterprise which explores space. Although this may seem a boring premise and some of the episodes seem uninteresting or ridiculous stick with it because it certainly gets better. Season 1 sets up Benjamin Sisko as the Commander of the station with the torch being passed onto him by Captain Picard himself. Some of the early episodes have characters from TNG such as the Duras sisters or Lwaxana Troi etc while a main character on Deep Space Nine is Miles O Brien. The Deep Space Nine crew at first seem odd and unlikeable particularly Odo and Bashier while Avery Brooks (Sisko) acting is at times tedious.

However things do rapidly improve and season one lays the foundations for some wonderful character development and story arcs over the whole seven seasons and they eventually get a ship too! Deep Space Nine isnt afraid to explore issues that other Star Trek series may have shied away from and as a whole I would go so far as to say its probably the best Star Trek series or its my favourite at least.

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Star Trek's first attempt at a show where the main location is stationary. With the use of Runabouts (and eventually the U.S.S. Defiant) we get so see even more of the Alpha Quadrant, are introduced to familiar species and brand new ones from the Gamma Quadrant. When I first saw the pilot episode back in 1993, I wasn't impressed. The first season didn't seem to go anywhere, apart from the relationship between the Cardassians and the Bajorans and the Bajorans and the Federation. However, the series definitely picked up and it changed my outlook on the first season (including the pilot). Overall, definitely worth buying if you like the show.

  Different Mood

| | See all beethere's reviews (11)

First of all, the copy I received has the following languages available: English (5.1), German (5.1), French (Sorround), Italian (Sorround), Spanish (Sorround). And subtitles: English, English (F.H.I.), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish. I think they all come like this, but please don't count on it. About the series, it's actually not bad and a little bit different from others series since it's set on a station. This gives another point of view on the Star Trek universe, focusing not only on federation, but also on other cultures and races. As a matter of fact, the crew is composed of federation and non-federation officers whom are starting, in this season, to know each other. This situation offers the opportunity of creating new realities within the life in space that we are used to from other series. Actors are good enough, except for commander Sisko who is sometimes really awful.

  A Slightly Shaky Start To A Spectacular Series

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 1 (1993) - ***
Like all first seasons of the Star Trek franchise, the beginning is always hit and miss, and this is no exception. There are some classics here, but also some awful dud episodes, too.
Emissary (Part 1) - ****
Nice introduction of characters, but the Prophets inclusion seems mismanaged. A very ambiguous and uncertain start to the season. However, gains a star for including a different POV to the Borg attack at Wolf 359.
Emissary (Part 2) - ***
Similar uncertainty continues.
Past Prologue - ***
Sets up the 'Kira's many different loyalties' episodes.
A Man Alone - ****
Great sci-fi concept, Odo comes into his own.
Babel - ****
One of the funniest episodes. Everyone starts talking garbage.
Captive Pursuit - *****
One of the best of the season, a being named Tosk is pursued onto the station.
Q-Less - *
Why does Vash exist? The mystery continues. Q makes his only appearance on DS9, the political nature of the show did not suit his trouble making tendencies.
Dax - ****
Nicely introduces Dax the Trill (always my least favourite of the DS9 crew) without making a boring episode. Trial episodes are always fun.
The Passenger - **
Very odd episode, where someone puts himself in Bashir. Yeah, odd.
Move Along Home - **
Another truly bizarre episode in which some of the crew become embroiled in a game that Quark and some of those aliens that just look like humans with facial tattoos.
The Nagus - ****
Great episode, Wallace Shawn is brilliant as the Ferengi Nagus.
Vortex - ***
Good episode, but the ending is so crushingly disappointing that it'll seem like a waste of time. Improves with repeated viewing.
Battle Lines - ***
Cool concept of immortals forced to fight (yes, I am a Highlander fan) and interesting developments in the Bajoran department.
The Storyteller - **
Not a good episode. Poor old O'Brien is made to conjure away an evil spirit which resembles the Rhino from James and the Giant Peach. ("I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOUUUU!")
Progress - ***
A pretty slow episode but very good acting from Brian Keith.
If Wishes Were Horses - *
Truly terrible episode where a storm causes everyone's thoughts to become a reality. A bad excuse for a poor concept.
The Forsaken - **
Lwaxana Troi at her most annoying. Again. And blonde.
Dramatis Personae - ****
Great idea- the crew are turned against each other in this 'Lord of the Flies' like episode.
Duet - *****
Great television and one of the best episodes from not only this season, but the entire series. Kira is never better, and Harris Yulin shines as potentially dangerous Cardassian. A sign of things to come.
In The Hands Of The Prophets - ****
So, back to the Prophets. This time the story is much better and the political edge adds a fairly prophetic touch of its own. Deep Space Nine takes shape.

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Avery Brooks, who plays Sisko, really must be one of the worst actors I've ever seen. Granted I haven't watched the entire seven seasons but this is nowhere near the standard of TNG or Voyager, if you haven't already got them I'd advise you buy them instead

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  StarTrek:Deep space nine

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For all you trekkie's and non trekkies buy this series! you won't regret it the stories are fantastic, characterization brilliant, and the whole story arc is wonderfull! buy it.

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