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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 2 (Slimline Packaging) (7 Discs)

Featuring: Colm Meaney, Cirroc Lofton & Nana Visitor

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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  An interesting introduction

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The focus on the Bajoran/Cardassian conflict in this season advances beyond that in the first season and starts to draw parallels with real-world situations. Key conflicts in our own history are touched upon including the oppression of the Jewish by Nazi Germany (although never actually expressed).
3-episode story arc Homecoming/Circle/Seige at the start of the season kept me gripped and were a great narrative device. Advancements on formerly background characters such as Garak punctuate the starfleet-driven episodes and really give a feeling that this show is about many different people and not just the starfleet crew.
This season is (in my opinion) the start of a continual uphill run for the DS9 and proved that maybe some things do get better with age.

  Deep Space Sublime

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Deep Space Nine Season 2 (1993-1994) - ****
Straight away, things have picked up in this series. We get more political unrest from the Bajorans early on, and the first inklings of conflict with the Gamma Quadrant. The main cast all seem more comfortable and have adjusted smoothly into their roles.
The Homecoming - *****
Featuring Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) and the return of Louise Fletcher as Kai Winn, The Homecoming is first in a three-parter dealing with Bajorans. And there's a great prison rescue. Cracking opener.
The Circle - *****
A cliff-hanger with odd dreams and dastardly Cardassians.
The Siege - *****
A great ending to the three-parter; assassination attempts are never dull.
Invasive Procedures - ****
A nice, easy going episode where Dax nearly dies (never a moment of concern personally) and Tuvok appears as a Klingon!
Cardassians - ****
Garak-aplenty and Gul Dukat, too (both are played to perfection).
Melora - ***
Slushy, but redeeming features include turning down gravity settings and good old Bashir on the pull.
Rules Of Acquisition - ***
Wallace Shawn is back! Oh and more romance - for once not mismanaged and slushy. But the fact that it's a Ferengi romance makes it hard to appreciate.
Necessary Evil - *****
A classic episode. All that needs to be said is that we see Deep Space Nine when it was under the control of the Cardassians. Cue mood lighting.
Second Sight - ****
Very strange, and we're straight back to slush (Star Trek writers, it would appear do not make the best romantic writers) but the story is pretty compelling.
Sanctuary - ***
One of those interesting-ideas-but-not-overly-entertaining episodes. Like the first film.
Rivals - ****
Great Quark-y fun.
The Alternate - ***
Starts well, but botched ending.
Armageddon Game - *****
Brilliant episode; one of the first Bashir's enthusiasm/O'Brien's Irish seriousness = comedy gold encounters. Also a cracking story.
Whispers - *****
Brilliant story, brilliant twist, I love O'Brien and so do you.
Paradise - ***
Or "Deep Space Nine has a crack at symbolising slavery". A trifle dull.
Shadowplay - ****
A good ol' mystery with Odo and Dax.
Playing God - **
My least favourite of the season; Trills and Dax a plenty. Highlights include Cardassian rats who look like they've escaped from a John Carpenter film.
Profit and Loss - ****
How on earth is the most meaningful romance in this season between Quark and a Cardassian? Garak is in it, too. Yay.
Blood Oath - *****
Klingons! From The Original Series! Lots of fighting!
The Maquis (Part 1) - ****
Good story and great acting from Bernie Casey, but a very predictable twist.
The Maquis (Part 2) - *****
Conclusion of this double is well paced and features plenty of Gul Dukat. And space battles!
The Wire - *****
Andrew Robinson proves Star Trek actors DO have class.
Crossover - *****
Fantastic. Allows the writers to kill off main characters (one of them explodes) without actually killing them.
The Collaborator - ****
More Bajoran politics. And a bit of sex, as well. But mainly politics.
Tribunal - *****
O'Brien is captured by the Cardassians. And they're not hiring engineers. Brilliant tense political drama with just a dash of alien racism.
The Jem'Hadar - ****
Brilliant finale, but takes a little while to get going. Sets up everything wonderfully.

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This is a great deal, for 16.99 euro it's actually a steal!!

To give you some more information according to this boxset, here are the specs;

Spoken Languages:
English, German - 5.1
French, Italian, Spanish - Surround

English, English for the hearing impaired, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish

Aspect Ratio:
Full Frame

Running Time:
Approx. 1144 mins

A must for foreigners who don't understand English, lol.

Greetings from the sunny south of the Netherlands,

  awsome buy!!!!

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Good at 17.99 but even better a 14.99 any new age trek fan (not the cerk years ) will love to own this awsome deal