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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society OVA (2 Discs)

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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| | See all AlanTH's reviews (63)

Some of the finest GITS action I have seen, great story and stunning soundtrack, two disk edition £3.99 stunning value. A must for any Anime, Gits fan.

  .... In General.... Oh My GOD!!!!!

| | See all eros1979's reviews (47)

In general about Ghost in The Shell....

Stunning Anime
Perfect Soundtrack
Best Stories
...... wow!!!!!!

  Definitely worth seeing!

| | See all BlakeGedye's reviews (2)

Probably the best Ghost in the shell movie so far.
The animation is amazing, the sound track is the best it's ever been and above all, the storyline is so gripping. Solid State Society won't let anyone down, and as for the people out there such as myself who prefer the series over the movies (which are based in a parallel universe) then you must see Solid State Society, since it is part of the whole 'Stand alone complex' trilogy. There are even times in this movie when you get right on the edge of your seat,
I can't say enough on how much I recommend this movie, It is a masterpeace!

  Done it again...

| | See all SeMzzz's reviews (140)

Yet again the masters who make the GITS films and box sets, have made another AMAZING FILM!!


| | See all methecooldude's reviews (1)

This is a fantastic part of the whole S.A.C series with a great storyline and plot twists.

I hope to see more of this from Production I.G :)

  A true work of art

| | See all baconburger's reviews (35)

First of all this animated movie looks incredible, even though it isn't in high-definition the production is so classy you won't believe your eyes. Add to that the great Yoko Kanno soundtrack, and some fantastic work on the sound effects and you realise just how far along animation has come. If you are a fan of the Stand Alone Complex series you will feel right at home with this, as it is pretty much a feature length episode, you just have to understand that it is a parallel universe to the 2 'proper' movies. The story is very intriguing with some great twists as we learn more about the mysterious 'Solid State Society'...

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  a triumph

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

i loved the first movie but was totally put off by the 2nd due to its long drawn out diaologue and lack of action. I'm pleased to say this 3rd installment did not disapoint. Plenty of action in all the right places, the dialogue and story can be a little dificult to follow at times however, but this is typical of the series and shouldn't put people off if they've seen the other films. Great animation, my favourite of the 3 films so far

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  A fine movie

| | See all Hirsty's reviews (21)

I was very impressed by the first movie from the Stand alone complex commitee. I expected the animation to be improved and as usual a great twisting plot with excellent character development and fast paced action sequences... needless to say I got what I expected. The animation is fantastic though the animation used in both of the original ghost in the shell movies by Mamarou Oshii (sorry if its mispelt) was superior.

There are many opinions as to which is better the original movies or the world of Stand alone complex but for me they're both great. In this movie don't expect as much of the emotion and philosiphy that went into the other ghost in the shell movies. But do expect a very enjoyable and entertaining piece of anime that will leave any action movie fan wanting more. The voice acting is as always superb, other animes can get a bad English voice dub but Ghost in the shell yet again retains a highly talented vocal cast. The soundtrack by Yoko Kanno is another great one for this film providing the exact emotions needed for each scene. The tension at some points in the movie is great I was literally biting my nails at one point (I wont tell you when but once you've seen it you will probably know)

If you like anime or are considering looking into it or just a plain old action/sci fi fan you should defintely consider this movie, for me it is the best film I've seen this year unlike some rubbish thats been released at cinema. I just hope that the Ghost in the shell saga doesn't end because no matter how much of it I see I always crave for more.

Anyway to conclude this review, Ghost in the shell Solid state society adds to the great saga of the anime that first inspired me to enjoy anime until I saw these I thought anime meant Dragonball Z and Pokemon. My hat goes off to the team who made this film.

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  You you like Anime, you need to add this to your collection

| | See all CrazyAl's reviews (12)

If you are a fan of the Stand Alone Complex's two previous series this is an essential purchase. The story is fast moving & keeps you guessing.

For all the fans out there, they bring the Tachikomas back.

There are some amazing cars, watch the special features to see how amazing they are.

If you are new to Ghost in the Shell, I would advice watching the 2nd GiG (2nd series) to get introduced to the characters.

I may be in a minority but I much prefer the cartoon series to the two Ghost in the Shell movies & this feature length episode follows in the same spirit as the series (minus the Inner Universe opening theme).

As with the previous two series the basis of the story line is rooted in a reality which is known to most Japanese but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the Anime as this is one fantastic film.

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  Outstanding sequel and a great movie on it's own

| | See all BlackSwordsman's reviews (2)

This is truly a nobrainer. If you've seen the great Stand Alone Complex series, you followed with the even better SAC 2ng Gig series and you're dying to see if things keep improving: IT IS! SSS picks up a few years after the events of 2nd Gig and it's nothing short of brilliant. Fantastic animation, all the characters you've come to love and a great story. Highly recommended!

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