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28 Weeks Later

Featuring: Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne & Jeremy Renner

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (214 reviews)"

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  Different to 28 Days Later but easier to watch in my opinion

| | See all dillian100's reviews (139)

I feel 28 Weeks Later is easier to watch than 28 Days Later because when it is serious it feels serious! It is a different movie to 28 Days, I feel this is more of an action movie with an element of horror, Jeremy Renner is a pleasant surprise in this film, he is great in his role, so there are plot holes but it's fun enough!


| | See all PoachedEgg's reviews (3)

Before seeing this movie I had a very pessimistic attitude towards it. The reason being, having seen the trailer I thought it all looked very "Hollywood" compared to the chilling and shakey effect that the digital cameras in 28 Days provided. My first instincts were that they'd messed up a great original horror with a poor money making excuse for a sequel, but I was pleasantly surprised. While 28 Weeks does not maintain the same camera effect to add that extra bit of grittiness and realism, it was just as disturbing and effective as Days. Alot of great action and horror, and nowhere near as overblown as I was expecting it to be. In my opinion, a worthy sequel with a good plot and good acting.


| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

Danny Boyles low budget horror-zombie movie 28 Days Later became an instant hit and rightly so and while this follow-up is also very good it does lack a little of the great presence that made the first so watchable. That said Juan Carlos Fresnadillo does a masterful job at directing the film providing us with some truly suspenseful scenes such as the opening with Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty, The World Is Not Enough) being chased by the infected and the scene in which the snipers are forced to open fire on everyone amongst other great pieces.

In addition to this film has a lot more action and set pieces than the first, although this is probably a result of a bigger budget due to the success of the first film, which add to the tension and suspense, while the script itself is an interesting follow-on with some equally brilliant characters than those that were in 28 Days Later. The cast is also a lot more recognisable than that of the other film, with Robert Carlyle and Harold Perrineau (of Lost fame) being two of the familiar faces, while the lesser known faces of this sequel also put in very strong performances. The music score is also very impressive with some new tunes being added, but also retaining the strong theme that made the first film so great.

With some stunning scenery of London (before and after it has been destroyed!), some spectacular music, yet again another strong cast of characters, some brilliant direction, action and writing 28 Weeks Later is a brilliant follow-up to Danny Boyles original film even if it does lack some of the punch that made the original so fantastic and it leaves things hanging in the air for a potential sequel. All in all, not quite as good as the first film, but brilliant none the less.

  So much better than the 1st!

| | See all jimmy6446's reviews (30)

The 1st film did bore me a bit, whereas this one is very action packed and a lot more excessive and thrilling, with some brilliant horror scenes filled with gore. I'd definitely buy this one over the 1st one if I had a choice.

  good but...

| | See all liambruton's reviews (1)

this film is epic but not as good as the first one because there is too much action and you have to keep on top of it all but even so i think it is very good i would defonately recomend it to anyone who likes action films and its a good price :)


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

The first was an excellent low budget film that surprised many and made an excellent 2 hours of viewing and this film is no different. Robert Carlisle leads a more recognisable cast as this film builds on the suspense of the first film by adding a faster pace as US military starts to repopulate the country but little did they know of a survivor of the origional outbreak who is now a carrier of the rage virus. Excellent film all round and in my opinion better than the first. Enjoy

  much better !

| | See all jobo13's reviews (56)

the first one was boring , drawn out and never really focused on the infected people but this one is AMAZING! the infected are really scary , the action scene's are intense and you feel sorry when some of the characters die , worth a watch if you have seen the first one .

  not bad

| | See all simplecastle's reviews (3)

"28 days later" is the beautiful first episode, this one is not fully satisfactory because of its low second-half part

  Surprisingly Excellent Sequel

| | See all AshCaton's reviews (116)

28 Weeks Later (2007) - ****
Robert Carlyle leads a strong cast in the follow up to Danny Boyle's 2002 28 Days Later. The great thing about a follow up to 28 Days is that it can show the entire story from a different perspective. That they do very well, and the opening sequence is fantastic evidence of this. To bring new viewers, the film must boast more impressive action sequences, check. (Cue flamethrowers, snipers and helicopter blades. Oh yes.) But it must also boast the intelligence and the slightly satirical nods of the first. Check. This time, the influence of America on Britain is wonderfully portrayed through a monumental screw up on the part of the US troops. The action is maintained throughout and although the ending for our main characters seems not to fit with the rest of the story, the final shot is a brilliant idea and hints at further sequels.