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The Condemned

Featuring: Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones & Trent Sullivan

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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| | See all watevea5555's reviews (21)

This is one of my fave action films.the action comes thick and fast,is incredibly violent and very realistic with the likes of steve austin and the little japanese dudes martial arts.

Poor acting, Poor script, very badly shot. Even Vinny Jones couldn't save this movie, as he was terrible in it too

I disagree with that - the scripts isnt that bad,and who cares,this film is about violence,not oscars,it isnt badly shot and the acting is as good as it needs to be.As for vinnie,hardly a new type of character,but he plays his psycho villain well.great film for action fans.


| | See all st04deb's reviews (77)

A straight forward plot, similar to death race but without the cars! a good gritty action film with lots of violence, vinnie jones does great! a good watch if you like this sort of thing!!

  Don't get excited !

| | See all Torn10's reviews (22)

OK, I watched this yesterday after a mate at work told me about it. Its alright, nothing more. Its entertaining in the same way as the A team is/was. Not the best acting you will ever see, in fact its pretty bad! As the reviewer said before its basically a take on "battle royale" but nowhere near as good, nowhere near at all. Would of given it 3 if it was half an hour shorter. Cant see this one winning any awards but slightly entertaining.

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  Read the description and you get what you expect

| | See all Prior2211's reviews (8)

Not an original film, it's basically an American take on the Japanese Battle Royale film. Although this isn't necessarily a bad thing. More explosions, action and violence. Every character plays the part you expect them to play. After Austin is no actor so he wrestles, and Vinnie Jones doing what he does best. It's an easy watch, humerous, and action packed...worth a watch!


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I came across this when i was on holiday and i loved it. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones were excellently cast in this remake from the Japanese version known as "Battle Royale". It is appealing to no other people apart from those who love action or violent films which in this case is both. Its one to watch with your brain turned off and enjoy the wild ride. Enjoy


| | See all edwardmalan's reviews (19)

This film was every thing expected it to be. The story line was original and i have never seen anything like it in any other film except battle royal. incidentally is probably a better less hollywood film. the actors are all good especially steve austin and vinnie jones. The film is good value for money so i would recommend it.

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  10 Things Wrong With This Film!

| | See all ianmham's reviews (47)

This film is so bad it deserves a list of wants wrong with it.
1. Its unoriginal
2. Its boring
3. It has swearing and violence, for the sake of it.
4. Vinnie Jones is typecast
5. Vinnie Jones accent (has he been in America too long?)
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin is trying to be like Jason Statham
7. Its a bit xenophobic
8. Its a bit racist
9. The films message dosent work, the message is were the condemned ones for liking violence.
10. Its not even so bad its good.

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  Calm down son!

| | See all Kalkanoir's reviews (3)

In my humble opinion this movie is underated, Steve Austins play a decent hero, though I'd argue he'd play a much better villian. Speaking of which Vinnie Jones protrays brilliantly. Well worth 90 minutesof entertainment.

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  Suprisingly Good

| | See all awallis88's reviews (2)

I feel I should lend my support to this film by leaving it a decent review. Steve Austin is actually not a bad actor at all, though Vinnie Jones made this film. The story line is good, the action is good and the ending is good. It deserves the average 4 star rating.

  Good, but flawed.

| | See all kitdixon's reviews (1)

I thought the idea of the film was good, even if it does rip off battle royale quite unshamefully. The big flaw is that this is not a film that would appeal to anyone but wrestling fans, of yanks. Reason being, everyone who doesnt like wrestling hates the main character, and all the brit veiwers want vinnie jones to win, when hes meant to be the bad guy.

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