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Star Trek: Voyager - Season 1 (Slimline Packaging)

Featuring: Kate Mulgrew, Ethan Phillips & Garrett Wang

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  disappointing however still trek

| | See all pilotfred's reviews (1)

star trek voyager a bit of a let down after next gen and the amazing ds9 i blame the head writer however there are some good story and it is still star trek and at only 10.99 nice to have

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  Good Star Trek series, entertaining, needed extra content

| | See all daiwelshlad's reviews (4)

I enjoyed the Voyager series as well as the other ones from Star Trek, but sadly the content on these DVDs was a bit disappointing for me. The picture aspect is 4.3 and while fine on small televisions looks grainy and outdated on a 32inch windscreen, the extras are interesting but seem a bit haphazard as designing the starship voyager is on the last disc of season two not one for example.

  ' voyager' is a great 'star-trek' series'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (895)

at the current price of around £16.99 each series there has never been a better time to re-live 'voyager's' journey.
of course the 'star-trek' brand is of 'iconic' status, with years of success on our screens, from the early years of 'captain kirk' and his legendary crew to the 'next generation' and on to 'voyager' and beyond.
the first series explains how 'voyager' finds itself '70' years from home and 'captain janeway' puts together her crew for the forthcoming adventure and voyage home.
with the 'star-trek' '11' due out soon like me you may want to add to, or even complete your'e collection's.

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  a good start

| | See all starwarsknight's reviews (2)

this boxset is a good start to voyager as it gets to know the crew, the new part of the galaxy and the maqui and star fleet crews both work together in finding a way home it was a bit short however that was a bit of a let down only 15 episodes but still a good start to startrek voyager

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  Good and Funny

| | See all Empire's reviews (7)

I like yoyager because there out in an uncharted space and thay also have to work together to survive and return home. I also like it when thay have to look for ways to resupplie there ship and not all alien races are so helpfell. And that when thay are heavly damaged thay repair the ship them selfs not the help of a spacestation.....all seires are brilliant!!.

  A Good Start....

| | See all Rossy81's reviews (2)

It may be widley accepted that Season 1 of Voyager isn't the greatest, but it does have what later seasons (especially season7) lack...substance. This Season take us back to the roots of star trek, and its whimsical world or exploration. The episodes are well written and acted, and are rather poigniant at times ( Jetrel and Emminations ) Their are fun episodes too such as heroes&demons. humour is ample throughout in the form of the doctor and nelix, the opening episode is a must see, and really sets the tone for season one. Overall Season one is rather good and should not be forgotton or looked over as it defines voyager and its journey.

  Short Season

| | See all Mickskey's reviews (2)

I usually buy the first season of any Star Trek series last of all due to the fact that is widely accepted that the first seasons are usually the slowest. The first season of Voyager was the absolute last season of any of the series I bought because of it's diminished size, 16 episodes. The season itself was much better (episodically) than any of the other Star Trek series including Deep Space Nine which I consider the best ST series ever. However I was reluctant to buy it even at it's reduced price due to the lack of episodes, this season lacking of 10 episodes versus all the other seasons. Even other shorter seasons in the ST series still have 20-24 episodes. I cannot recommend this season purely for the price.
Less episodes mean less discs meaning lower production cost it's simple.

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  star trek as it should be

| | See all Ghostbuster's reviews (14)

I love star trek. Lets face it if you're looking at the voyager dvds you must too. I was a little disappointed with DS9, and the Next Generation was awesome, but it kinda felt like "Captain we've scratched the hull. OK lets head for a starbase for a new paint job". Voyager gives a ship and crew vs the universe feel to it which just works so well. Voyager definitely has a Kirk-like feel to it. Kate Mulgrew is outstanding as Janeway, the first female starfleet captain for tv. The scripts are extremely well written, and all the actors contribute magnificently to each and every episode. Robert Picardo as the holographic doctor brings a McCoy-esque feel to the ship's doctor with lines like "I'm a doctor, not a childminder" and so forth. Just excuse the amount of foundation applied to the actors in the earlier episodes, Robert Duncan McNeil as Tom Paris is most notable ha ha, and you'll enjoy this Star Trek series. At £14.99 per season, well thats just to good a deal to miss!! Beam me up, i'm sold!!!

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  slimline stunner despite reduced episode count

| | See all HumanLeaguefan's reviews (218)

Finally Star Trek Voyager comes to slimline season packaging and at a much more enticingly appealing £15.99 price. It's a tad disappointing that this first season only offers up the American version of this debut run so we only get fifteen episodes (sixteen if you count the double episode "Caretaker" pilot) spread over four of the five discs that make up this title. Amongst a fairly average collection I'd highlight instalments that bring the acting talents of Robert Picardo (the Doctor's first 'away mission' in "Heroes and Demons"), Roxann Biggs-Dawson (whom appears for the only time in the series history without her Klingon makeup in "Faces") and Ethan Philips (whom gives an emotionally convincing performance during "Jetrel") to greater prominence. The titles 'special features' occupy the fifth disc and you can't expect too much detail when the entire contents runs to a total of 93 ½ mins. However I liked the 'putting into context' of the maquis in the "Braving the Unknown : Season One" item and it was pleasing to see actress Kate Mulgrew offer her thoughts in this first season "Voyager Time Capsule' which includes seeing her wearing a long rain mac for initial audition. Speaking of auditions I personally don't think we missed much now having seen "The First Captain : Bujold" however it's nice to see this offered up here. I liked the "Red Alert : Visual Effects Season One" item especially when the contributors talked about models especially the Voyager ship and shuttle bay. I thought the "Star Trek : The Experience" feature was a nice, albeit slightly surreal viewing experience primarily presented by Barb Granter (2000-2003 VP) and Joe Reuter (2003-present VP) who talk about the various aspects of their Las Vegas Hilton attraction, certainly sounds appealing. Nice to have three Easter egg extra, the first two of which focus on Janeway's hair (I myself didn't like the tight bun style) plus a 40 image photo gallery. A very nice slimline first season package despite the reduced episode count.

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  The most awesome series ever ever!!

| | See all JediTaurs's reviews (58)

Lol finally the price drop down to 15.99 and i am so on these. Ive waited years to get the Voyager DVD's and im loving watching season 1 again. Its a great series and has some awesome episodes. VOYAGER ROCKS!!!

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