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Doctor Who: (New Series 3): Series 3 Box Set (6 Discs)

Featuring: David Tennant, Freema Agyeman & Ardal O'Hanlon

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

Freema Agyemans entrance to the show has been a success as the first episode pleased, I couldnt wait for the rest of the series

Episode Ratings:
Smith and Jones - 10/10
The Shakespeare Code - 8/10
Gridlock - 10/10
Daleks In Manhattan - 10/10
Evolution of the Daleks - 10/10
The Lazarus Experiment - 9/10
42 - 9/10
Human Nature - 5/10
The Family of Blood - 5/10
Blink - 6/10
Utopia - 7/10
The Sound of Drums - 8/10
The Last of the Time Lords - 8/10

  The best!

| | See all bunkerbill's reviews (24)

the season here is one of the best as it has strong episodes a better companion better enemies and better everything.

  Great third series

| | See all Rockfan1973's reviews (155)

Thank God for the departure of Rose Tyler - Martha Jones has been the best assistant in the new series so far.

Great stories as Smith and Jones, Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks and the classic two part Human Nature / Family of Blood.

The finale with the return of the Master with Derek Jacobi and John Simm is brilliant but the second half - Last of the Timelords is sadly not so good. But all in all the whole series is entertaining.

  Well done to everybody involved

| | See all matt2487's reviews (5)

I love this series!It is brilliant,the first half is a bit weak,but the second half,OH MY GOD!
Human Nature/The Family of Blood and Blink will always be favourites of mine!
Buy this!Buy this now!I am the Master and you will Obey me!

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  Weak first half saved by the best 2nd half so far

| | See all GermanEskimo's reviews (200)

A very weak start to this series lets it down, because when it gets going (With Human Nature) it has the best who episodes ever, The family of Blood storyline which has heart-wrenching finale is followed with the scariest episode I think I have ever seen, David Tennant hardly makes an appearance in it but the 2 actors instead of them play their roles magnificently with the angels being down right terrifiying, the finale with the Master has 2 really good episodes but is partly let down with a weak script near the end, only after the Doctor recoveres near the end does it get back to greatness with John Simm signing off in fashion (hopefully he will be back), shame about the first half of the series.

  Really a disappointing series

| | See all JimInHolland's reviews (2)

Besting the first two series seemed an impossible task, and it was. The parallels between the series and the role Martha Jones plays makes it all the more clearer - heartless, passionless, just going through the motions in order to forget what's passed. There's just no chemistry - it's like two people spending time instead of sharing something, and that pretty much sums up my engagement with The Doctor this run.
Of course, like any relationship, it does have it's moments: it starts brilliantly with Catherine Tate in The Runaway Bride, then skips on with Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, declining to Gridlock and then doesn't show any emotion until Blink, when it does the best job of all the series scaring the beegeezus out of you. Bonus points for Human Nature and the Family of Blood as they capture the essence of what to live on this planet.

And then comes the finale(s). Derek Jacobi makes a fabulous Master, the epitome of unending evil. Then he transforms into John Simm and the Master descends into pantomime - it's unfortunate because Simm is an excellent actor.

The ending is the most indulgent, self-congratulatory atrocity I've ever seen on Who. I'm sorry - i was seriously annoyed...even more annoyed than the Titanic episode, and that's saying something.

Happily the Doctor regains his emotional center in series 4, but this was a cold, lifeless run. Maybe the Doctor is as old and tired as he says he is, but the show doesn't have to feel like it.

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  i say the best of the new doctor whos

| | See all Richardav's reviews (33)

i couldnt get enough of this series, i cant get bored of it.

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| | See all toffee06's reviews (8)

the best series of doctor who so far. david tennent gives a fantasic performance as usual which was improved by that of mather jones.
but what makes this the best is john sims portrale of the master in his new smarter, funnyer and crazyer regeneration ever!!!!!!

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  The weakest series of the New Dr Who

| | See all DanielGarratt's reviews (7)

However, has a few redeeming episodes!
Blink, Smith and Jones, Shakespeare Code and the Human Nature 2-parter are excellent
42 and Gridlock are decent enough.
The Daleks in Manhatten 2-parter was absolute rubbish. Contrived, confused, repetitive, and not really in character (twice we have the Doctor just standing in front of the Daleks saying "shoot me now" - without a plan!)
The finale 3-parter was unfortunately too long (should have been 2 episodes), and had a very strong beginning (Utopia), but a drawn out and ultimately pretty weak ending (never mind the stupid advert for the Christmas special, which they also ruined the amazing ending of Series 2 with as well).

But I think what really hurt the series badly was the lack of spark between the companion Martha Jones and the Doctor. She was fantastic - a worthy companion - yet he never saw her, just pined after Rose. So she was reduced to a tag-along, and the distance between her and the Doctor lead to a distance between the viewer and the Doctor - because it is his companion that enables us to relate to him vicariously.

Save your money - or buy it for the few good episodes and don't expect too much from the others....

  Excellent series!

| | See all andrew1237's reviews (76)

The Third series of Doctor Who is one of the best series, it has John Simm casted as the legendary Master the Doctor's arch nemesis, John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, the doctors new companion. In conclusion this is a very good series!