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Featuring: Rudy Youngblood, Raoul Trujillo & Gerardo Taracena

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (103 reviews)"

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  Great stuff !

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

Enjoyed this,wasn't sure over Mr Gibson going into directing movies but this is pretty good ? Good fight scenes with humour intertwined,a good sit down with a bottle movie....

  Loved it!

| | See all Splash24's reviews (21)

Don't be put off by the subtitles, i'm not usually keen on films with subtitles but this had me hooked, brilliant scenery, great acting, can't believe Mel Gibson made it. But then he did direct braveheart which was also amazing! Get it, it won't disapoint


| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

This film is a epic heart stopping mythic action adventure, set against the turbulant times of the once great Mayan civilisation. Also this is Mel Gibsons greatest direction to date. The film is very brutal, and the sacrifice scenes in the middle of the film are graphic, including a brilliantly rendered point of view from a decapitaded head, as it rolls down the steps. After this the film turns into a anciant version of FIRST BLOOD, where the hunters are the hunted. The film is beautiful to look at and the rain forest is as much a character as the actors. As with The Passion Of The Christ , the film is subtitled and spoken in Mayan. This realy does add to the film as any other way would seem faulse and off putting ( watch the similar but far inferior Pathfinder, to see what I mean ) This film is just a riverting action epic on the gratest scale. A must buy !

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  not bad

| | See all wog1gwan's reviews (1)

not a fantastic story line and not as action packed as i would like but still worth the watch!!

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  Definately one to keep in your collection!!

| | See all filmboy1977's reviews (6)

Wow i've just finished watching this after buying it from Play and i have to say i'm very pleased with what i bought!!,had no idea the film would be subtitled but when you hear the very realistic dialogue you soon forget about it.This film amazingly has no massive plot as such but certainly on viewing it it absolutely doesn't need one (sometimes simple is much better and this is one to prove it),the actors all play their respective roles very well and you will not get bored at any point.The film as another reviewer said seems to be in two parts is pretty accurate but i would say the second part is more like when the main character realises he is John Rambo (First Blood style!!) and that it's his forest and well you can pretty much sum it up from that but if not buy it,it's bloody brilliant!!

  Fantastic!!!! Had be Gripped!!!

| | See all snoopsx's reviews (4)

I was abit apprehensive to watch this film but one evening nothing better to do and tried it well what can I saw it was Amazing. I was glued to it from the beginning to the very end. The gore is something I have never seen (and Ive seen A LOT of gory films) the part towards the end where they let them go and told them to run had me stuck to the T.V and my heart racing. Then the part with the waterfall (dont want to give to much away) I thought the chase was over for him but how wrong, I am going to rate this film 10/10 and would recommend this to everyone

  u have to see this!!

| | See all mrshaolin's reviews (3)

very good film, gripping,action through out, sad to at times,a must for anybodys dvd collection.


| | See all iWatch's reviews (64)

The story was good and the way the 'prophecy' came about at the end was nicely handled. The acting was great with emotions, thoughts and feelings being portrayed as much non-verbally as verbally. The fights were graphic enough to feel that we weren't being mollycoddled but not over the top and the pace of the film was just right.

But none of the above matters when compared to the absolutely stunning filmography and attention to detail that is present throughout this film. Mel Gibson must have gone to the Peter Jackson school of making sure that every minute detail is 'just so' and it shows; from the weapons to the costumes to the scenery. And what scenery! Filming in jungles and rain-forests is notoriously hard but the quality of the filming was akin to the best BBC nature documentaries.
I watched this on an upscaling DVD player on a 50" plasma and it was astounding, I am definitely going to get the Blu-Ray version soon.

I recommend this film to all adults, and for once it is actually an 18 for reasons other than drugs or senseless gore. Even if 'this type of film' is not your type of film you will probably like it, there are plenty of emotional scenes, there is plenty of action, and there is more than one perspective to many of the scenes. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it as it is 'not my type of film', or so I thought!

  Film of 2008!!!!

| | See all FilmBuff19's reviews (15)

Absolutely excellent!! Why is it so cheap?! This was without a doubt my film of last year. It is the quickest 2 hours of your life, I was gutted when it ended as I wanted it to go on! Subtitled or not this is such a great film and a must have for film lovers!