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The L Word: Season 3

Featuring: Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels & Pam Grier

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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| | See all thomps0n's reviews (1)

A old friend of mine got me in the programme, ever since I've started watch the L ' word since she had mention to me and the actors are really good as well .

  Definately has the L factor !

| | See all KitKattakeabreak's reviews (2)

I loved this series, really enjoyed it. Bit of a shocker what happens between two of the charecters in the L word and also what happens to Dana. Definately one to buy. You wont be disapointed.

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  Absolutely brilliant!!!!

| | See all sarahm25's reviews (1)

This is the best season by far, i highly recommend you buy the l word, although this season will make you cry, can't believe they killed off Dana, its not the same without her and what will Alice do now thats she's gone?!

Ok back to reality.......... seriously this is a must buy!


| | See all tashaf's reviews (11)

this is a very sad season, cant wait for the 4th, but its already out in usa...
but we are so far behind, i have seen the 4th one and its just as good, new people in it, nothing really sad.

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  the best season yet!!

| | See all nikkisatch's reviews (4)

is far the best season yet.... it was very sad but great!!! whats going on with alice and lara????? cant wait for the 4th season to come out on here.

  12 hours of brilliant viewing!!!!

| | See all BooksBooksBooks's reviews (2)

My mum intially got me into the L word, being a die hard sex & the city fan she thought I would enjoy it... I watched the first 2 seasons in the space of a week and was hooked, shame I had to wait so long to get season 3.
I enjoyed season 3 as much as the previous 2 but am inclined to agree why kill off Dana, I loved her character. All in all I love this show, it's brilliantly written and acted and I would recommend it highly :)

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  was Dana's death not the climax?

| | See all Leonminustheardo's reviews (1)

I love play.com i preordered this months ago and received it on Saturday.. 2 whole days before it's release.. i went out on Saturday night but managed to watch the first 6 episodes continuing on the sunday with a massive hang over.

the only thing i hated!!! was that the casing is utter crap... s1 and 2 were sleek whereas 3 is just boring and trampy.. me no likey!!

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  not bad

| | See all kavina's reviews (1)

im torn with this season, it wasnt the best but not the worse, they did make a big mistake in killing off 1 of the best characters in the show and alice goes mad which a lil funny, but the show was still compelling and watchable. in season 4 the show does pick up a bit.. lets hope season 5 is better.

  worst season yet

| | See all mamelin's reviews (1)

Season 3 is a total disaster. There are not believable plots, there is no consistency on this show. Tina goes back to men, the reasons are not explored, it's a really bad written storyline. Dana is killed off, just what this show needed, to kill off a favourite character.. I don't know where the writters are doing, it seems as if they want to kill the show. What a shame, the could've done so much better with this show

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  The best season of the show so far!!!

| | See all Alla1987's reviews (2)

If you have seen the rest of The L Word you will most likely be buy this as its clearly the best season they have done so far and thats including season 4.

This will make you laugh so much and cry you heart out.
and has the best cliffhanger of all the seasons so far.

I cant wait till this is released its must buy straight away.

If you watch the show but havent seen season 3 yet your in for a great season and if you have never watched the show before you should so look into watching it.

This isnt just a show about lesbians its a show that has great acting, stories and heart something that is acually hard to find in a TV show....well at least the acting thing.

Anyways over all
Great show
Beat season
Must Buy!!!