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The Godfather: Red Trilogy Box Set (4 Discs)

Featuring: Al Pacino, Andy Garcia & Diane Keaton

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (52 reviews)"

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  Nice wrapped box with nice thin covers inside.

| | See all Cassac's reviews (1)

This is a must have in every collection. It has a nice box but what's even better are the nice covers inside. They are really beautiful and the price is great to. Click on the Buy button NOW :D

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  You Must Buy This!!!

| | See all lovepest's reviews (7)

This boxset is worth every penny! Its nice and compact, not like the older bulkier editions, so it saves space. The sound & picture quality looks a little updated, oh yeah it's one of the greatest trilogies ever made!!

By the way:
The italian parts of the movies are not subtitled & alot of people have been buying the boxset not knowing this. Choose the last english subtitle option (08/08) for the subtitles to appear on these scenes. I've read alot of reviews on the boxset on other websites and alot of people are giving bad write-ups because they did not know about this! I'm saving you the bother!!

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  Play.com made me an offer I couldn't refuse

| | See all Violnio's reviews (64)

This is as many people say all the time, the greatest film's of all time. Part 1 is very good as it has some good action, and gets you to feel like you really know the people. Part 2 is my favourite out of them, mainly beause it's centered around Al Pacino (one of the greatest actor's thats ever lived) and is just a very memerable performence. Part 3 kind of ruined the set for me, as it's to far in the future and the ending is just wquite freakly rubbish, but without it, the Godfather films wouldn't be what they are today.

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  The Godfather: The Greatest Trilogy Ever Made

| | See all benicoeltorro1's reviews (10)

Without doubt the greatest trilogy ever made and I base that solely on the fact the first two films are unbelievably good and make up for the flawed third. The crux of the story comes from Michael Corleone's development from war hero to Don. This is where my issue with the third movie comes in. In the first two films you see Al Pacino's full character development to Godfather and the story is finished. In my mind, the third film just isn't needed and is always going to be a disappointment. The great things about these films are almost too numerous to mention. Great acting performances from Pacino, De Niro and Brando, superb support work from the likes of Duvall and a great storyline are just some of the massive positives. So instead of focusing on the positive, I feel some of the negatives must be mentioned. The biggest of which come in the form of two actresses; namely, Talia Shire and Sofia Coppola. Personally, I have never understood how Talia Shire has made her way into two of the biggest film franchises ever made. She is one of the least convincing actresses ever hired... or at least that was what I thought. In Godfather 3, we are treated to the appalling performance of Sofia Coppola, daddy director's little girl. I have never seen an actress less convincing as a human being. Perhaps I am being harsh but you place incompetent actors in scenes with Brando and Pacino and they are going to be out of their league.

Despite the few flaws these films possess, I love these films. They have so many iconic moments and great acting that at 9.99 it truly is an offer you can't refuse.

  Super price

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

The first Godfather without doubt is a great film,although it is not the best ever made but is still good.Arguably the sequel is better although I prefer the first and the third isn't as bad as people like to make out.Al Pacino stars in all three.Great bargain price

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  "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse"

| | See all xAmy1986x's reviews (32)

This trilogy is amazing - truly brilliant. Simple as and end of. If you don't have it - get it quick as no dvd collection should lack these movies. Pure brilliance.

  The best trilogy ever

| | See all BKG1984's reviews (26)

2 Great films (1 + 2) and a very good 3rd film very well packaged make this a must buy.

  Two Classics, One Embarrassment

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

Part 1 - Top notch performances, and plenty of substance. Suffers from Coppola's lack of cinematic style, but the story keeps you interested.

Part 2 - Everything part 1 was, plus a little bit more.

Part 3 - An unworthy heir, fine in its own right, but terrible in comparison to the first two.

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  best movie ever

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

dont look at this as 3 seperate films but as one story on 3 discs. this masterpice is the greatest film ever. everyone must own it. awesome.

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