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30 Days Of Night: Special Edition (2 Discs)

Featuring: Josh Hartnett, Ben Foster & Melissa George

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (219 reviews)"

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  Great film!

| | See all Stan1712's reviews (15)

Intense the whole way through, great story, great characters and an amazing ending! A truly scary film, with proper vampires.

  Blood, Gore and Vampires. Enough Said!!

| | See all MrBiscuitTin's reviews (1)

I wasn't completly confident about this film as many vampire films that i have watched in the past were pretty shocking, but this film was amazing. Although the storyline was pretty basic, the overall film made up for it. The acting is top-notch, especially by the male lead role of josh hartnett, which is surprising because most horror films have shocking acting. This film doesnt excatly have action per se, but the deaths of innocent people sure make this film fufilling. The special effects are great and plenty of gore and violence which is a must for a horror film. Overall, the best vampire film i have seen by far and one of the best horror films i have seen. 5/5

  Bleak, brutal and beautiful.

| | See all queenkitty1's reviews (1)

Superb vampire horror film. If you like your vamps hard, fast, and nasty, this is the one for you. These vamps don't ponce around in frock coats and frilly shirts, they're monsters who enjoy nothing more than tearing their victims' throats out and bathing in their blood. Although this film is 4 years old now, it is still head and shoulders above the cutesy fluffy bunny vampire movies doing the rounds today. Trapped in a town which will see no daylight for 30 days this is a vampire's paradise and perfect holiday destination - not so good for any residents left there because the vamps are on the hunt and they're very, very hungry. Who will survive? Who can save the day? You'll have to watch it and see won't you? One more thing, just make sure you lock up tight before you settle down to watch it, and if you hear footsteps scrabbling across your roof - I'm sure it will just be your imagination playing tricks on you.....

  Brilliant !!

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

I love this film,its a totally different take on the vampire theme,imagine being stuck in a town for that length of time with blood sucking vampires all around,its gory,fast paced at time with good decent actors and decent special effects,lost my copy and have just bought the 2 disc special edition because you HAVE to have this in your collection if you're a genuine horror fan,superb stuff....


| | See all BigSlick182's reviews (4)

Probably my favourite vampire movie out there and so cheap on play.com! Its jumpy, the characters are great and the best type of vampires ive come across! great film and 5 stars! you wont be disappointed.

  and the winner is....

| | See all dredude1's reviews (18)

this, along with let the right one in and daybreakers, are the ONLY good vampire films ever made. this tells the story of a small town terrorised by vampires during the 30 days of night they have every winter, and there only objective is to wipe out every human. very gory and brutal, the characters are likeable, and the idea of the broken couple having to work things out to save each other was nice. josh hartnett pulls off a great, believable act as a sheriff of the town, and you will be rooting for him to overcome the vampires from the start. absolutely love the ending and a 3 pounds, this is a steal. highly recommended

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  That€s one helluva punch!

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

Frozen, sun-starved Alaska provides the perfect backdrop for this chilling take on the vampire theme. 30 DAYS OF NIGHT is a reasonably successful horror film that certainly doesn't shy away from gore. Josh Hartnett gives a solid performance as the sheriff trying to save his beleaguered town from the onslaught of a band of screeching vampires lead by neck-craning Danny Huston, who appears to enjoy his role. However, despite the effective set pieces, and the unusual setting, this is pretty derivative stuff. There are also some rather self-conscious, clunky moments and some trite dialogue. Overall this is a moderately gripping film, but it fails to achieve its full potential, and left this viewer with a niggling sense of disappointment.

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  good vamp movie

| | See all suzie010's reviews (3)

This movie was good to watch and its creepy and made me jump a couple of times, the actors are good and ive seen most of them in other movies as well and they did good performances as usual.

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  Decent Enough

| | See all Hammers27's reviews (101)

A good movie in my eyes. Althoguh not one of his best roles, Josh Hartnett still puts out a strong showing and is accompanied by some other 'less popular' actors who do a decent job.

The story was one of my favs as I thought it was a good idea. I liked the females part too and how she manages to be there when she doesn't want to be.

The picture is pretty impressive. I watched it on a decent TV and really enjoyed the qualities of the filming.

There are quite a few negatives and annoy parts to the film, but overall I think it was put together rather well.

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| | See all evrtonian's reviews (3)

take no notice of negetive reviews, this is a top horror movie, really is the best vampire film out there.