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Featuring: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson & Diane Lane

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (122 reviews)"

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  Good but lead role couldve been better

| | See all LuceStarGirl's reviews (1)

If im completely honest i only watched this film at first cos ive got a crush on Jamie Bell but i really enjoyed it although i think the guy playing the lead role was really boring and couldve made it a lot more interesting
But i still recommend it to people who like this kind of stuff and also Jamie Bell fans (such as myself :D)

  Pretty good, but not fantastic!

| | See all Ingrid0404's reviews (7)

I really quite liked this movie and I have even seen it more than once. Partly because i`ve got a crush on Jamie Bell, but also because I genuinely liked it.
I have never liked Hayden Christensen, but I could bare watching him act in this film.
I find the script to be quite predictable at times which is a bit annoying, but to make up for it, the special effects are awesome!

  Good Fantasy film

| | See all AddictedToMovies's reviews (37)

This was an enjoyable movie and I have no idea why it has received so many negative reviews. It isn't original and is in the same mould as a film like X Men (although not as good).


| | See all Suzuki1's reviews (25)

I thought this film to be ok 3 star. Can't see why most reviews don't rate it. Follow the story expect any location from one move to another and it all fits together easy understood. I would like it to have gone into the future or pasted, now that would take some brain power.

  Love it

| | See all Trubloodfan's reviews (4)

Bought this a while back now and I saw it when it was in the cinema, enjoyed it very much because its just the type of film you can put on sit back and just relax to.

  Amazingly bad.

| | See all activ8's reviews (17)

I bought this film because although many people had put it down, I had seen the trailer with the special effects and thought to myself how bad can it be? To top it off a play seller had it for a reasonable price and Samuel L Jackson was in it so I thought go for it.

How wrong I was...it's not just that the film is bad - it is very bad. There is no real script and a plotline that seems to be made up as it goes along. Characters are badly set up, have no personality or likeable qualities, appear for no reason and do totally odd things without any explanation which just makes the movie annoying. Add to that a main character which is just wholly unlikeable and you just end up hoping he gets captured and killed so the movie will come to an end. Even at the price I bought it for it was a waste of money and the only reason why I gave it one star is because at least the actors tried their best (and Samuel l Jackson is still the man) and the special effects aren't bad. It's a shame that special effects alone do not make a good movie.

  Not as bad as made out, No classic though

| | See all GermanEskimo's reviews (200)

The thing that mainly takes this film down is Hayden Christiansen, he simply looks bored for a majority of the film and fails to grip the viewer on any level, Jamie Bell saves the film with his performance but it feels as though all the good lines went to him also, Samuel L Jackson has a thankless task as the man trying to capture them but to be honest their are far better films of this type out there, don't bother unless you are a real sci-fi nut

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  A Bore

| | See all Zomgles's reviews (10)

Was let down. It just seemed to go on about nothing. Wow he can Jump but that's it. I found it pointless and I fast forward half of it, because I was getting bored and it felt like a drag


| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

Based on a book I haven't read, Jumper follows David Rice (Hayden Christensen, of Star Wars fame) who discovers he has the power to jump (teleport) into different areas of the globe whenever he wants to or whenever he is in danger. The only problem is that he is not alone and there is a mysterious group of people led by Samuel L. Jackson (in a judge's wig!) who is out to stop him.

While the film has a very interesting premise and takes the sci-fi/superpower approach differently - for example; David chooses to use his powers to rob a bank rather than save a cat from a tree - the film also has elements that have been done a thousand times before, like the whole dysfunctional family affair and the high school crush theme. Despite changing the superhero type edge to a film where the main character has powers, Jumper is very boring as the same thing appears to happen over and over again. Main plot strands are not fully explored, like why David constantly teleports back the library, or why the people who are after him are after him and Jamie Bell's role is rather pointless as he doesn't appear for very long. Samuel L. Jackson is also wasted in his role - I don't know what his agent was thinking when he gave him this?! - and Rachel Bilson's character falls too easily in place with Christensen's.

On the whole; even with some great special effects, a different angle on the superhero theme and a decent enough cast, Jumper is utter rubbish that never fully answers the questions it sets up and never reaches a fully satisfying climax. It is possible that these plot strands are being set up for a potential sequel, but I for one am hoping that this does not happen as this is bad. My advice to you is to avoid this film at all costs and if you see it on TV or a friend puts it on, jump out of your seat and go and do something else. Trust me; that will be more satisfying!

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