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Rambo (2008)

Featuring: Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz & Matthew Marsden

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (176 reviews)"

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| | See all executive4's reviews (26)

Not brill it is ok for you to buy because i think you will like it but not love it , it simply has a depth of action , but it dosent have any suspence style to it and the effects of blood and sound go over the top , the originals were more adventure and fun as this is more of the gory action film that goes way over the top . 7 Out of ten decent film . Very strong graphic voilence , brutal and bloody.

  blood splatting action war flick

| | See all myhouse41's reviews (63)

My god this film was brutal. in the other rambo films when they get shot they fall down but this when they get shot they bodys shred apart and when they get blow up they explode in pools of blood. you get to see arms fly off legs fly off heads explode and fly off its a crazy gore filled action war film. its a good film if you like blood. i like it.its recommed

  Total carnage!

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

Rambo style the movie has some fantastic total carnage scene's you'd only seen on eighties videogames this is a really good movie and has some real cracking scenes.


| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

I was the same as most people, it had been a long time coming would it be up to the others with First Blood such a great film & with Sly now being much older would he pull it off.Well it blows you away, it is a very powerful film diplicting war at it's deepest edge. The beging of Saving Priavte Ryan is a true & power full portray of war which when released opened peoples eyes to what war realy is. This is just the same not a film to sit with your wife or girl friend, this is full on. the seens with the barrett 50 & the 50 cal on the back of the truck could be real. very powerfull as for the story it has been carried out with great thought, especally for the people of Burma. The story regarding Rambo is very cleaver also bringing a closer for a man that has been surrounded by war from a young age.The last ending scene when John rambo is walking down to the farm is closer & so well done.Sly put's his all into this you would never put his age into this as he gives this film a 120%. It just shows why Sly is one of the best at this game.If you have not seen this it is well worth a watch maybe a lads night in.Or do the whole box set on a rainy afternoon & Just enjoy.

  Ramtastic !!!!!!!!!

| | See all AddieMac's reviews (37)

Man alive, what a rocking action piece, watched this film as most do, out of memory of original three in 80's. Liked first blood, didn't like 2 or 3. But loved every blood soaked minute of 4...

Watch as Sly punish's wrong doers, and saves dogooders, with awesome firepower, arrows and bombs.. You would not mess with this dude.

Since Sly's return in 2006 with Balboa, He's been on a hot streak, Balboa, Rambo & Expendables, long live Stallone.....

  Boys love it

| | See all Glossopcrew's reviews (25)

Any lad i'v ever asked loves the Rambo films. After watching the first 3 I was in shock to how good they were and I kinda didn't wanna buy this just incase it didn't measure up. I got the film and did not regret it at all! All as good as the others and Sylvester Stallone is amazing. If you have only ever seen this one I reccomend you buy the first 3 right now and watch them! Go on!

  This is the real kick ass film!

| | See all Toflive's reviews (13)

The action are brilliant and so violent yet so appropriate. It also based on the issues that Burma are currently facing and Sly has done well to bring it to people's attention. All in all a great Rambo movie!!!

  Good stuff Sly.

| | See all sergeisimmense's reviews (6)

A story barely exists, nothing special by any means with cinematography, performances or anything. But some wonderful set pieces simply make this film so so watchable. Be ready for sly mounting a Jeep Turret, one of my favourite scenes of all time. (ish)

  Action Packed.. Just brilliant!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

This is one of the best films i have ever seen. I loved every minute of it.

Completely action packed at Stallone at his utter best. This comepletey brings rambo into the all time best action movie loved books.

Great directing, great acting, great story and dialogue, and most of all the violence is INSANE!!!!! half the movie is blood and gore and very realistic action..

I recommend this and also recommend the expendables


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