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Rambo (2008)

Featuring: Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz & Matthew Marsden

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (176 reviews)"

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  Total mess.

| | See all saitam's reviews (9)

I have been a Rambo fan all my life and I just can't understand this last one. The plot feels... well not like the others. On the bright side it had a lot of gore (finally) and it was really short (did not fall a sleep).

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  Well Done Sylvester Stallone!!!

| | See all Roosteronline's reviews (15)

Loved Rambo 1-3 but this one is the best. Amazing war scenes! Loved the bit with the machine gun! definatly one of my films of 2008!!!

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  Too short

| | See all andreajt's reviews (4)

The final credits go on and on and on and on and account for a large chunk of the running time of this film. What I'm saying is that this film is short, if the credits ran any longer they'd last longer than the film itself, lol. For Rambo fans, we're always going to buy these sequels no matter what, and this film isn't too bad, but you just get the feeling at times watching it that it's been rushed, put together without much real thought.

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  Surprisingly great

| | See all Kats132's reviews (1)

Ok so you would be forgiven for avoiding this film as it's one of those 'yet another sequel' films. However that would be a huge mistake. The action begins almost immediately and ends when the credits roll. Every moment that passes is filled with high octane violence. Real violence not 'Hollywood'. I wasn't expecting much from this and I was greatly surprised. It's shocking! Not one to watch with your weak stomached nan. For a film that was created with very little in the way of money it delivers. The CGI was kept to bare minimum due to cost so when something blows up it really blows up and considering they only had one take in most of the scenes it is amazing they got this result. (hence the five stars) The script is kept to a minimum as the plot doesn't require it. A must watch for anyone who wants have an adrenaline kick.

  Well Good!!!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

Iv not seen any of the other rambos but this one was Well good.
Some of the scenes are well shocking and its really action packed, Everyone should watch this, propa good!!

  Surprisingly Good

| | See all Midget14's reviews (178)

Plot - Pointless.
Acting - Varies between good & terrible.
Writing - Simple but drives the action forward.
Direction - Visually excellent.
Editing - Superb.
So this won't win any awards but for all of its faults it never gets dull and boasts some superb (& gory) action sequences.


| | See all Benstarr's reviews (6)

I've never been a rambo fan. I never quite 'got' it.
Then i heard a rumour that an aged stallone was going to make a finale, and had to check in.
The trailer was brilliant, and cemented it for me.

As has been said many a time, there's no story here. But what there is, is near non stop action and gore. It's one of the most violently bloody 'war' films i think i ever have seen, and it's brilliant for it.

So much so that you even forgive the poor editing and direction. And even let them slide on the numerous under-cranked scenes (specially toward the end) which were either done to make it appear more 'action-full', or to get everything in to a time slot.

If you like a good bit of violence and find it impossible not to laugh and gape at people being turned comically into jam, then you can't go wrong.

  Rambo at his best

| | See all godvalen's reviews (88)

Loved First Blood. It was the best rambo movie until this came out. The pure awe, the carnage, the death, the picture quality and the absence of talking makes this the best Rambo in my opinion, (only because First Blood is a little dated now). I don't know anyone that did'nt like it. A definite keeper and easily watched again and again.


| | See all craig06577's reviews (6)

Its ok but theres no plot or story line what so ever, its just 85 mins of killing baddies. Its worth watching once but i wouldnt buy it

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