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Featuring: Michael Moore

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Truly Shocking

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

This Doc-U-Movie, was very insightful into the greed, corruption of the Richest Country in the world.
The way some Americans are being treated in the 21st Century is truly appalling.
What's worse though is that the people who SHOULD and COULD help them are going out of their way to keep them in their dire state.
I'm sure Michael Moore's account is fairly well sided, but that does not mean he would be discredited for not giving Correct information.
Well worth watching

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  Sick to my stomach

| | See all thatsleepygirl's reviews (133)

As an American watching this film I felt sad and disheartened that our government allows the insurance companies to have a monopoly on health care, even denying insurance paying citizens for basic care when it is needed. It's all a huge money making scheme, it's pathetic that our people can't stand up and demand change. If other countries such as the UK, Canada and France can have free health care why can't the supposedly richest and most powerful nation? It's a real hard-hitting documentary worth a watch for everyone. I hope Obama will do something about the health care system and bring America up to the rest of the world's standards of health care. Great film, very recommended.

P.S. Since I've moved to the UK I''m obviously so grateful for the NHS, it is truly amazing that people who need medical attention here are helped and cared for.

  Eye opener

| | See all Stationagent's reviews (52)

Although I do have my worries about Moore's accusations, this is a great watch and really exposes the unbelievable happenings in the USA.
Not his best but still a good watch

  Such excellent movie with such terrible topic!

| | See all Swezey's reviews (1)

My eyes filled at least 5-6 times during this movie, and at the end I actually had tears streaming down my face. Being one of the blessed few living in Norway, knowing my health will be taking care of when ever needed, it's impossible to imagine how it must be to be an American and knowing you will not get the help that can save your life. EVEN when you're paying for an expensive health insurance. A lot of people in America must have hearts of stone, and the whole system is completely rotten and corrupt!

  Moore just can't do wrong.

| | See all Chrishaydon63's reviews (97)

Firstly this man attacked gun crime, then George Bush and now he's attacking the American Health Service. 'Sicko' is a controversial and horrifying documentary about how people in America have been cheated out of health care and some have even lost their lives because of it, even with valid health insurance.
Michael Moore is not only a stunning filmmaker who never fails to please, but also he is a great character of his movies and he won't back down until he has the truth. Many call him a liar, a cheat to his country and he is even one of the top 10 most hated people in America but he's still making fantastic documentaries that uncover the truth.
'Sicko' along with his other two fine films, is just essential viewing.


| | See all matthewgray's reviews (21)

My personal favourite of Michael Moores films, even if it is the least relevant to us in the UK. The effect that HMO's have on the lives of AMericans and the country as a whole is bsolutely unbelievable. Moore manages to mold humour in with hard hitting issues in this captivating doc. I loved it.


| | See all feldoln's reviews (56)

When I was first told about this documentary, I thought, "Nah, I'll pass on that". Unfortunately, the person telling me about just didn't sell it to me, and didn't describe it very well. It's hard to explain a documentary without telling you what he actually does in it. But in essence, Micheal Moore simply tells you about the disturbing and horrific experiences of people (WITH FULL health insurance) who have been cheated out of their money, and in some cases, their lives.

He goes through the corrupt American Health Care system, their lies to the public, their obvious greed for money, and their lack of care for their fellow man. Quite frankly, it's disgusting how America is dealing with Health Insurance right now, and for their sakes, I hope they change their ways with the next election.

Back on track now, the documentary goes on with Micheal Moore visiting other countries to view their own Health Care systems, to simply compare to the vast differences.

This documentary will leave you in deep thought about many things. One might be how lucky we are in Britain, and how we take our National Health Service for granted.
I, myself was almost in tears as some of the 9/11 workers (who received next to no health care for outrageous amounts of money) started crying when they found out how cheap the health products are in different countries. It really shows the betrayal they received from their country.

Not only does it open up your mind to the corruption in the American Government, it is undoubtedly, Sick.

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| | See all onidayanforever's reviews (31)

If I were to describe my political affiliations I would probably avoid using the word 'Liberal'. Moore's 'SiCKO', or just plain 'Sicko' in some regions, is in unashamedly shallow and biased piece of 'liberal propaganda'. But so what? A finely balanced, meticulously researched argument, delivered in a not partisan way by a drab man in a grey suit would not be half as entertaining as this is; However there are some pretty blatant flaws in the movie which for me where most obvious in Moore's glowing portrayal of the British NHS and the French healthcare system and that nations wider social model.

Firstly on his visit to London, England and particularly Hammersmith Hospital, Moore waxes lyrical at the "free" healthcare the patients receive. Now, I'm very proud of the NHS, I think its fantastic, but Moore never mentions the hundreds of thousands of people who needlessly die because of poor hygiene standards in the NHS or any of the other serious issues that our system is faced with.

Also Moore meets a doctor who earns in excess of £100,000 a year and Moore seems to present this as a good thing. Considering that the average wage in this country is around £17,000 a year it's obscene to pay doctors (with tax payers money) such a large amount for working in a system that lets them do less hours and be paid more. Yes, they should receive a decent wage that is well above the national average, but that doesn't mean we should make them millionaires by the time they reach 45.

The most interesting part of this segment of the movie for me was listening to Tony Benn talk succinctly and with great passion about the principles on which our system of universal healthcare was founded (again not a hint of the problems it faces).

On his trip to Paris, France Moore shows us new mothers with their government sponsored home helps and a group of American ex-pats praising the French social model, yet there is not mention of the failing economy that it is paying for these initiatives. In his romanticised vision of French society there is no hint at the high levels of unemployment or widespread race riots that have gripped the country in recent years... just lots of shots of wine drinking Frenchman and their beautiful bedfellows. Isn't France great? Yes Michael, it really is.

This is not a well balanced movie, and it doesn't claim to be, but Moore's expose of the American health care system is as times both shocking and moving and it elicits more than a hint of disgust as we listen to testimonies from wives and mothers who have needlessly lost husbands and children because the healthcare companies do everything they can not to pay out when something goes wrong.

Even though some of the figures don't add up and the argument lacks depth the message of the movie is a valuable one; societies are not built, and do not flourish on the strength of individuals but rather how we treat each other.

The movie grips throughout, the testimonies at times bring a tear to the eye and the images of destitute and disorientated patients being dumped on the sidewalk by hospitals that are supposed to be caring for them will live long in the memory.

It's a shame then that 'SiCKO' ends with a gimmicky trip to Cuba where 911 rescue workers (suffering from such ailments as ground down teeth) receive medial care from the pleasant people at Havana Hospital. Overall though it's hard not to recommend the movie and I feel like those who criticise its shortcomings are kind of missing the point; people are dying to maximise profit.


| | See all Geeadam's reviews (12)

I like Micheal Moore, he tells things how 'he' see things although you have to take into account he is very one sided, but then all media is so you can't blame him for taking that stance since he is 'the media' to. I would give this 5 stars if he also showed the French system in a more correct light (its tiered). I know a lot of people who work in the NHS, some love it, some hate it. This film makes you think, makes you proud to be British (assuming you are) and also makes you angry at the USA system of how those that have engineered it must have little regard for some human life. If you want a film that'll give you all emotions then this is a good choice.

  soul-less america

| | See all virago691's reviews (2)

this documentary is absolutely fabulous. never before had i realised how much i take the nhs for granted. taking care of your own people should be the priority of any government and shame on the usa, shame on the 'new labour' that wants to make the nhs private.... a nightmare on the making. to all humanitarians alive, rise up to the challenge and adopt the french way of life; governments should not be feared, but fear the people it purports to serve. amen.

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