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Run, Fat Boy, Run

Featuring: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton & Hank Azaria

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (101 reviews)"

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  Middle of the Road Fun Run..

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

*RFBR (Run FatBoy Run) is about Dennis (Pegg), a man that left his pregnant wife at the alter! 5 years on he realizes his mistake and tries to prove he has changed, again by running. This time in the London Marathon!
*RFBR has some great laughs but lacks the same edge as other Pegg films. I think this is aimed at more of a Middle of the Road audience compared to Peggs other productions. Pegg fans will still enjoy this but I think this will attract fans of films like 4 Weddings & A Funeral!! There's a lot of British stereotyping going on. Its a feel good story thats is a little predictable. Overall its worth a watch.

  It had so much going for it...

| | See all dillian100's reviews (139)

Run, Fatboy, Run is about Simon Pegg's character who runs away from all his problems (including his wife on their wedding day!)
This has everything going for it but with David Schwimmer behind the camera and Simon Pegg in front it should have been far better! This comedy lacks enough frequent laughs for the audience which is its main problem! There were funny moments but not many. The acting though is very good!
A watchable film that would warrant a cheap purchase but nothing more, there are far better comedies out there!

  Highly entertaining , 5 star watch

| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

I had very little expectations of this film, not a huge fan of Simon Pegg however this was Brilliant, I laughed out loud so many times and that is exactly what you want from a comedy. I was surprised to see David Schwimmer (aka Ross Geller from Friends) directed it. I think it was brillaint and I'm really hard to please these days when it comes to a good comedy.

  Run, Fat Boy, Run

| | See all EvilRobot's reviews (15)

I thought this movie was amazing, people in reviews seemed not to have liked it that much, but people who say 'not that funny' Well, It's not actually meant to be just comedy, It's a drama with funny bits and actually gets quite meaningful and heartfelt at the end, a brilliant film!

  Absolute RUBBISH

| | See all grapesjuice's reviews (127)

David Schwimmer is an excellent actor but I am sorry to say that this film he made was absolute rubbish. I watched it once and that was more than enough.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Simon Pegg seems to get it right all the time wheter it is from tv show "Spaced" or classics such as "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" he always seems to make a really funny piece of work. This isnt a laugh a minute comedy but it is a very funny feel good film and not a bad first attempt at directing from David Schwimmer. Great British film recommended to those who have liked previous Simon Pegg work. Enjoy

  Simon pegg does it again!

| | See all thebusiness's reviews (18)

Soo funny! hahahah the bit with the blister will blow your head off its soo funny! Watch this it is an awsome film! OR do you want to feel my spatular? hmmm!

  just average

| | See all sugarsteve's reviews (31)

i remember watching this film, finding some of it quite funny, overall i find abit to farfetched, and corny

but it was good to see the english guy come of better then the american guy

  Great fun € a lot better than I expected

| | See all JayFirestorm's reviews (28)

This film had been sitting in my 'to watch' DVD pile for a while. After viewing the dire 'Four Christmases' (see separate review) a few nights previously, I was dubious about sitting through another 'comedy', but with nothing else to do at 1am on New Years Day (!), I decided to stick it on. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be much better than I initially expected.

The basic premise is that Pegg is a well-meaning loser, who five years previously (literally) ran away from his wedding to his pregnant fiance (Thandie Newton). Now, she's hooked up with oh-too-perfect Hank Azaria. Learning that Azaria is to run an upcoming marathon, Pegg insists that he too will run the marathon, in a bid to woo Newton back.

This film seems to have had a lot of criticisms in that it is not like Pegg's previous modern classic, 'Shaun of the Dead', and its (underrated) follow-up 'Hot Fuzz', which in turn were natural successors to TV's wonderful 'Spaced'. Well, I won't pretend for a moment that 'Fat Boy...' is anywhere on the same level of those wonderful, reference-laden offerings. BUT - it doesn't pretend to be. This is a totally different kind of story, a slightly gentler, character-based tale. Besides, wouldn't it be boring if Pegg did exactly the same kind of film all the time?!

The cast generally do well. I couldn't really warm to Newton's character, but there was enough else going on for this not to matter too much. Azaria (in case you can't place him, amongst various film roles, he does a lot of 'Simpsons' voices) isn't really in one of his best roles, but gets the job done. Although I liked 'Black Books', I've never really been a fan of Dylan Moran (who appeared with Pegg in 'Shaun of the Dead'), I generally find him too shouty; but here I actually found him quite amusing, and would say this is one of his better roles. But the highlight of the main cast, for me, is Harish Patel, as Pegg's landlord-come-trainer. Patel is great fun, and lights up every scene he appears in.

The direction is handled ably by David Schwimmer (who Pegg starred alongside in 2006's 'Big Nothing', which I would recommend if you like your comedy very black and with a lot twists). Only at a few points in the middle do things start to sag slightly, but thankfully they soon pick themselves up again. About fifty minutes in, the story does turn into more of a comedy-drama (which is why some may be against this film), but things still proceed along nicely. There are few real surprises in the plot, but even so, I did find the climatic scenes pleasing.

There are also a number of cameos to look out for, including David Walliams (as a very similar character to his Mr. Mann persona in 'Little Britain'), and Ricky Gervais' associate Stephen Merchant, to name but two. But an unexpected highlight for me was to spot children's TV legend Floella Benjamin as Newton's mother. She only has a couple of lines and appears only briefly, but I wish they had utilised her more!

The comedy is generally more straightforward than say, 'Shaun...', but there are still some good moments. However, I did feel that it couldn't always decide on the type of comedy it was going for, and found some of the humour to be out of kilter with the film's general tone.

Although not a solid classic - maybe it would have fared better as a TV movie - I still really enjoyed this film, and give it a decent four stars. Pegg and Nick Frost are returning in the forthcoming 'The World's End' - but in the meantime, don't limit yourself, give some of Pegg's different kinds of comedy, such as this, a try.

  well worth a look

| | See all BertfromBelgium's reviews (459)

a good romantic comedy with the right humouristic touch, enjoyable and relaxing. somewhat predictable but at least the end is not a give-away, so who cares.