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The Sopranos: The Final Episodes (Season 6 Part 2)

Featuring: James Gandolfini, Edie Falco & Michael Imperioli

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Back with a vengeance

| | See all miamifan's reviews (55)

Season 6 part 1 was the low point of the series. However, part 2 redeems itself with a fantastic array of episodes. This part of season 6 closes out the Sopranos for good and it does it in style. All the episodes are fantastic, but the last 4 and in particular "The Blue Comet" stand out as some of the finest TV episodes that surely must have ever been created. Absolutely brilliant TV and I've thoroughly enjoyed watching The Sopranos from start to finish. I'm going to have to start all over again now!

  A flawless show capped off like it deserves to be

| | See all ByrneBabyByrne's reviews (52)

If you're thinking about buying this, obviously I don't have to try and sell it to you. The Sopranos has been 6 seasons of pure brilliance, and these final episodes just see it off in style. The last episode has one of the most original endings ever, that will be cause for debate as well as pushing you to watch it all again.

All loose ends are tied up, and no matter what you've heard, I still don't think you know what to expect throughout these final episodes.

Top marks for a top show, polished and finished to perfection.

  The final doff of the cap

| | See all slopeydopey's reviews (2)

Having devoured every Sopranos Episode within the past 4 months i must say that the final episodes were delicious! The style and content are cool and slick, and the final doff of the cap to the Godfather is bittersweet and moving. Long live Tony Soprano .


| | See all jh230377's reviews (139)

So after 6 thrilling Series & one of the best TV dramas EVER. Tony & the Family bow out. It's good how the writes have tried to tie up all the story line Sopranos style. The only let down is the final episode which leaves you feeling slightly cheated. Otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars!!

  All Good Things...

| | See all Khimaros's reviews (4)

As this peerless show approaches its climax it's every bit as viseral, clever and down right violent as it was when it started back in the summer of '99.

From the first episode to the last, the writing has been fantastic, lacing together drama, black comedy, great characters and a veritable feast of metaphors and symbolism.

The final episode is a bit too David Lynch for my liking, it doesn't feel like the last ever episode of one of the greatest dramas of our generation, but you can't have everything, and like many episodes before it, you'll have something to ponder and discuss after it's all done.

Touching, graphic, intelligent, suprising and highly recommended.

  The Sopranos = TV heaven! The ending? Fuhgeddaboudit!!!

| | See all kuryoso's reviews (44)

Yes, the sopranos was the greatest TV series ever.
Yes, the acting was awesome.
Yes, the ending really did suck.
Oh, and yes, I will gladly watch the sopranos all over again...
The 5 stars go to 6 unforgettable seasons!

  Tony and Co Bail Out!!!!!!

| | See all stuntmanmike's reviews (197)

It had to end eventually"but wow what a ride"easily one the most engrossing things on television ever.The Salty Earthy diolouge,The Comedy,The violence,The music,Everything just Grade A Television.I realy teased myself with this final series"i avoided them on E4 and then waited a while to get the box set,but it was well worth the wait"It all pulls together realy well,Frank vincent plays a bigger part in this series"He,s the Guy the joe pesci whacked over the shoe shine box in Goodfellas,& then he whacked Pesci in Casino,"He,s a real Slimeball and enjoyed the scenes he has with James Gandolafini"You can feel the simmering Hate.As usual everyone performes there socks off,and im realy going to miss Paulie Wallnuts.The endings abit Strange and David Lynchy"But i dident mind"i mean"What did you want fom these people"A Fade out at a family Barbacue?I Think it,s good to just use your imagination and Just Let them Go"But Maaaaan"Im gunna Miss em.

  The Don

| | See all Salisburylad's reviews (1)

Truly amazing to watch, think there is a part of everyone who would like the thrill and glamour of sopranos life. This final episode is a good end to what is the best series around. The ending just made me want more, so im of to Italy with me girlfriend to eat and drink like a king in march.

  Underwhelming end for Greatest Show Ever

| | See all LobstersBeak's reviews (3)

Well, probably the greatest show ever, as HBO's little seen The Wire certainly gives it a good run for its money, but that's another story. The weakest of all the Seasons by a long way it has as many plodding episodes as great ones. It starts off strong with one of the best season openers ever but seems to lose its way long before the much maligned ending. Far too much focus on A.J. who, in all fairness, has always been one of few annoying characters in the show, absences of logic in things that well established characters do (including Tony - where did his gambling problem suddenly appear from?!), burst of violence that, for the first time ever in The Soprano's, seem over-stylised and gratuitous. And where has the humour gone? I understand that this was always going to be a 'dark' season, it could never have been anything else, but the complete lack of the jet black humour that has characterised the show since its inception is bewildering - much of it is borderline depressing to watch. And Phil Leotardo has proved himself a very dull adversary - criminal considering he's played by the legend that is Frank Vincent. For all my griping though, it's the final 9 episodes of TVs (probable) finest hour. I'm going to miss it like hell.

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