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The Sopranos: The Final Episodes (Season 6 Part 2)

Featuring: James Gandolfini, Edie Falco & Michael Imperioli

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Such a shame it ended, but what an ending!

| | See all ChrisCarra's reviews (58)

I wont spoil it, but the ending is so fitting with the show. It makes you think long after you've switched off the DVD player.

Overall it is a bit steep for only 9 episodes, but they are all about an hour long so you are basically getting 9 mini films. If you are buying any DVD this year, make sure its thins one!

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  gold dust!!!!!!

| | See all DanRos's reviews (36)

The Sopranos continues to amaze me, TV simply wouldnt be the same without it. These final episodes bring about an even darker side of the series. I was completely hooked. Although Im sad the series is over, I also think it ended on such a high note, it was a perfect time to end it. I have all the confidence in the writers, but sometimes I think its important to call it a day,remember the times that were good, which in my opinion is the whole damn lot of it! everything about the sopranos is brilliant, and when i saw the final scene i was transfixed and literally couldnt move! im proud to say that i felt empty for days after!

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  Fine finale to a great show

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

The Sopranos is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite shows of all time and this final series is a fine send off.

The only reason I'm knocking off a star for this final season is because I feel it doesn't tie up all the loose ends and there are still several plot strands left undone. The final episodes also have a kind of rushed feel to them as if they were anxious to resolve the situations regarding certain characters. One of the episodes (ep 6 in otherwords) is also a bit of a letdown, I won't give away why. But the series finale "Made in America" is excellent and an absolutely fitting end to the show.

But other than that, its a really good series send off, the performances are again all superb, James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano is just brilliant, its his show and he often gives the best all round performance. The supporting cast are all great, most of the characters are teriffic, especially Paulie and Junior, there are a few annoying ones here and there, especially Janice Soprano, Tony's crazed sister, and AJ, Tony's infuriating spoilt brat of a son (even Tony wants to kick his ass!).

But overall The Sopranos stands as one of the most engrossing, entertaining, intelligent (not to mention funny) crime-drama series ever made in the US. And this box set is well worth the purchase to see how it ends.

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  a fitting end

| | See all stemalone's reviews (1)

a truly fitting end to the best drama ever created,every episode seemed to lead to the final few as chrissy bobby phill looked as potential loose cannons,the ending scene is genius in the way that how ever many theories there are no 1 will ever no and the exactly how david chase wanted it,dont no wot il do now its all over,prob start it all over agen from the start haha

  simply the greatest!!

| | See all darkow's reviews (1)

what a way to bow out ! we dipped out of tonys' life just as we'd dipped in! was he wacked ? thats open to everyones imagination . a truly fitting ending to the best drama ever made! i for one shed a tear

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  'Family' values

| | See all Marnico's reviews (132)

Faultless TV drama that encapusaltes the balance between Tony's biological family and his 'Family'. No wonder the poor bloke has panic attacks who'd want either? This is true adult drama and doesn't skimp on the violence and bad language, both integral to the plot and authenticity. I've watched the whole series on DVD where there are no breaks and pulled all nighters because I just wanted to see the next episode. Even though the lives the characters lead are so far removed from the ordinary lives we lead this whole series totally engages you, draws you in and you empathize with Tony even if you don't sympathize with him. The whole production team and cast have also captured all the Italian idiosyncrasies that adds to it's realism, for me, being Italian, makes it even more of a must watch and admire. I will be picking a night where I don't have to go to work next day and watch this all the way through, I can't wait.

  the sopranos the final episodes

| | See all ronin7's reviews (34)

the greatest show ever!!no other show has black humour,violence and taut writing in bucketfulls.each episode has had me wanting more.it is the solemn duty of all fans to bring light were there is darkness and share this with those who have never watched this gem.rip!!

  The geatest show ever

| | See all Jeoff42's reviews (1)

The whole series is the best thing I have ever seen on TV. Every episode is a cinematic masterpiece - soundtrack, lighting, screenplay and the most awesome acting. Too good for TV. Makes Tarantino seem amature.

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  don't stop believing

| | See all simjamlmx's reviews (19)

this will be proved in time to be the best drama in television history in years to come. Love it. We love the final scene too. and think it's befitting the genius of the show.

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| | See all arvkal's reviews (1)

I have to agree with the previous review,an ending which is fitting to, what is clearly, one of if not the best ever tv progamme!!! I will miss it and felt a sort of emptiness almost as soon as the credits rolled in silence. A superb program which I already watch over and over again and once I have the final episodes in my collection, will continue to do so for as long as the dvds will keep playing....I salute the crew of the show and David Chase!!! I just hope one day that he will change his mind and make another series for us all to enjoy, as tv will never feel the same in the knowledge that there will not be any more new episodes to look forward to.