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Get Smart (2008)

Featuring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway & Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  Enjoyable yet predictable

| | See all Jax0205's reviews (32)

I enjoyed this movie but could see the ending and alot of the twists a mile off. Good comedy though. Worth watching if you fancy a laugh.

  AMAZING! Comedy, Action and Steve Carrell

| | See all JonahDutchman's reviews (1)

This is one of the best films Ive ever seen! It is really funny yet has lots of action scenes. Will keep you laughing right to the end!!!!! :)

  does what it says on the tin!

| | See all yupyupgup's reviews (1)

for a light hearted comedy, you really couldn't ask for more, can be "cheesy" and "cringe worthy" but that's possibly what makes the film so good! Steve Carrel plays the Jonny English role well! all in all a very good film!

  Better Than Expected

| | See all Hammers27's reviews (101)

I didn't think this movie would be that good but it turned out alright. Enjoyment throughout, funny in places, action packed and some good actors. Steve Carrell is very funny, he has that weird humour and I love it. The Rock makes another appearance and does well as usual, and there are many other cast members who are familiar and do a good job.

The story is a little 'meh' but I think the directors did well with this. It's a good, fin movie and it's certainly worth a watch.

  Good Film

| | See all SGssss's reviews (13)

Good film, with some great laughs and at a great price. Well worth the money.

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  Very funny

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

This movie turned out to be better than I expected.
It was Funny ALL the way through, with good Action Sequences.
The Chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell was spot on and they were both superb.
The guy who played the Chief was hilarious. And there was a couple good cameos.
My only complaint was that Dwayne THE ROCK Johnstone was under used.

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  Not Smart

| | See all Midget14's reviews (178)

Potential comedy gold but missing the mark despite a great cast. It seems the bigger the budget for a Hollywood comedy these days the tamer the comedy is. A disappointing mixture of action & humour that doesn't get the balance right.

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

Based around the TV series of the same name created by Mel Brooks and some other bloke, the movie Get Smart sees Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) promoted to superspy status to stop some nuclear weapons falling into the hands of some terrorists and being detonated. Along the way he is supported by Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), Agent 23 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and a few slapstick gags here and there.

Sadly though, well for me anyway, the film was one big disappointment. The gags were cheesy, silly, some of them dated and the majority of the time - not funny. The storyline is pretty much the same as every spy film (including the comedies) since the birth of cinema and the cast is criminally underused, especially Dwayne Johnson who I'm sure was trying to prove that he could do other film genres besides action, sadly he never really gets any time to shine. In addition the end plot strand involving a brass band and a bomb seems very simular to the recent film Eagle Eye - not sure which came first just thought I would point it out. As well as this Carell, who I am not a big fan of, seems out of place as the lead/hero (perhaps he is the American Ricky Gervais!) especially when his character falls for Hathaway's who appears to be there to provide some sort of sex appeal.

On the whole; yes I chuckled a couple of times, once being when "The Rock" walked into HQ and then into a wall as I wasn't expecting it, the rest of the gags however are very poor and there is such a long break between them that it makes you wonder if they ran out of ideas. My advice for you is that you should watch it once, have the odd chuckle about it and tell friends etc that you have seen it, then leave it well alone.

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Many people compare this film to the likes of Police Squad or The Naked Gun but in fact its a lot funnier than those films. Steve Carell plays another great lead comedy role. Dwayne Johnson was also hilarious and it was nice to see him in a genuine comedy rather than the action films he is always meant to star in. The plot is actually strong and the comedy aspect helps add to the run of the mill spy story. Enjoy

  So funny

| | See all Azza2178's reviews (76)

I used to watch the original show (showing my age....i watched the repeats honest!) so i was expecting this to be really funny - i wasnt disapppointed. The series never really touched on how Smart became a spy, so it was nice to see him and 99 from the start. it was also nice to see Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in a comedic movie that suited him (his action ones like Welcome to the Jungle are good but never thought comedy was his thing).
You also see Masi (Hiro in the series Heroes) Oka in a role - and i have never seen him before Heroes.
The story is about an anaylist called Max Samrt (Carell) who wants to be a spy. he passes the test and is sent on a mission with Agent 99 (Hathaway). Smart bumbles his way into solving the case and how it all unfolds is hilarious. Stamp is a really good villan and Dalip "Great Khali" Singh is a great henchman. There is even a cameo from Bill Murrey. I was in stitches, especially near the end with the swordfish through the window...if you watched it i bet you're smiling now LOL!