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Speed Racer (2008)

Featuring: Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci & Matthew Fox

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (35 reviews)"

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  Not worth the watch

| | See all redted27's reviews (1)

This is my first review, brief and short. This is a movie not worth a watch. The storyline suffers the characters are not memorable. I watched it to the end just to see if it gets better. . . it doesn't.

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  The wrong kind of sugar rush

| | See all iamzero's reviews (52)

I've always thought the Wachowski brothers were hit and miss, they created the Matrix that for me was a landmark film, and then they made Reloaded and Revolutions... oh dear. I was hoping for something fun in Speed Racer, with their passion for the original anime but once again... oh dear.

The film feels like the Wachowskis' made it whilst on a sugar high, and it's let down by almost everything, a plot that is makes no sense at the best of times, characters who are either bland and uninspiring at best and annoying at worst (the kid brother in particular), and despite how much money and time went into the racing scenes and special effects, they're too over the top to make believable, even in this fantasy/sci-fi film.

If you're older than ten, this may not be for you and if you're looking for something like the Fast and the Furious, seriously, don't watch this.

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  Surprising Speed Racerrrrrrrrrr....

| | See all roberto009's reviews (91)

This movie did not appeal to me at all, but then i decided it was time to watch it and it surprised me its a very good movie that is not to be taken too seriously.
Actually its not really a movie at all,is like a live action cartoon in a most colourful world full of surreal racing, cars and people. You should know whether you will like it from just looking at it, if your looking for a 60's feel anime type over the top special effects action movie then you will love it, but if your looking for a regular run of the mill car racing movie then stay well away it will probably give you a headache. Emile Hirsch is great in the title role of speed racer as are John Goodman, Susan Sarandon and Matthew Fox, its a fun film with fun races and a heartpounding backdrop, go speed racer go.

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  Go Speed Go!

| | See all andybmoviefan's reviews (4)

I very much agree with the review below. It shouldnt be taken too seriously and it makes for a grea watch. But at the same time I found myself unusually captivated and taken in with the story of the film. Its a well written film where the bad guys are really seedy, so much that you really want them to get comuppence; and the good guys are so innocent you find yourself really routing for them. That on top of some of the best cinematography and visuals i've seen make this a great film.
A few scenes actually made go "woah", and gasp I was so impressed, and it has great rewatchability - 9/10 (It lost a point because 10 or so minutes could have been cut from the film)

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  Under-rated and taken too seriously

| | See all lukejones's reviews (22)

I wasn't expecting much from Speed Racer, but was surprised when I found myself on the edge of my seat, and excited about what was going to happen next. I've never read the comics or watched the TV show, so I cannot compare this film to those, but this film is great. It would've been even better had I watched it in high definition.

People should just relax a little when they watch it, and take it for what it is. It has everything a fun movie needs, a simple plot, great visuals, good casting and a chimpanze.

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  Good film

| | See all Vampy1's reviews (1)

I like this film the effects are good i bought it for my 7year old and he loves it and had good hours out of it i recommend this film for all kids that like to watch car films and like this sort of thing

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| | See all cinderella22's reviews (4)

This film is a must have for all movie collectors and fans of comic books which have been made into fils, amazingly excellent. The Wachoski's have done an amazing job with the upto date version of the hit 1960s Japanese cartoon! There previous hit V for Vendetta also a comic book film fits into there comic book film expectations, but Speed Racer brings a edgyness and colourful feel to it. Also it contains a feel good underlining message. All in all if you are thinking of buying this then you should, as it is a feel good family film with a twist and you won't be sorry you bought it. Go Speed Go!

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  Bonkers... but fun fun fun

| | See all howiet's reviews (25)

Now this is a bizarre film; aimed at children though perhaps too confusing and adult at times for them to understand, and too child-like for most adults to appreciate at times, it almost doesn't know who it's aimed at. But... I loved it! The first 30 mins is a mix up of dream sequences etc which i think would confuse many kids, but the film looks incredible, and i think quite faithfully recreates the feel of the japanese cartoon original. It's directed by the guys who did matrix, which explains some of the unusual and sometimes slightly incoherent direction, and stars a bevvy of names, including emile hersh, matthew fox, susan sarandon, john goodman, christina ricci and some cameo roles. It's fast, fun and i loved the young boy and chim chim the monkey who provided the really fun and silly moments. The extras are great, with a fun documentary about the making of the film, and also an amazing look at each vehicle done in the style of the film. Truly enjoyable, crazy and slightly bonkers...

  speed racer baby

| | See all andy157's reviews (11)

Awesome film. Definately recommend buying rather than renting.
Admittedly it goes on a bit too long in the first half, and the child and the monkey are bloody annoying at times...but its a great film, great to watch and nothing like youve ever seen before

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  Great Fun

| | See all MusicReviewer's reviews (56)

Saw this film without knowinng really what it was about i had never seen the anime series, but i thoguht this film was bloody brilliant. The CGI in the film is amazing, the story is good and keeps you interested and theres twists and turns around every corner.
Overall a great film for the whole family, theres a few laughs in the film that made me laugh.
Recommend it to everyone who likes nonstop action and heart racing car scenes.

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